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It’s time for another ULTIMATE COOKING BATTLE and this time, we’re putting Jamie and Barry in the chaotic kitchen to battle it out over SEAFOOD. The question is, who’ll win this challenge and make it into the final to compete against Mike? Watch to find out!
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Watch the original Seafood Battle HERE: hurun.info/to/vide/hZubj4Jm2KGwnL8.html
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Corliss Emery
Corliss Emery 7 órája
But Batman isn't an anti-hero
G 2Wheels
G 2Wheels 3 napja
Does Baz rides motorcycle? I have the same Caff&Gas t-shirt!
Beth Hawley
Beth Hawley 4 napja
Barry's Karen wig is hilarious! Totally not Snape! 😂
Iglika Gencheva
Barry experiencing long hair
Iglika Gencheva
I hear poke bowl, I order poke bowl
Felix Aybar
Felix Aybar 5 napja
Would love to see all the boys in outfits like the one Jaime has on 👀
Gianni Descalzo
I rather like Jamie in a tight fitting costume.
albln3 9 napja
make that rice in a steamer!
william mcneil
william mcneil 10 napja
oh you have a new book, great, i will buy it, if it is in digital form, is it in digital form? oh its not, too bad i will not buy it then, i hate waiting for mail. also digital books are cheaper.
LadyAJ 11 napja
BATMAN is not an anti-hero. He's a hero full stop. Now, Deadpool? He's the definition of an anti-hero.
Molly Carpenter
Molly Carpenter 12 napja
Barry saying "hells bells" in the beginning made me laugh so hard. My brain Immediately went to the Dresden Files.
izzy 12 napja
The winner was the audience seeing jamie in that tight batman outfit
Barry looks amazing in that hair.
Madeleine Howard
All I see is AVPM snape 😂😂
Anna Rubailova
Anna Rubailova 14 napja
Oh how I wish Professor Barry used that cucumber as a magic wand!
Annabelle 14 napja
watch seaspiracy
XZE V PV 14 napja
I was rootin for bazz hell yeah mate. Good job, and good luck on the next battle.
Rads ical
Rads ical 14 napja
Well done Barry!!!
Retno Anggraeni
Retno Anggraeni 14 napja
Ben is lean!
Grinsso Gray
Grinsso Gray 15 napja
Jmeslooks like he has got some Ginger locks over the past year, Well his hair is standing in every direction i can think of over the past few month.
James Laforme
James Laforme 15 napja
IMO, I think Barry wins this hands-down. His dish while may seem a bit simple at first, but Calimari like the board game Othello, might be easy to pick up but takes years to truly master. IMO It really showcases and celebrates the seafood theme and main ingredient a lot more than Jamie's Poke bowl. Plus, in my eyes, the way he prepped it all by himself and fried it just right (which isn't easy), demonstrates his fundamental chef skills are getting better and really shows just how much improvement he's made overall. While I have no doubt that Jamie's poke bowl was good, it has so many different elements that it honestly made the "seafood" part of the dish almost trivial. You could of taken the fish completely out of the dish and it'd probably still taste good, which kind works against him in a themed contest like this. I personally would've like to seen a dish that highlights the seafood aspect better or is at least where the seafood plays a bigger role in the recipe. Plus, I would have to take a few points away for lack of creativity because he's already used this poke bowl recipe more than a couple times in contests like this. Overall, though I gotta say this was a great Ultimate battle! This is one of my favorite series you guys do, and I look forward to future battles! Keep up the good work!
Adam Robinson
Adam Robinson 15 napja
A format suggestion: The normals have to collaborate to invent and prepare a dish of their choice, serving a sample to each chef. The chefs then compete against each other to recreate the dish, with no guidance other than the sample they were provided (as seen when reproducing the Big Mac, but competitively). Both normals and chefs would need to shop for their own ingredients to avoid giving too many clues. Some form of creativity badge would be at stake for the normals to avoid them either A) making an established dish the chefs would be familiar with or B) making something so awful the chefs aren't interested in recreating it.
Belinda Bromley
Belinda Bromley 16 napja
Love Barry's almost silent 'Oh No' when he ralises he has to make chicken pie again
gravecactus 16 napja
as a dude with long hair the only advice i can give is don't let your hair get in the dish
Exayevie 16 napja
That chorizo mayo is killing me in the best possible way
Exayevie 16 napja
Jamie: "Shuggling" James: "Yes" Jamie: "Rice Master!" James: "No"
Ola Rozenfeld
Ola Rozenfeld 16 napja
The right person won! Well done, Baz! Jamie's dish looked delicious, but it was much easier to make. Squid is so tricky to get right!
Aric Buckholt
Aric Buckholt 16 napja
Put Mike & Barry in a Deadpool costumes for the final.....
Jake Jewell
Jake Jewell 17 napja
Jamie's dish might have packed a punch of flavor, but Batman was just plain PACKIN'! *Bam!* *Pow!*
MrSir 17 napja
Nice one Baz. I went back to watch the first one, to remind me of the fails.....Oh dear.......lol
feitocomfruta 17 napja
Sure, it was a disaster, Barry, but remember, you’ve vastly improved since then. You’re gonna smash the chicken pie, I believe in you!
Theresa Clark
Theresa Clark 17 napja
I love Barry's rings, but hate when he does things like prep squid with them on. I shudder thinking about the gross build up
Alexander Curtis
I think I'd have gone for Barry's too. They both look great, but his is just easier to eat, I think.
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas 17 napja
Both dishes looked great, but I love Calamari. Barry and Mike both trying not to flip out is going to be fun to watch. Sorry Barry, but we are #teamMike here.
Shrivats Kannan
Shrivats Kannan 17 napja
Shrivats Kannan
Shrivats Kannan 17 napja
fire squid
Tacobell1384 17 napja
Batman is 100% not an anti-hero.
Erik Erikssen
Erik Erikssen 17 napja
used to love your vids..this costume shit you are doing is just to much for me..why change a winning formula?
Happy Bunny
Happy Bunny 17 napja
I find there's actually a much easier way to deskin salmon. Just loosen it at a top corner a bit then stick your thumb under the skin and run it along the fish pulling the loosened skin as you go. It should come off fairly quickly and easily
B uppy
B uppy 17 napja
Barry's using chorizo on squid is very innovative. That you guys liked it impresses me greatly. Thought Jamie's looked better, though.
Deependra Das
Deependra Das 18 napja
Barry is the Squid Ink Prince.
Velesen Freeblade
I think the winner of this battle 100% should be Barry. His win would not be for the dish that he cooked, though i am sure it was very good, but for the balls that it took to say "I'm going for my squid badge" with a straight face and making the chefs just go with it
Charlsea Rowland
Does Jamie realise that he is the Adam West batman not "dark scary" batman
Julia Gravenstein
You should do a video on food you could make at uni for cheap and with few ingredients
Marc 18 napja
Inspired by Barry, I tried adding chorizo to Mayo last night and it was awesome although I didn't bother waiting for the chorizo cool.
Slaugmr Omni
Slaugmr Omni 18 napja
For fuck's sake, please no costumes.
Magnus Gold
Magnus Gold 18 napja
The chefs need to get haircuts
sammooa 18 napja
barry more than deserved that batch! guess he deserved the seasoning batch as well! as for jamie... those fish cubes are not uniform.. sambal was ready made.. don't think he should've got that badge!
Raven Llya
Raven Llya 18 napja
I don’t know about Jamie’s seasoning badge. As a Southeast Asian, I find it rather shocking and rather “cheaty” to use pre made sambal (some are known to include MSG, soy sauce, pre mix seasonings, etc), especially on a dish like poke bowl which relies so much on having the right pared back seasoning mix for the rice and selection of fresh ingredients for it to be called “perfect”. Admittedly, I didn’t taste his bowl in person so I guess just have to trust Ben on this one. Good job to both Jamie & Barry nonetheless for creating great looking dishes
Benjamin Goldschmidt
Barry looks more upset winning than James looks disappointed in useless gadgets. I want to see a battle where it's normals vs. chefs but the normals can use whatever kitchen tools they like and the chefs can ONLY use the crap gadgets that you all thought were useless to make a delicious meal. Let's see if skill can overcome poor tools...
Kyle Nakamura
Kyle Nakamura 18 napja
The food looks good but does anyone else feel like their recipes are a straight-up abomination?
Matthew Bowers
Matthew Bowers 18 napja
Possible idea. Former Royal chef Darren Mcgrady is doing the rounds with some of the royals favourite foods. This includes salmon coulibiac, wild mushroom risotto with sous vide lamb, fancy cakes and what not. Let the normals have a crack.
Jonathan Fick
Jonathan Fick 18 napja
"oooh Ben I don't know..." Was said with so much disdain
polishjerk 18 napja
In my personal opinion dressing up for the sake of dressing up takes away from the video.
Miriam Thie
Miriam Thie 18 napja
Chorizo mayo... sounds like the best thing EVER !!!!
Shawn Duff
Shawn Duff 18 napja
Barry absolutely won this one but Jamie deserves a *catching ingredients" badge. Kapow!
Hellblazer 18 napja
I think Jamie should have won that one. Mind will be funny to see Mike and Barry in another costume.
José Luís Lopes
4:55 The squid prep was actually really satisfying to watch
IDKman555 18 napja
I was happy under lockdown to learn how easy Calamarie really is, add some great homemade marinara. The tastiest of treats. Good Job Barry, I did my own shopping btw.
Lopsidedfairy 18 napja
Every time I see these guys cooking with their rings on I want to cry
Crusty Olives
Crusty Olives 18 napja
I'd love to see the chefs react to r/WeWantPlates
Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 19 napja
Can I just say how much I appreciate the no-nonsense intro. Memorable with out any over long word faff. Good work guys.
Justin White
Justin White 19 napja
We seem to have found Jamie's true gift - catching things. (judging by James' reaction I don't think they did multiple takes but let's see if there's a blooper reel)
Fredrik Eriksen
Fredrik Eriksen 19 napja
yay, another remake.......
Victor Moss
Victor Moss 19 napja
Jesus Christ it’s boring rehashing old content
Laine 33
Laine 33 19 napja
Tuna populations have declined more than 95% in the last few decades.
Nicolle Melanson.Powell
Love the show, love the app, love the food. . . hate the costumes. Sorry guys, it diminishes the show. If you want an excuse to stop dressing up, know that some of your viewers are put off by it.
Mick C
Mick C 19 napja
Is there a point, where someone says with great gravitas "Jamie's going for his seasoning badge..." and you cut to a bloke in Batman fancy dress looking a bit confused, grimacing at a tea towel, that you start to think a simple idea may, just, have jumped the shark a little bit?!
Kriti Srivastava
James - get a haircut!
therandomfang 19 napja
"oh Ben, I don't know" I feel like James says that a lot to Ben's random facts and questions 😂
Olivia 19 napja
Love these battles! Please don't stop doing these kinds of episodes once the final battle between Mike and Barry is done. I wish they could re-do the bread battle. Admittedly I was a bit disappointed by that episode when none of them actually made the bread for their recipes :')
Jeanette Kozue
Jeanette Kozue 19 napja
For one second I thought Jamie might say that he won't mess up the rice this time as he brings out a rice cooker. But maybe that's just my Asian self's hopeful wishing 😭😭
Penelope Single
Penelope Single 19 napja
I wish Jamie had won. Good looking food and a more filling meal.
Jessica J
Jessica J 19 napja
James' hair thoooo
Blake Nicholson
Blake Nicholson 19 napja
I wanted to see salt chicken again soo bad
Hell's Bells... Wrong wizard. That's Harry, not Severus.
Dan T
Dan T 19 napja
You guys are amazing as ever. Also still love seeing James back after not seeing much of him last year.
Katelynn Alexandrea
Mister potter, what would you get if you mixed wheat and paprika?
Daniel Burgess
Daniel Burgess 19 napja
The loser is the poor staff person that has to clean those costumes.
Laylah Dabney
Laylah Dabney 19 napja
ben: the rice 👁👅👁
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley 19 napja
I couldn't choose without tasting. Love the fresh diverse elements of Jamie's but calamari is near and dear to my heart! Also impressed with Barry's squid skills, I guess I have to trust James. Sorry J 😚
Crazymayhem 06
Crazymayhem 06 19 napja
Barry!! Love squid when it is cooked well 🤪
fryfold 19 napja
Why did Ben's tongue out so far when he said 'the rice'?
TribalLu 19 napja
But the real question is: BatNips or JamieNips
Lone BB.
Lone BB. 19 napja
Oh man, the CHICKEN battle? Isn't that the one where something was undercooked? That judging portion was soooo harsh. But I guess it's a good thing that Jamie isn't participating in that, cause I really doubt he could lose that one.
Nathalie J
Nathalie J 19 napja
Y’all need to go to hawaii after the panoramic and try some real poke!! At least in this video I cringed *slightly* less than watching the original one 😂
Iivari Mokelainen
I'm so tired of being sold shit by this channel. It's like a one big ad every time.
Coni 19 napja
100% agree, well deserved win for Barry
Mark Dickson
Mark Dickson 19 napja
They both did really well, not tasting it obviously is difficult to tell but I could see them both winning.
Canti Sama
Canti Sama 19 napja
Using a colander for rice is the real reason Jamie lost.
Mattheq 19 napja
"I am Snape, the potions master"
Steph B
Steph B 19 napja
I still stand by my gif on Twitter Snape brandishing an Asparagus: Asparagus!
Ryan D
Ryan D 19 napja
Jamie looked cold...
kerrie maxwell
kerrie maxwell 19 napja
Think the winner should get a treat like in the brownie point days 😊
Alex Collins
Alex Collins 19 napja
@sorted why are your pans all so shit!? Get some decent pans!!
Oriandu 19 napja
Batman is not an anti-hero in any way, shape, or form.
Pia Nyström
Pia Nyström 19 napja
Barry needs to grow his hair to match that wig! Only blonde! Hot!
Vade Nummela
Vade Nummela 19 napja
Who else is tired of the awful quality cosplay?
stapuft 19 napja
holy shit yyou people are stupid, batman is just a hero, not an anti-hero, punisher, moon knight, deadpool, THOSE are anti-heroes
TheWizardMiner 19 napja
Hey guys, is there anywhere we can see all the possible badges you've thought up? Cheers
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