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GET READY for the second battle in our Battles Revisited series; and this time, the theme is CHOCOLATE! Will Mike continue his reign of victory or will Barry knock him off the top spot? Watch to find out!
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Caleb Mahns
Caleb Mahns 3 napja
Wtf is going on with James' hair
mamaharriett2 4 napja
As I was watching this I was pigging out on chocolate. Lol
Grainne Roughan
I did not know you could bake clingfilm. I was shouting at Mike.... a lot
Beef Cake
Beef Cake 9 napja
clearly the higher your cooking skill the worse your hair lol
angel wlliams
angel wlliams 11 napja
I really liked the idea of the chocolate yorkshire, not sure I would let a chalky tart crust win... but I am me.. grats Mike
Just Some Girl with a Mustache
Whats the songs put in the Sexy’s ?
embemtherainbow 14 napja
I still have no idea how mikes clingfilm with the baking beans didn’t melt in the oven. Like HOW
Monochrome 14 napja
...and yet if he wears that in certain places in the US it would look perfectly normal. Strange.
ququ1uqu11u 15 napja
Can you try different salts for cooking hickory,apple wood, black salt which gives best flavour
Rads ical
Rads ical 15 napja
I love chocolate but can’t stand cocoa nibs
khaxjc1 16 napja
This is torture. Sweet torture.
khaxjc1 16 napja
This is torture. Sweet torture.
Rifeen jn
Rifeen jn 17 napja
Cocoa is hydrophobic, this is why if you try and speed up the setting process by putting tempered chocolate in the fridge, it'll "sweat". No Bueno. Don't do.
Marie Abrahamsen
Anyone else totally stressed out about the fact that Mike seemingly put plastic cling film in the oven?? How is that tart not a melted mess? 😅
Spicefreak 17 napja
Yuzu is best citrus. I will never judge anyone for using yuzu.
Manda 17 napja
I dont normally comment but damn that pudding looks amazing! Good goin Barry!
Faith Alexis Oh
Faith Alexis Oh 18 napja
Can cling wrap be placed in a hot oven? 😱😱😱
Cathy W.
Cathy W. 18 napja
Do the normals make their own recipes, or do the others make it for them? If they dont make it on their own, it would be fun to follow their process. Follow the normals from brainstorm, food testing lab, to final presentation.
Crymson Nite
Crymson Nite 20 napja
i don't remember that chocolate episode....and I've watched the battle playlist tons of times....
Chase Harper
Chase Harper 20 napja
Why costumes?
Joey den Broeder
Using rice as a pie weight is a nice trick. But if you fill it up with sugar instead, you end up with toasted sugar which adds a great extra layer of depth to your desserts, and you won't have to throw it out (which is wasteful).
Woobie's Mom
Woobie's Mom 21 napja
Dmitry Nutels
Dmitry Nutels 21 napja
That hair is going places...
wonpiliriririri 21 napja
the disinterest in James' face at 6:16 was gold
Fluffy Starburst
My great grandmother use to eat Yorkshire pudding with jam we would make extra for Sunday dinner just for her
Peach Anne
Peach Anne 22 napja
why was cling film used on the pie case? would that melt in the oven?
Aaron Macy
Aaron Macy 22 napja
What the f*** are you doing? No wonder James keeps sitting these ones out. You’re 30+yr old men, stop dressing up for Halloween in April on HUrun like it’s 2013. Evolve. Grow. This shit’s cringe AF. I genuinely love this channel, stop making me feel embarrassed like a Chavs friend that made it to Uni and brought his partner back on break to meet his friends. Drop the costumes. FFS.
Bibi Aamina Suleman
Barry always Barry ❤💕
ChaosLordJiro 22 napja
I hope the boys (but especially Barry) get to retry the Chicken Battle at some point! That uncooked pastry was heartbreaking.
Bianca Malan
Bianca Malan 22 napja
alexandra 23 napja
I loved Barry's. All tropical fruity and light.
Amanda Byrd
Amanda Byrd 23 napja
I don't even like chocolate that much and would have eaten the crap out of both. Well done!
Stacey Smith
Stacey Smith 23 napja
I want that Yorkshire pudding! Also now want to make a lemon tart
Ayla7650 24 napja
May I suggest a little tip to get a better climate foot print? Why use plastic foil for pastry? Why not put it in a a reusable plastic box?
Trinka B
Trinka B 24 napja
Barry going to the grocery mid battle is the most realistic part of the battle.😊
Nerdstrom a
Nerdstrom a 24 napja
Wholesome friendship vibes when Barry spotted that blip in the pastry base!
Manuel Guillen
Manuel Guillen 24 napja
Did he bake the tart with the plastic wrap still on?
bs4e 24 napja
Cooked through is a low bar!!!! Lmao how rude!
Sonia Hardie
Sonia Hardie 24 napja
Ranga beard has awesome head hair👌
Sean R
Sean R 24 napja
Why is the UK so bad at masks? N95, or at least a surgical mask.
IDesertreflex 24 napja
Can we get a pressure cooked battle? you can have a time crunch because of pressure cooking ;)
Lamar Farman
Lamar Farman 24 napja
I've seen you guys cover many alternative foods. It would be really interesting to see you guys review food with extra protein added to it. The weight lifting community sees tons of food like it and I'd love to see your opinions of it.
Miss Dire
Miss Dire 24 napja
If Ben were American, basic, or a parent needing to cut corners, he'd know about cocoa being hydrophobic. It does, however, mix better in hot water because hot water has more energy and due to that, the molecules are moving faster and it helps to separate - ie force its way better - in between each granule. Hot chocolate drink/mix powder, however, is typically a different story but that's due to added sugar helping with the process.
onemuseyboi -
onemuseyboi - 24 napja
Mike using TONY'S in his chocolate tart makes me happy.
Mihhail Gotovtsev
Try a gadget vs traditional utensil battle. One person uses only gadgets: foodprocessor, multicooker, automatic wafflemaker, mixer, bluetooth temperature probes and so on. The other person only uses had utensils: knifes, whisks, pans and pots.
j c
j c 25 napja
Yeah mate .... “surprise for the slice” should be on a shirt imho ;)
Pepper 25 napja
love this glow up
I. O.
I. O. 25 napja
This has nothing to do with the video but we definately need Ben starring this kind of video: hurun.info/to/vide/i4KV1XmalXuVzLs.html I'm sure there is enough material to make it :D
Ellie Barker
Ellie Barker 25 napja
I'd love a super geek badge, where they have to research a food technology in depth, explain how/why it works, and use it in a dish.
Ellie Barker
Ellie Barker 25 napja
Nice to see Mike using the Tony's Chocolonely chocolate!
Jason Gregory
Jason Gregory 25 napja
I would love to see some kind of "tool" badge, where the normal's have to identify weird chef tools from Ben's collection and explain how they are used. Super bonus points if he has a fish knife and somebody mentions that that is how you identify an OLD silver set vs a more modern one. Fish knives didn't exist before the Late Victorian period.
The Anecdote by John Brantley
Why does Barry look like he works in a Mexican restaurant?
B uppy
B uppy 25 napja
James was a snarky a**.
Richard Cooper
Richard Cooper 25 napja
Mike 100% deserves that win! That chocolate tart is absolutely amazing
Cabrin Redlinghys
That plug had me rolling 🤣
Aaackermann 25 napja
Bezz Lightyear. What a missed opportunity! ;-)
Taste Buds
Taste Buds 25 napja
that chocolate cake looks amazing!
Dynamite Boom
Dynamite Boom 25 napja
I didn't watch this right away because Barry was using a bandana as a mask. A bandana has no layers and doesn't prevent the spread of Covid very well at all 😒 Hope everyone gets vaccinated so we don't have to rely on people wearing the correct masks.
misomicro 25 napja
I have no truck with success, but your “group of friends” shtick, just strikes me as total, absolute, unordained bullshit
Alex Piklor
Alex Piklor 25 napja
I really like the badges you guys have been doing. Gamifying a cooking channel is a really unique idea and it works very well.
Jo Piagalis
Jo Piagalis 25 napja
Barry was my winner in the original battle for the same reason he’s the winner in this one. In a chocolate battle, he who uses the most chocolate is the winner in my eyes. (I just remembered that Jamie used way more chocolate originally but he’s not in this battle. Also a chocolate Yorkshire pudding is so original that it had to win)
KR P 26 napja
Here's a weird idea: Paella prepared like a biryani in a saucepan and a biryani prepared like a paella in a paella pan. Ben Vs James in a recipeless battle
Lena Lyles
Lena Lyles 26 napja
Mike's because I love brittle and adding the nibs was a great idea.
adrian baguley
adrian baguley 26 napja
Just found you guys, love Janas ( especially when she gets piss off) involuntary spat out some rum and coke when she gets pissed at you guys I loved it. As a newbie sub probably not going to get a shout out but was looking at food wastage and thinking the chefs seem to make more than normals as a contingency plan. Can the leftover chef ingredients be turned into something amazing as it already has the chefy flavors. Cheers everyone great work from your team
Keiko P
Keiko P 26 napja
An idea suggestion: normals ability to choose best cooking items from the ingredients on labels and freshest produce and meats/fish. Made me wonder with James questioning Barry's choice of mango--how much does Barry know about finding a ripe mango??
jcwhite352 26 napja
LOVE the costumes this time!
NonsensicalVids 26 napja
"the guy off Jurassic park" Very specific Mike
Kim Dominik
Kim Dominik 26 napja
wait WHAT? Clingfilm goes in the oven?
logoUK 26 napja
I think the overall winner should go in a head to head with one of the chefs, to get a overall "chef" badge.
Neelam Ak
Neelam Ak 26 napja
I didn’t know cling film can go in the oven? It didn’t melt?
Fred Coon
Fred Coon 26 napja
Did he put the tart in the oven with plastic wrap under the rice and baking beans?
ajdgrant 26 napja
Cling film in the oven? Surely that can't be right
william mcneil
william mcneil 26 napja
james, your hair, it looks different :P
shit lista
shit lista 26 napja
This episode was just less funny and entertaining without Jamie :(
GJSelect 26 napja
y no 4k?
Jess Ward
Jess Ward 26 napja
An idea for a badge given Barry's having to go shopping and picking an unripe mango - Understanding Produce badge: the Chef's provide 3-5 options of each produce type such as avocados, mango, apples, melons, etc and the Normals have to pick which of the 3-5 of each type they'd select to use, Chef's judge their choice!
Christopher Stewart
When does a yorkshire pudding become a dutch baby? Because I thought a sweet yorkshire pudding was a dutch baby.
Claudia Trammell
I love that big chocolate tart, Mike did a great job
Joe Ees
Joe Ees 26 napja
Maybe mention that not all cling film is oven safe? You don't want someone to potentially poison themselves because they didn't stop to think/realize that not all plastic is oven safe (or further safe to be in contact with food while in the oven). 4:45 or so - is that motor oil on his fingers?
Snowy 26 napja
No hate toward Mike of course, but Baz clearly should've taken this one.
Chris 26 napja
Restaurants can't open soon enough can they LOL
Auhida Chowdhury
I get the feeling that Barry might have won if he went with tinned mangoes. They're perfectly ripe and juicy and he could half-freeze them if they were too mushy for what he wanted in the end. Pair that with some chopped-up double-baked Fig Newtons and you get another layer of decadence that'll complement and counter the white chocolate/mascarpone ice cream nicely. I think it would have elevated the star of the dish. the crispy chocolate Yorkshire pudding, to a whole new level!
Auhida Chowdhury
Mike's "You've got a friend in me." is underappreciated. XD
Tiza De Vas
Tiza De Vas 26 napja
Cellophane in the oven? I'm so confused👀
Neil Martinez
Neil Martinez 26 napja
James' wig won!
Miranda 26 napja
I always end up on team Mike. Have for years. Excited to see him moving on to the finals!
forfrens95 26 napja
The cling wrap used for baking beans, is bakeable...?
Laura Starbrooks
Awesome❤️ Barry tried really hard with everything. Mikes was simply basic but yummy
Gwyn King
Gwyn King 26 napja
was anyone else super anxious when Mike put the pie weights in plastic wrap and then into the oven!? how did it not melt and ruin everything?
Ahri The WEIRD
Ahri The WEIRD 26 napja
how...... mikes dish had more complaints..... Rigged..... that battle was Barrys win
Daniel Stirton
Daniel Stirton 26 napja
My highlight of this video was Mike humming the score to Jurassic Park while brushing his tart base
N D 26 napja
I guess these guys have never heard of diversity. >insert people angry at this comment> “but they’re mates and don’t need any ethnic or female representation” Blah blah blah. They’re all the same looking dude and are bland AF. Why am I here then you ask? To ask this question. That’s why.
vera aplin
vera aplin 26 napja
Did mike get a badge for 'make something savory into something sweet' with the burrito? Does Barry get that too? :)
Amazingly Awkward
Mikes layering on that tart gets my vote, as much as I like a yorkie and think a sweet one is a good idea! I must pick up your book, my birthday is soon so maybe it’s time to tell mum what I’d like 😂
Suicide Squid
Suicide Squid 26 napja
I would honestly like to see a remake of the steak battle
oropher777 26 napja
The costumes are so much fun!! James, you look like Scottish Jesus.
Kama 26 napja
Why are we not talking about Mike using cling film for prebaking the crust? Am I missing something?
Randy Goldberg
Randy Goldberg 26 napja
What makes the chocolate Yorkshire pudding different from a chocolate Dutch baby?
Ice Lysis
Ice Lysis 26 napja
7:43 you can BAKE cling film?????
Shmubob 26 napja
TIL: Clingfilm can go in the oven?!
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