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Today’s chef skills challenge theme is ORGANISATION as our normals, Mike, Barry and Jamie, are subjected to EVEN MORE ruthless judging in the skills department. Who will rise to the top and who will quickly descend into chaos? Watch to find out!
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my name
my name 3 napja
the winner should compete in masterchef or something while losers go to culinary school haha
cgrussell1 3 napja
Such fun. I'd love to do this myself.
Esther Jowi
Esther Jowi 14 napja
Proposal for a chef skill - work with real normals as assistants with them as the master chefs. They then create a xx course meal :)
Rads ical
Rads ical 14 napja
I’ve never cooked rice in a pan actually...we have a rice cooker or put it on the stove within a pressure cooker
Rads ical
Rads ical 14 napja
YOU MADE RAITA WITH GREEK YOGURT? My mother would be ashamed.
Rads ical
Rads ical 14 napja
Right...I’m Indian and I’ve never seen anyone make green bean pakora or avocado Raita. The avocado raita is an interesting idea though.
Mardiray 15 napja
Please do a whole series just of these. The recipes that have to be assembled, the equipment that must be chosen, the recipe that must be made. This is utterly brilliant!
Mohammad Alfayed
they are pissed..... hard....
Dustin Blumenstein
You should do a badge for "alternative foods" like gluten-free, dairy-free, etc.
Kulthum M
Kulthum M Hónapja
Looooool i always eyeball pakora batter, but also, who even eats pakoras with Raita and plain rice?????
Chilala Chifwepa
Jamie was supposed to get a technique badge
musings of a matt
There needs to be a boyscout-style ceremony at the end!
siva992 Hónapja
Remind me to never watch sorted food videos with the volume anymore. They love shouting and editors don't bother reducing the volume when that happens.
Miss97Hell Hónapja
barry not putting serving last is so barry of him
Marília Yuri Otsuka
I'm loving this series, very good job, lads!
Shelby Brown
Shelby Brown Hónapja
do I not know how to spell organization??? organisation
Familyhelpdesk helpdesk
i wish people would stop calling raita with cucumber just raita, it is cucumber raita, being allergic to that disgusting fruit, it so annoys me as i have to ask EVERY DAMN TIME!
Claudianne C
Claudianne C Hónapja
Can we have this Chef Skills series numbered please? Really don't wanna miss an episode!
Hannu Ala-Olla
Hannu Ala-Olla Hónapja
Jamie could've used the vegetable peeler to make strips from cucumber and get it finer easily.
Mac Kettner
Mac Kettner Hónapja
A bit of Ben's sadistic side is showing :) Given how much guff he takes, I think we can forgive it.
Max Attack
Max Attack 2 hónapja
I am so happy you created badges. It's a great way to check skill level and it's a lot of fun for Ben
Simone Hannan
Simone Hannan 2 hónapja
Loving this series!!
Simba1213 2 hónapja
Idea. Make them prepare for a battle on a super specific topic, without help from the chefs nor the food team. On the day, shred what they came up with, tell them its a whole different topic, they cant use any non essential ingredients from their prepared recipe. That would create proper stress. After they done that, make them do the original battle RIGHT after, but recipeless. Yes its heavy and complicated, but so is being a chef.
vevalily 2 hónapja
I wish there would be multiple episodes for each category of this series, it's so good!
Jay-Lee van der Berg
Omg all the boys combined make the best chef with their badges 🥰
Jay-Lee van der Berg
I love all the boys. But. Mike deserves to win this series.
CHUCK Farlie
CHUCK Farlie 2 hónapja
I just watched a Lean Sigma Six Black Belt Business class. Oh Ben!!!
Ashleigh Cooper
Ashleigh Cooper 2 hónapja
I'm loving this!
Joselynne C
Joselynne C 2 hónapja
You should also add a Palette Test inspired by Master Chef Australia. Basically, they have to taste a cube of food, blindfolded, and they gave to guess what cube it is.
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 2 hónapja
18:25, I can just imagine sorted videos being the evening entertainment for Mike's family...
George Bell
George Bell 2 hónapja
Market badges
Shane Vaughn
Shane Vaughn 2 hónapja
One of the skills should be testing them on the garden to table movement. Have them grow something and then cook it up.
Robyn Baker
Robyn Baker 2 hónapja
You can do it Mike. Very adorable when he finds out he wins!!
Tony Nguyen
Tony Nguyen 2 hónapja
Mike fell so far behind in the first challenge video but he's been catching up with every subsequent video that's very satisfying seeing him fight an uphill battle and actually succeeding. On the opposite end of the scale(which he forgot to grab in this video lol) I feel so sorry for Barry's fall from grace this time around, did so well in the first vid to getting zero badges this time around, oof.
Donna Lynn
Donna Lynn 2 hónapja
This was the best ep yet!
Barry Andersen
Barry Andersen 2 hónapja
Do you have to use the word "Ultimate" all the time. I enjoy your posts. Leave the word off. Your titles will be fine and not so inaccurate.
Rike _
Rike _ 2 hónapja
I would have loved to see James do it in comparison
MCGKD 2 hónapja
Got to see a poached egg challenge!
Master FluffyChaos
Master FluffyChaos 2 hónapja
They should have a challenge where each normal gets to pick his own recipe, has 1hr to finish and plate the dish. during the whole hour they can earn a badge from any category by using the skill fully. however they have to wear the shock collars again and get shocked for not using a skill or mis-using a skill by Ben and James....
Lady Crayon
Lady Crayon 2 hónapja
I always thought the Pass it On series would be your best work, but I am thoroughly enjoying this one. Great job on the amazing content guys!
John West
John West 2 hónapja
Ill be honest, this is entertaining, but kind of a dumb challenge. The overly organized chef is definitely one thing, but the more Daoist approach is probably what serves people best on the fly like this. Realistically you should be able to eyeball ingredient amounts and use a chefs knife for pretty much everything.
stardustie 2 hónapja
"Oof." I died.
Kamona Begum
Kamona Begum 2 hónapja
I it this food
Jennifer Macphail
Jennifer Macphail 2 hónapja
Honestly this is exactly the stuff I’m bad at as a home cook.... can we get video lessons? I work from home (due to COVID) and have picked up the midweek cooking, this is exactly the kind of thing I want to learn to save time and dishes!
Girlinabookshoppe 2 hónapja
I have been watching you guys for years and have thoroughly enjoyed all your content, but I have to admit that this series is where you guys have struck gold. It definitely shines a light on the importance of technique while also highlighting the best strength you all possess and arguably what has kept your audience present year after year, the dynamics you all share with each other. I find myself looking forward to each upload of this series along with your other content and can honestly say I have not laughed this much in a long while. This is(I do ha truly a testament to the hard work you all put in to your content, but also to the fact that you guys still have so much more to share with all of us. Congrats on the wonderful series this is turning out to be and I look forward to this and so much more from you all. Thank-you for lightening up my week with your videos and I wish you all the best. (On a complete side note though: Mike is turning out to have QUITE the underdog story! Keep it going!)
lil bow_peep
lil bow_peep 2 hónapja
I feel like im watching a cooking version of british bake off and i love it
RobinHood3000 2 hónapja
Does the loser of the chef skills challenge get demoted to Little Alex Horne?
Sapphire 2 hónapja
The combination of BGM and 3 men panicking reminds me of the game Overcooked!! So much fun to watch
Indzai Tinay
Indzai Tinay 2 hónapja
I'm sorry, honestly I am not updated on this channel. What happened to James?
Kitsune Hotel
Kitsune Hotel 2 hónapja
Dare I suggest a challenge for two badges. Technique and creativity by making and decorating a multi tier cake.
Sally Brown
Sally Brown 2 hónapja
I love how even the captions don't understand what Barry's saying some of the time.
James Laforme
James Laforme 2 hónapja
I got a few ideas for new badges..A "fusion" badge, rewarded to whomever can make a dish that best fuses two different cuisines together in a single dish! (Bonus points for being creative,while also for staying true to the cuisines they choose...So no paella burrito's lol j/k) Another badge is the "Ingredient ID" badge! It's a badge for a skill all potential chef's need to have...Being able to discern and identify ingredients by taste alone. There's quite a few ways you could go around testing this. But I like the idea of having a dish that missing just a single ingredient that the contestants have to figure out. Lastly, The "Re-creation" badge...It's rewarded to whomever can best re-create a dish without any kind of recipe but instead just by looking and/or tasting the actual dish. The end result not only has to look like the chosen dish but also taste like it as well (It shouldn't be a chef's personal take on the dish but as much an exact copy as possible). Depending on the recipe chosen, this one is a really good way of testing a Chef's culinary knowledge and skill.
v1c4r10u5 2 hónapja
In the spirit of pass it on, I wouldn't mind seeing a badge surrounding the idea of creating a dish from the ground up-- no recipe lab, no help from chefs-- through which their knowledge of flavours and taste combinations can be judged.
Recca Hinz
Recca Hinz 2 hónapja
The normals said there are no badges in pass it on. I think there should be, make the normals do a pass it on by themselves and have ben watch from another room.
Maria Tamburro
Maria Tamburro 2 hónapja
ONe of my favorite shows you have ever made! Hilarious. I love you all
MooFit CJ
MooFit CJ 2 hónapja
This show better than masterchef
Jes Miscellaneous
Jes Miscellaneous 2 hónapja
OMG! LOVING THESE SERIES SO SO SO MUCH! saw the laminated boards and steps and instantly got reminded of those good ole’ days where we could go camping and do team building challenges.
CelticWales 2 hónapja
It would be interesting to see a chef do this challenge (or something similar) I think,
Hatty Katz
Hatty Katz 2 hónapja
You guys should do a ingredients badge. They should have to blindly taste what ingredient is what like tasting basil and thyme and not giving them any choices. also taste a sauce and identify ingredients in that as well.
oropher777 2 hónapja
"Fry, my pretties!"
epynephrine 2 hónapja
Okay but 10 minutes to arrange the order!? I'd panic and give up lol
Jessa Kabingue
Jessa Kabingue 2 hónapja
Awwww. Mike’s wife story was cute 😍🥰🙃
Chris Neville
Chris Neville 2 hónapja
Do a “Pressure” badge! Give them like 3 easy recipes for a starter, main and dessert, and then fake a restaurant environment seeing which does best under pressure! Also a good chance to get some of the missed badges
Rowantree10 2 hónapja
Some ideas for badges in the future... Shortcrust pastry badge Caramel badge Sugar work badge Tempering chocolate badge
invaderzimismyfav 2 hónapja
Happy for Mike 🥺
Julia V
Julia V 2 hónapja
It would be fun if we could do some of the challenges as well, like rearranging the recipe!
Ccccvv Ccccvv
Ccccvv Ccccvv 2 hónapja
you set up all these rules and then dont follow any of them? stay in the back ben, and dont give barry the scales, its just entertainment
MrKarottenPalme 2 hónapja
Now make the chefs compete the same way!
IamNotVanessa 2 hónapja
Ben is having a time of his life. And i absolutely love it
Ross Lund
Ross Lund 2 hónapja
This series is so much fun. I wish I could be one of the guys competing!!
Loopy Kitty
Loopy Kitty 2 hónapja
I LOVE this series
akondar 2 hónapja
No advice from the sideline went straight out the window at the end there.
Polyphonic Gherkins
This series is brilliant. Functional and entertaining, just what I wanted from sorted.
Spencer Backman
Spencer Backman 2 hónapja
These are just fantastic.
James 2 hónapja
the previous ones seemed good, but this one just seems like its intended to fail, the base ideas dont really test anything, since the separate challenges dont really make sense. but it was entertaining
Saurabh Shrivastava
That is one dense raita 🤣
Saurabh Shrivastava
You are missing out if you're not using gram flour for the pakoras :)
simon hoare
simon hoare 2 hónapja
Sorry. Bit bored with these. It's a yawn from me..
ani._.nadavi 2 hónapja
maybe ive missed something but where is James?
MrBloemi1234 2 hónapja
I'd like to see a "Deduction badge".. Give them a finished plate of food where they can get their look and taste impression of and let them recook it without the recipe.
Liz Kerr
Liz Kerr 2 hónapja
I am FREAKING loving this challenge!!!! I can’t believe they are tied!!! Ans when do we get to meet the rest of the team behind the scenes?
Sylvie Bouffard
Sylvie Bouffard 2 hónapja
A badge for handling customer substitution or allergies. A badge for maximum caloric count or max sugar content or max saturated fatty acids or max salt content, in line with healthy eating.
Iglika Gencheva
Iglika Gencheva 2 hónapja
Love these
Sanaa Broadway
Sanaa Broadway 2 hónapja
Eyeballing badge, create a meal without any measurements
georgia bronte
georgia bronte 2 hónapja
I love ben but he’s such a nerd
Dian Nugrahari
Dian Nugrahari 2 hónapja
I always eyeball my batter, my mom taught me that way. Then again, I'm Asian. 🤷‍♀️
Rowan Olckers
Rowan Olckers 2 hónapja
Where has James gone?! Haven’t seen him in ages.
Snowballover 2 hónapja
I would have just used the peeler instead of the grater on the cucumber
Lie Feral
Lie Feral 2 hónapja
Mike has a wife?.. I guess my gaydar is broken.
jassLmhn 2 hónapja
He could have used the peeler on the cucumber instead of the grater !
Soopitall 2 hónapja
That was great! I was worried ben would be too easy on Barry
DareToRS 2 hónapja
One criterion I would like to see the guys judged on is food safety, which could probably be awarded under the "technique" skill category (but could also be applicable under other attributes as well). While I realize that it isn't exactly 'fun', after working in a restaurant for a few years, I think that one hallmark of a good chef is having the proper conduct in the kitchen to ensure their safety, their coworkers' safety, and the safety of the food that they are serving. You needn't go into the minutiae of food preparation (mostly because you're not serving food to guests), but properly handling equipment under duress (e.g. not leaving the hob on), proper food handling (e.g. not leaving raw meats out, cross-contamination, etc.), and knowing how to determine if the food that you have prepared is safe to eat is important.
deprofundis 2 hónapja
Loved this! Best episode of the new series yet! Dare I say I loved it as much as the Pass It On fail episodes? I think so, lol! 😂❤️
J .BOACHIE 2 hónapja
Has Mike always been married? He said, my wife!!!!! When did that happen?? Congratulations Mike!
MsJavaWolf 2 hónapja
I like those longer running challenges. Reminds me of the brownie point battles, but with enough of a twist to make it interesting.
Amanda Mills
Amanda Mills 2 hónapja
It's neck and neck now😂😂😂
Maggie Galipeau
Maggie Galipeau 2 hónapja
I've been watching sorted since the very beginning and Ben's smugness had started driving me mad.
Southpaw535 2 hónapja
Absolutely loving this new series!
Natalie Horn
Natalie Horn 2 hónapja
You should do a taste buds challenge, first round could be individual items like spices or other ingredients to be identified blindfolded, next round could be cooking with them aka being able to apply them properly (for example they have to choose 6 out of 10 ingredients) and third round could be trying to taste these particular ingredients in the other person's meal (they would all have different ingredients of course).
Hamza Sheikh
Hamza Sheikh 2 hónapja
I'm not sure where this recipe is from, but we use gram flour at home in our traditional version 👌🏽
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Dixie - F***BOY (Official Video)
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