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The long-awaited FINAL BATTLE is here and the theme is CHICKEN! Today, it’s Mike versus Barry. Who will be crowned our winner? Who will get their badge? And most importantly, what costumes will they be wearing this time?! Watch to find out!
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2021.máj. 2.






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Diana Small
Diana Small 50 perccel
Cling film in the oven? Whaaa
MechaEmperor7000 16 órája
You guys are going to traumatize Barry from ever making pies again.
Jemma J
Jemma J 20 órája
well earned Mike 😍😍😍 looks so yummy
elmadicine Napja
these comments are saltier than mike's jus
Cliqboom Napja
Food looks great, but please don't put them in the costumes ;)
deprofundis 2 napja
I think all of you are being too harsh on Barry. All of the normals are awesome and super skilled at this point, with their own unique weaknesses. Ben did NOT help out every step of the way, either. Watch it again. Most of the time he was commenting on something Baz was already doing! He made, like, 2 suggestions. 🙃 Come on, peeps.
Julie Donnellon
Is it just me, or does Barry seem very angry in all of these recent videos?
Jeannette Maldonado
The Missy Elliot bit was 😘
Els White
Els White 3 napja
Commenting a week later to say that the Mr. Farenheit made me laugh out loud, y'all have no taste.
ishac93 3 napja
Those pink feathers in food is giving me anxiety.
Holly Simpkins
Before you blind bake pastry shouldn't you, dock the pastry with a fork and then place baking beans into the pastry and then bake it for another 5 or 10 mins.
Daniel Shorey
Daniel Shorey 4 napja
You guys crack me up would, think it would be great fun to cook and have a drink in group like that. Mine mates are either food snobs or just don't have a clue 🙃
Joar Alvdal
Joar Alvdal 4 napja
What kind of fucking magic plastic wrap do you have that can stand the heat? My pie got totally destroyed by melted plastic wrap.
Anastasia Lees
You can put cling film in the oven?!
Seb Kinnersley
Not sure Barry deserves the pasty badge here, he was guided through making the pasty and had to be corrected pretty regularly. If you just compare to Mike’s badge where he realised it was too salty and fixed it himself rather than Ben telling him what to do to fix it.
Leanne Dye
Leanne Dye 5 napja
It was hard to take Mike seriously lol
Hannah Ryan
Hannah Ryan 6 napja
you should redo the cookie battle, the three results looked a bit sad but you could totally do better with everything the normals have supposedly learnt since 😂
candysmiles11 6 napja
Mike as Elton John is everything.... everything I didn't know I needed
dianthus 6 napja
I just love how "feather boa" sounds in english
Kevin Southerland
I love baz but he didn't earn this badge but that doesn't mean I don't love the support from Ben too
TF 7 napja
Damn, the boys are looking fabulous
MEC 7 napja
With all due respect... everybody who is saying that Barry didn't deserve his badge because Ben guided him during the whole process didn't watch the same episode I did. Ben didn't guide him. He describes the things he was already doing also all of them dogpile him so... He deserves it.
Tom Walsh
Tom Walsh 7 napja
Pimp Mike is A THAAAAAAANG,! 😜😂
O KS 7 napja
I love how Barry and Mike shared the earrings one had the right one and the other the left x)
Syndel Tessari
“I’m gradually taking my clothes off “ YES, MIKE! PLEASE
Horse Nuts
Horse Nuts 7 napja
That chicken pie reminds me of one that Marks & Spencer used to sell about (gulp) 40 years ago (now this makes me feel very old). When I was a kid, we lived with our dad and he had to work up North from Monday to Friday and leave us to our own devices down South during the week (and trust us to feed ourselves, go to school, do our homework, and not get into trouble). He would fill the fridge with food for the week and the M&S chicken pie was one of them. It was awesome and I have never, ever, managed to re-create it. M&S stopped selling it years ago, probably because they weren't making any money on it. Your chicken pie looks to be closest to it I've seen, and I might have to have a go at it. And as my brother and I fended for ourselves from the ages of 14/15, we both turned into quite good cooks because we had free run of the kitchen (this was pre-internet, so we made it up as we went along). These days I can knock up a decent demi-glace, but I can't recreate a 'simple' Marks & Spencer chicken pie from 1980!
ChaosLordJiro 8 napja
I wonder what Barry needed more coaching on, making pastry or making Queen references?
Meep Kitty
Meep Kitty 8 napja
Mike definitely deserves it!
lauron26 8 napja
That intro was shot with the most unflattering angle ever. For everyone.
Kaylin Graham
Kaylin Graham 8 napja
I really really hope there are secret badges at the end of this all. Like if Barry, instead of just relaxing actually helps one of the others with their meal, earns a friendship badge or a team work badge since in a real kitchen, there isn't a 'You sink on your own, best of luck to you m8' I mean, you still get a HELL of a chewing out but they still help each other. And just other SECRET badges like that, like Mario Party Coin Stars, Mini Game Stars, that kind of thing?
stecky87 8 napja
I don't think Barry should've gotten the badge: Ben had to tell him to roll it out before leaving it to rest & he didn't blind bake it long enough
Nopanda Kit
Nopanda Kit 9 napja
Mike wins!!! Woo hoo, yes yes yes! It seems like he is so nice and he often loses. Nice to see him win. Great series too.
Steph 10 napja
Barry did not deserve that badge lol but he tried.
Anonymouse 10 napja
It's amazing what one learns here. I made a stroganoff dish last night, one that I've made many times before, but this time it came out too salty. Not ungodly so, but definitely unpleasantly so. Remembering what Mike said/did in this video, I thought "I've nothing to lose." So for the first time ever, I added a pinch of sugar and just a splash of vinegar. Neither ingredient is otherwise in the recipe. But oh my god. The dish suddenly became surprisingly fantastic without tasting oversalted in the least (or sweet, or vinagery). Thank you so much!!!!
crae ford83
crae ford83 10 napja
George Michael
Sahil Bhagwat
Sahil Bhagwat 10 napja
I loved the Fahrenheit joke there Mike😂😂😂
Sahil Bhagwat
Sahil Bhagwat 10 napja
I Stan MIKE AS ELTON JOHN Elton Mike op
Megasaiyu 10 napja
Kind of agree on all the badge comments. Before on the random taste tests or the competitions for the badges that was more cut throat but to much hand holding.
bs4e 10 napja
Mike channeled Elton's confidence! Look at him go!
Home 504
Home 504 10 napja
No hate towards barry but I honestly not think that he deserved the pastry badge. Ben was constantly reminding him about crucial stuff throughout the recipe. Mike on the other hand was far better this time around
Leon Chung
Leon Chung 10 napja
I really enjoy Mike's outfit though haha
Zusie 10 napja
This challenge is a little mismatched since in the sandwich, Mike did not make the bread and the cheese, watercress, and basil are prepared but not cooked. Whereas Barry cooked all of the element of his dish.
drakakoe 10 napja
So nobody mentions the feather bits in the pastrybottom?? :P
Nyxie007 10 napja
Mike should be getting a badge for his success in these head to head battles. It doesn't make sense that he won each of these three battles despite having fewer badges than both of his competitors. He's clearly doing something right and should get a badge for it.
MrWolf1133 10 napja
barry did not earn the badge. just because you pull it off at the very end doesnt mean you did it right. barry made mistakes that should have been avoided but he didnt. he had to be talked through it by Ben, Ben earned the badge Barry didnt. Mike over reduced and realized it, he then compensated all by him self. He tasted and knew he needed to adjust. That is seasoning. Ben gives out the badges to easily
Hannu Ala-Olla
Hannu Ala-Olla 10 napja
Make Barry lose a 'kitchen safety' badge for that for that knife pointing early on.
Zubiila 10 napja
I love the sunglasses! Where did you get them? Would love a pair myself.
Miranda 10 napja
Yay Mike! Totally deserved.
CY Hen
CY Hen 11 napja
I was a little concern when Baz said "cling film", like shouldn't it be foil or baking paper?
Megha 11 napja
Earlier it was way to hard to get badges and now its too easy and they are just being given out like candy, imo. Like Barry and Mike did not deserve a meringue badge, (especially not barry, mike pipped and checked atleast)
Rajiv Shrestha
Rajiv Shrestha 11 napja
I love it when chefs also compete in challenges along with normals.
adrian baguley
adrian baguley 11 napja
I live in Thailand and just watched your upgrade of pad Thai from 6 years ago and must say it looks better but you asked what I would like to see and I look at many cooking shows on utube. I lived in Penang when I was young my favorite dish was rotti chani do you have the balls to tackle this from scratch because I haven’t found anyone yet on utube. As an Aussie I challenge the Poms to make something we all love and that’s more curry . Good luck with the rotti. Cheers guys I love your work.
Missy moo 1
Missy moo 1 11 napja
tofu cooking challenge would be cool
T.J. Armstrong
T.J. Armstrong 11 napja
Mike slowly going from Sir Elton to George Michael with the loss of the boa and glasses. :-) Great video guys! Always enjoy seeing the new ones and love the badges this time around.
Emma Crilly
Emma Crilly 11 napja
If Ben hadn't been there, Barry would've had NO chance with his pastry... I love him but #nobadgeforbarry
Kingston Bro
Kingston Bro 11 napja
Did Ben earn his coaching badge?
Mario Khoury
Mario Khoury 11 napja
I feel like Mike deserves an ultimate badge or something for winning these, no?
Christie Poole
Christie Poole 11 napja
It bothers me that Barry doesn't take his many rings off when cooking... please take them off Barry those rings are harbouring many many germs and bacteria especially when you handle raw meats!
Molikai 11 napja
Why are you using a croissant (Which is a form of yeasted, laminated dough) as a symbol for basic shortcrust (Unyeasted, unlaminated)..?
Celien De Schryver
Mike: "I'm gradually taking my clothes off" Sorted: " *If you like the video... LIKE IT* " 😂😂
Aisling Murphy
Aisling Murphy 11 napja
Barry slowly losing it is a visual representation of me during study week
XZE V PV 11 napja
good job to mike for winning. such a shame that bas lost.
Shantanu Thillai Raj
Holy fk Mike looks fabulous. Why does he rock pink so well?? XD
Mike was spitting fire this entire episode. The badge he SHOULD have gotten was the 'Roasted Barry Badge'.
Rhiannon Williams
I think you should send one of the normals to proper culinary school and have them defect to the opposite team. Imagine shifting the dynamics like that. Imagine the newfound know-it-all boasting of a fresh culinary grad. I'd love to see it.
Mel 11 napja
Okay but mike was so funny in this video
Kyle Foust
Kyle Foust 11 napja
Can anyone tell me if there's a way to switch the order of the playlist for the battles. I've been trying to watch em on my TV in the background but since HUrun shows the videos from left to right, the order is opposite of chronological order. I always wondered if there was a way to fix this this playlist would be perfect for that.
Joshua Genal
Joshua Genal 11 napja
I really wish someone would take the time to organize sortedfoods playlists better. I really want to binge it all in season format.
Samantha P
Samantha P 11 napja
The mr Fahrenheit joke was so underrated
david Vanden-Eynden
French dip is not French. It's American. Invented in Los Angeles, California. Give Mike the "I don't actually know where my food comes from" badge.
CatMos 11 napja
Without the boa, Mike looked like George Michael.
Sophia Petersen
Sophia Petersen 11 napja
i am going to use this chicken cooking in pasta
Alpharius 11 napja
Anyone talking shit about Barry should take note that pretty much this entire video seems to be them making fun of and putting pressure on him while he's trying to get it right. Some parts of this video actually felt mean spirited, I really didn't care for this one - It's just him fussing with a difficult task while everyone else stands around sniping.
Tania Lou
Tania Lou 11 napja
Did James and Ben go to the barber together?
stu Art
stu Art 11 napja
If you don't scrape the fat from the inside of the chicken skin it will never be crispy.
-0904- -386-
-0904- -386- 11 napja
Mike's salty comments are hilarious and that "MMMAAAYYYOO" is perfect lol in one video we see all five participating, fun factors, and both recipes look amazing that I want to give it a go: SORTED quality!
colleen jardim
colleen jardim 11 napja
wait a minute.... cling film in the over ??????????
is it bad that I can imagine seeing Mike and Barry just casually walking down the street dressed like this? Like these don't look like costumes. These look like something that came out of their closets.
Damien Beatty
Damien Beatty 11 napja
Ebbers' snobbiness will get him beat up pretty soon!
John Enright
John Enright 11 napja
I guess it is the American in me, but Mike's Dish was way more appetizing than Baz's pie. I guess it was a kinda chicken pot pie, but I have never been a huge fan. Mike's dish looked amazing. Easy winner.
Ally Weinstein
Ally Weinstein 11 napja
Is it me, or did Ben lose a few pounds? His face in this video is very much "younger Ben" it seems, well done taking care of yourself, mate:)
nick cowley
nick cowley 11 napja
Baking plastic clean film? Sounds like a load of phallates in your pie crust to me 🥧
Kat Alleyn
Kat Alleyn 11 napja
I want to see chefs in costumes lmao
Lucas Defibaugh
Lucas Defibaugh 11 napja
Idea: battle or vs where the chefs/normals have to swap their pre planned recipes & present them on behalf of each other to a blind judging.
Lana Dawood
Lana Dawood 11 napja
Mike’s costume, gorgeous. Mike’s sandwich. Not appetizing
Alex Piklor
Alex Piklor 11 napja
No chance Barry should have ever taken that pastry badge away
jq12345678 11 napja
EPISODE SUGGESTION: Raw Meat Hygiene. I'd love to see a video that includes more information about hygiene in the kitchen. I've watched a lot of cooking videos and I've never seen an episode where even a portion of it was dedicated to this topic. Is it only poultry that is a concern??? I've been washing my hands EVERY TIME I handle raw meat in the prep process, which means usually several times in a typical prep. Is that overkill? And what about cleaning the board? Some people use bleach, I just use soap. So many questions... An example from one of your early videos: Breakfast Muffin hurun.info/to/vide/do-PxI-O0GK4yqs.html At 2:20 Barry is using his hands to form the raw patties on the board, he then flips the board over but doesn't wash his hands. Is that ok? What's up?
Connor Sims
Connor Sims 11 napja
I feel like Barry’s last 2 badges weren’t really deserved. In this battle Ben was there basically correcting all of Barry’s possible mistakes, and the merengue badge all Barry did was turn off the mixer. Did Jamie kind of screw the other 2 over with his merengue timing? Yes but all Barry did that battle was thaw some premade ice cream and put it in a ramekin with a pre made base
flii87 11 napja
These costumes are 🔥🔥
pulver117 11 napja
How the F did either of them earn their badge, especially Barry?! Seriously, are these pity badges? That's two badges now that Barry should not have on the board and is now in the lead? I just don't understand this.
Kyle Morgan
Kyle Morgan 12 napja
For the love of God. Please stop the costumes. It ruins the videos.
Rillka 12 napja
To other fangirls: Is it just me or we kind of miss the shaggy James hair? It was so inviting, like screaming "Run your fingers through me!" 😂
Fiona Clapham Howard
I miss it. RIP #fluffyjames
MrB621 12 napja
Mike is giving me Erix Lanlard vibes with the wig
Dhruv R Shah
Dhruv R Shah 12 napja
These badges are becoming participation awards
H. Eastman
H. Eastman 12 napja
Congratulations Mike on the win even if you do look more like George Micheal than Elton John.
Abteen Tajdin
Abteen Tajdin 12 napja
Mike really did a fantastic job I am very happy to see him win well done
John Le Bon
John Le Bon 12 napja
Mike looking like Doflamingo over here.
MarnixC H
MarnixC H 12 napja
Video was amazing! Just ordered the book. As a chef myself can't wait till it comes in!
Mari Anna
Mari Anna 12 napja
I would never cut raw poultry on a wooden board 😣
ben higgins
ben higgins 12 napja
Love that you guys chose my theme, it was better then expected.
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