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Roll up for the next episode in our brand new series: The Ultimate Chef Skills Challenge, and this time the theme is Creativity. Will our normal homecooks be able to think like a chef and earn their skills badges? Watch to find out!
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khuang96 2 napja
5:14 😂 poor Mike... 5:13 and guess how it turned out~ 😁
mamaharriett2 2 napja
Ben dose a great job helping run this channel as the main chef.
G Bode
G Bode 3 napja
Can we get the recipe for the ramen burger?
peacelizard 6 napja
"Alright, let's spunk this up." Is this more cooking terminology?
Spöklik Smol
Spöklik Smol 10 napja
Guys, you have exactly the same playlist twice
Akhil Muraleedhar
Best episode of the year so far. This could've easily been 3 episodes.
Bryden Francios Coetzee
I wish there was a laugh emoji
kris barnholden
kris barnholden 13 napja
potato swirls
The Pun of Harts
Ben must have it in for Barry cos his plate was beautiful
Danny Aakjær
Danny Aakjær 24 napja
Glad Barry aint My waiter food would be cold with that long story about the food. Like jamies more rigth to the point. Also nut allergy big nono And cooking for the brigade though it was about fast comfort food. How can u not let Jamie win that his makes itself. I like Mikes choice but not in a kitchen to many elements
Mihhail Gotovtsev
Big hero 6 cartoon has Noodleburger franchise, Mike made it exactly as it is shown in the cartoon.
Alison Lindsay
Alison Lindsay 27 napja
Ok but next badge really needs to be "identify these herbs" because I can guarantee none of them will get it 😂
huggledemon32 28 napja
Barry:” I have left a few jobs on, I apologise!” That’s ok Barry- it’s what we’ve come to expect from you, it’s comforting to know that even in these uncertain times, some things never change!🤷‍♀️🥰👍🏻
huggledemon32 28 napja
After watching these videos- I think it would be kind of fun if (once covid is over obviously) the “normal” boys were sent to a REAL cooking/chef school to see how they’d do after their time at sorted. Like take the exams the real students would take and see how they go
mattrex94 29 napja
Who did the backing music from start of improv section to 14:13? And where can I find the instrumental?
Fable Owl88
Fable Owl88 Hónapja
Jay is always my favorite, he just seems like such a cool guy.
Chaplin PB
Chaplin PB Hónapja
On the last challenge I think the score was rubbish, if your going to cook a fulfilling meal more your staff in a short time 2 out of the 3 that got badges didn't succeed they made a portion for 1 person, now make 4 of those or 10 of those? Get what I'm saying! How many full duck breasts are you cooking for your staff?
Lynsy P
Lynsy P Hónapja
I would LOVE to have Mike’s duck ramen burger. So many flavors that I like, but something that seems like it wouldn’t weigh me down... man. I just REALLLY want it.
Melissa Rew
Melissa Rew Hónapja
I think I agree with the badges, with the exception of Barry and Mike getting the creative badge. Barry has some elements that were unique but overall he and Jamie both used some of the same things. Wish it would’ve been a solo Mike badge because he hadn’t gotten one yet (which is another point of contention BEN)
Kooky Assignments
I love how invested they all are
Bob Bob
Bob Bob Hónapja
6:13 - Sandor Clegane to Barry: "Stop Whinging"
William Hunt
William Hunt Hónapja
Ben could of messed with Mike at the end so bad, just before he was going to give him his badge he should be of been like “well actually you did drop half of it on the floor” mikes face would of dropped instantly 😂
PootTheFiery Hónapja
Ben is such a great teacher! Hope he's getting an extra kick out of this whole series
Jemma J
Jemma J Hónapja
i love mike, he should have had that badge on his own
Thomas Ågren
Thomas Ågren Hónapja
Anyone from Europe also reacting to that Huy Fong Sriracha in the fridge? I remember when we had those, good times.
Latesha Presley
Latesha Presley Hónapja
The romantic march sequentially lock because call marginally return until a resolute hook. unwritten, robust edger
Belle Hayward
Belle Hayward Hónapja
Can we talk about Jamie’s creativity dish being such a last minute dad meal 🤣
SORTEDfood Hónapja
Totally 😂
Emily King
Emily King Hónapja
I think two possible badges could be communication and cleanliness. It's important for a chef to be able to talk effectively with the rest of the staff so that the food is served hot to the right table. Also cleanliness because its important to keep your station clean and clear so that nothing gets mixed up or cross contaminated. And also as a side not while I was watching the final challenge I was thinking I would make a rissoto out of the leftovers and dolloped the beetroot sauce around on top along with the carrots and the pickle I wouldn't use the duck though because duck is an expensive meat for a staff meal
tenroy Hónapja
Within the brief of brigade meal (and I speak from experience) the only 1s who actually deserved the medal were Jamie and maybe Barry (a less fancy version of his dish). I’m sure Mike’s ramen burger was great but not at all a brigade meal, those need to be done super quick for a lot of people. Source: I worked in a stared restaurant.
Big Cheese
Big Cheese Hónapja
We need the normals-normals...! Put em'' back them back to starting level!
Jay Hónapja
Probably just because I’m American but your guys accents make everything sound fancy and delicious anyways so I feel like the description part was null and void for me hahahah
Familyhelpdesk helpdesk
description: duck, veg and potatoes with gravy and some poncy stuff to make it look pretty.
globaljabouble Hónapja
The word is always umami
Christian Grundy
As someone who has worked in the culinary industry for years, no kitchen would serve duck breast for family meal lol
Nathanial Brown
Nathanial Brown Hónapja
Would LOVE to see you guys do a Charity Challenge.... *Feed 100 people on 100 pounds and let people judge ( everyone wins) Obviously with Corona restrictions in the UK this may be extra challenging, but for all the money you guys spend on random things to see you find new ways to invest and give back to those who are truly in need would be great. Also you could have a challenge focused on feeding children as children have a much different palate. Love your channel would really enjoy seeing you interact more with the community and less in studio .... food is about bringing people together.
Janna Victorious
I like Jamie's handwriting!
Yeast and beast challenge. Bake burger buns, and cook burger to chef's suggestion.
Juan C. Corrada
Juan C. Corrada Hónapja
Hoisin duck ramen burger Hoisin...duck...ramen...burger I could never think of that in a million years.
Alleosus Squirt
Alleosus Squirt Hónapja
20:50 I love how Mike made a punching motion upon hearing Barry's name be mentioned.
Alissa Harder
Alissa Harder Hónapja
Will there be a dessert type of badge?
bek jane
bek jane Hónapja
Quick question: Do they put the cloche on the floor and then back on the bench? ... 😬
Sam H
Sam H Hónapja
I mean, only one which fit the brief of something a chef in a kitchen would cook up for the “brigade” , having worked in a michelin star restaurant/hotel, the cooks are so busy, the only one which is logistically feasible is Jamie’s. You want a busy chef to make 50 hoisin ram duck burgers? Nah.. it’s big self serve trays of food served in bulk for as cheap as possible.
Anina Rosa
Anina Rosa 2 hónapja
I love, love, loooove the new series. I am excited that badges can be revoked, so the stakes are high. I first started watching you guys when you helped "charlie is so cool like" to make burgers with the cheese middle... what a looooong way the normals have come since hahahah. Years later and I am still watching. Thank you for still being here! xx
Leisa Holman
Leisa Holman 2 hónapja
I would love to see a texture modified challenge. There are alot of people that have to have food texture modified for various reasons, and that cannot go out for a meal, or even have one prepared at home that looks great, not just lumps of food on a plate.
XinLing Fritz
XinLing Fritz 2 hónapja
But what about a badge where they impress our favorite grumpy chef?
Mary Bell
Mary Bell 2 hónapja
I feel like Barry earned the plating badge in the last challenge.
Reign Greyson
Reign Greyson 2 hónapja
No matter the outcome, *sniffle* look at how far our boiz have grown... They grow up so fast! 😭 *holding back tears* I'm not crying... This is what proud looks like!
Jelleybean18 2 hónapja
Jelleybean18 2 hónapja
I said this one and I’ll say it again. Mike deserves to win these challenges.
Robyn Baker
Robyn Baker 2 hónapja
Love you all!! except James Currie has the ego of a house...let him go
projectmicky1226 2 hónapja
I would’ve picked Mikes plate. But I’m a picky eater and I’d rather have things I know I like, rather than a bunch of odds and ends.
Benjamin Meijer
Benjamin Meijer 2 hónapja
Ooh man, we're gonna need a full recipe for those ramen duck burgers
Kenzie Rabbit
Kenzie Rabbit 2 hónapja
I appreciated the flavor identification challenges in other videos I've seen- maybe something like that? Of X, Y, and Z, which flavors go together?
pepperama 2 hónapja
I do not think, having left out NUTS, that Barry should have gotten a badge for his description in the second challenge.
Samantha du Preez
Samantha du Preez 2 hónapja
Mike deserved his badge.......that Ramen burger looked devine
SORTEDfood 2 hónapja
He outdid himself there.... it was delicious!!!
-0904- -386-
-0904- -386- 2 hónapja
i LOVE the series!!!
Kharl Reynado
Kharl Reynado 2 hónapja
I love this new series!!
Alyssa Marino
Alyssa Marino 2 hónapja
Just learned today that Jamie is a fellow lefty!
Lady Crayon
Lady Crayon 2 hónapja
Jamie's description was surprisingly excitable :) Made me want it for sure!
D J 2 hónapja
Um , where's James?
Lisa Andreevna Chalaguine
cracking eggs against the rim of a bowl? I thought its taught in cooking 101 that you shouldn't do that but crack eggs on a flat surface
Kohginy Vadachellum
Genuinely celebrated when mike won the badge, could feel that excitement and relief through the screen! :D
JudyCZ 2 hónapja
The video is a week old and already I find it good enough for rewatch. Love this series.
Angie M
Angie M 2 hónapja
Loving this challenge! Great to see that Barry gets to showcase his creativity and cooking skills/techniques ... but then he pats himself on the back (eyeroll). A whole year of this challenge, let's see who grow and go beyond their natural talents!
Felix Rose
Felix Rose 2 hónapja
20:12 the look of apprehension on Mike's face...
T 2 hónapja
Honestly Barry is such a tart, it is so great to see (and even better because he is stylish more often than not!), then we have Mike who lacks confidence in himself (yet he tastes as he goes which is great!); and finally Jamie... well Jamie is just Jamie (a meat whirlwind)
Christopher DeCock
Christopher DeCock 2 hónapja
I want to try Mike's dish. I would order that, just hold the floor spices.
gnawgnaw yesyes
gnawgnaw yesyes 2 hónapja
Please don’t put the cloche on the floor, unless you clean it after every time. It feels unhygienic. Or maybe there’s a hidden shelf under that counter and that’s where you put the cloche? 😬✌🏼
Kogure 2 hónapja
"I don't know whether that's hand sanitiser I'm tasing" Alternatively, someone has finished the sauce with a dash of methylated spirits
Alix Anttila
Alix Anttila 2 hónapja
You should do a Substitutions Badge. I'm allergic to eggs, another member of my family is allergic to tomatoes, another allergic to tree nuts, etc... you end up having to do alternate versions of pretty much every recipe you find, depending on who you are cooking for.
Jesper Olsson
Jesper Olsson 2 hónapja
why do chefs only fill half the plate?
Rillka 2 hónapja
While I'm unapologetically cheering for Mike, I have to say I'm impressed with how Jamie is doing so far! He really surprised me with the plating and use of techniques in that mac'n'cheese. Who could've expected that Jamie would even think of making a pickle! 😁
Laine Murphy
Laine Murphy 2 hónapja
You should have James do the challenges as well to see how well a chef does them!
aridnie 2 hónapja
I’m sorry no matter how I look at it Jamie’s Mac and cheese looks like vomit to me 🤢
The Stammering Dunce
I was told that I should have trained to be a chef simply because I love cooking. But, there are reasons why I refuse. Not only I hate the idea of cooking dishes that I cannot eat, I also hate the obligation to make them look pretty. If it tastes good, it tastes good. If you refuse to eat something just because how it looks, then it is your problem for tasting using your eyeballs instead of your goddamn tongue.
Iraz Rana Zeren
Iraz Rana Zeren 2 hónapja
I miss James and his side eye
Iraz Rana Zeren
Iraz Rana Zeren 2 hónapja
Bazza killin it :D
K. Nessa
K. Nessa 2 hónapja
Badge idea: safety badge. Barry will end up leaving all the hobs on.
Basun33 2 hónapja
well plow, marry, kill, in the description would be james, mike, barry edit: i forgot the creativity part but for dishes i stand by what i said
Kyung-hee PARK
Kyung-hee PARK 2 hónapja
I feel so moved about how passionate on food all the normals have gotten over the years..!
laraelainee 2 hónapja
Why do I imagine that the way they described their dishes are very similar to how people write their dating profiles?
Asvini Prakash
Asvini Prakash 2 hónapja
"What IS Flavour?" hahaha
Sharlene 2 hónapja
this is so intense - i love it :D
Yanori FF
Yanori FF 2 hónapja
Man I want to eat that ramen burger..
Hannah Lawrie
Hannah Lawrie 2 hónapja
Please try more vegan foods! Maybe a vegan challenge for the chefs and/or normals? Or vegan desserts?
Mason Bially
Mason Bially 2 hónapja
I said it on the last one too, but I'll reiterate it here, some badges related to all the international trips to see if they retained some of the knowledge they got from those trips.
Srb 30
Srb 30 2 hónapja
Ben is not an impartial judge, He favors Ben so much. I really dont trust his ability to judge impartially. The judging battles feel so disingenuous when Ben is at the helm of it.
Srb 30
Srb 30 2 hónapja
De bone a chicken, Filet a fish.
connorbwales 2 hónapja
Got to have a timing badge, when you're on the line and need to get 2 dishes out at the same time with a different section. Have james prepare a steak with veg and a sauce, then have the boys cook and plate two dishes (which ben prepped) in the time james does 1.
khaxjc1 2 hónapja
Well done everyone but Mike deserves something extra for making something you could eat on the go.
Teagan Rogers
Teagan Rogers 2 hónapja
I am loving this epic saga of cooking challenges (ie torturing the boys with ups, downs, and so much anxiety)
Raven Llya
Raven Llya 2 hónapja
The menu creation descriptive challenge is such a good one! Really tough challenge. As Ben said, it does forces the normals to think about what they’re eating and be creative yet direct with the language used
Moses Zero
Moses Zero 2 hónapja
Mike's hostage video starts at 9:29
Allistrata GG4
Allistrata GG4 2 hónapja
Mike always makes me think of Ben from Viva La Dirt League. I have no idea why that is. So the rest would have to go: Barry - Adam Ebbers - Alan Jamie - definitely Rowan James - ???
Elizabeth L
Elizabeth L 2 hónapja
Is it just me or does the pink pasta and orzo look gross? lol
otti236 2 hónapja
Is James coming back?
Vishwas Deshmukh
Vishwas Deshmukh 2 hónapja
Mike is my King the ramen burger brought a tear to my eye, so happy.
sakara4 2 hónapja
Chocolate. Tempering, flavour paring, plarins.
Courtney Wooten-Burkey
I love these challenges so much
Aldana Dibilio
Aldana Dibilio 2 hónapja
Please do a desserts challenge, technique with meringue or macarons, sablee dough or tarts and a layered cake. I'd love to see more sweet recipes! And maybe some pass it on fails? Some dishes where each of them were first to start it and can complete their vision alone.
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