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Did someone say BURRITO BATTLE? That’s right, we’re putting Mike and Jamie head-to-head in the most unauthentic, yet wildly entertaining burrito battle to celebrate the release of our new cookbook: The Ultimate Cooking Battles Normals edition.
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Jemma J
Jemma J 19 órája
don't understand how clueless Barry has more badges than Mike. Mike is more daring and creative than the other two
patricial1231 2 napja
This one stunk.
R Cusick
R Cusick 5 napja
"Sisters are doing it for themselves"
Reshma Ramani
Reshma Ramani 5 napja
AHHHH - why is Mike putting that bowl that is still full of stuff in the sink :( :( Rubber spatulas guys! FOOD WASTE :( :( :(
The Pedantic Creature
Urgent question: On your site, the Tropical chimichanga recipe lists two separate amounts of caster sugar (75g and 100g). What is the actual amount used in the kiwi mascarpone ice-cream? I am going to do that for a date's dessert this weekend.
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown 13 napja
Both costumes look amazing. Well done boys
May Subido
May Subido 14 napja
Jamie looks like the Leader of the Oompa-Loompas from the original Gene Wilder Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie!
khaxjc1 16 napja
Mike didn't make a burrito. Wins. 😂
SushiTea 18 napja
Please who did the makeup 😂😭
Niklas Eckert
Niklas Eckert 19 napja
Still not as outraging than the swiss sandwich😂😂
Benjy Harris
Benjy Harris 20 napja
Ben commentary is superb and an amazing host! (: superb all the way (: I ador also the supendus entertainment you all bring us! (: best cooking channel out there and the fact its fun! I am so happy I found you guys!. I`ve binged watching your channel.. (: Hope your are all well (:
Chase Harper
Chase Harper 20 napja
Oh I have a good idea. Lets dress the normals up as female disney villans, it will be so funny. THIS IS FUCKING DUMB PLEASE STOP
SayNoobB4ULeave 22 napja
2 Burrito battles and there has yet to be a burrito.
Owanna Francisca
Love the costumes
Halistermatify 23 napja
How fabulous does Mike look as Maleficent? Who wouldn’t feel great looking that fierce?
jonteozzy 23 napja
i want a disney battle agian. i want Mike to make more songs
Spookay It's Me
Spookay It's Me 23 napja
Jamie looks positively Divine 😉
Webrat Jen
Webrat Jen 24 napja
loved the cosplays, and the banter, and the efforts to not offend. loved it all!
Thomasina Fanshaw
This is brilliant; they both look amazing. Just one slight concern: are those costumes flame retardant because children's costumes don't have to be although their official clothes do. What happens if they catch fire?
SchizoSchematic 24 napja
Mike, that contouring and eyeshadow genuinely look FANTASTIC on you.
tamalemonster 25 napja
Forget about paella, neither one of these are burritos.
Rajan 25 napja
What a coincident!!!!!! was watching your youtube channel in my shop,and Mike walks in to buy stuff and he heard the channel playing.....introduced himself. A very good channel
psibiza 25 napja
4:13 Don't call it "Spanish".... it's not. I've seen a waiter in North-West Spain get beat up really bad by 2 guys from Valencia because the restaurant had "Paella" on the menu and the waiter refused to remove the word "Paella". You're doubling down on your previous and demonstrating how to effectively start a war in Europe?! Paella is not Spanish and it's not a "Spanish rice dish". It's Valencian. Whatever you're cooking there, just call it a Chicken and Chorizo Risotto. Because that is what it is and it also better describes your cooking process of choice.
Sandy Bass
Sandy Bass 26 napja
I'm from Murcia and I totally fangirled over Jaime saying he was going to use rice from Calasparra.
michael huffman
michael huffman 27 napja
The boys burrito wrapping tech always bugs me and I'm hopefully not the only one being nitpicky on that point
I love seeing them challenging each other even the chefs
There should be a challenge where they cook main site starter desert each with different cultures and a little of England in it
Enzo Swedianto
Enzo Swedianto 27 napja
13:55 Sounded a bit American over here imo
73Stargazer 27 napja
Why is mike perfect for Maleficent. But like a happy Maleficent
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 27 napja
No one expects the Spanish Inquisition. Particularly Jamie.
Mike O'Barr
Mike O'Barr 27 napja
So glad battles are back
MaCoSia 28 napja
Hihi with matching costumes humors thank you guys
MaCoSia 28 napja
Hello I saw your cooking video it’s so entertaining as well.. wish one day you could notice small aspiring cooking channel like me .. continue please
bobby barnes
bobby barnes 28 napja
Please never dress them up like this again. I couldn't even watch the full video as Mike's make-up is freaking me out
Devin Garrett
Devin Garrett 28 napja
The San Diegan me screamed internally when he said "every burrito has rice" AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! F**K NNOOOOOOOOOOO
Shoyren 28 napja
Is it just me or isn’t it something that Jamie is cosplaying as Ursula, who herself is based on the drag queen known as Divine? Like, that’s not even a value judgement, I’m too straight to tell if it’s good, bad or neutral, but it feels like something.
Maryam Inam
Maryam Inam 28 napja
James with that hair!!!! Loveeeee!
Liam O'Sullivan
Liam O'Sullivan 29 napja
Did you remember to email all Spanish media outlets with the definition of fusion beforehand? Otherwise poor Ursula will get crucified again
Sgt Pepper
Sgt Pepper 29 napja
Years living in Mexico, without seeing rice in a burrito
brylidan 29 napja
would be good one episode about spicy foodd
Workyourmagic 29 napja
What the actual fawk is happening. And what is Jamie kinda rocking that Ursula look?!
Moses Zero
Moses Zero 29 napja
"Mike didn't even make a burrito." 5 seconds later... Mike: It's not really going to be a burrito.
John Drinks
John Drinks 29 napja
I am so glad someone noticed Mike wasn't wearing a blue plaster and fixed it. Really bugged me.
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Hónapja
Has anyone told James that doing weights is great but short sleeve shirts or t- shirts are totally rubbish
e_faulkk Hónapja
We're almost at 700,000,000 views well done guys
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas Hónapja
That kiwi ice cream looks fabulous! Please tell me there is a recipe in one of the books.
Carmen Cabrera
Carmen Cabrera Hónapja
I am Spanish and the paella thing was risky 😂😂 but I think we'll give you a pass this time 😂
Travis Coleman
Travis Coleman Hónapja
I've tried to watch this three times and just can't with them remaining in costume. Nice at the start, but knock it off and get cooking.
Marcin Hónapja
This looks like a sequel to Spawn
I love this video so much😂❤️
Sean Govaerts
Sean Govaerts Hónapja
cmon mike made chimichanga, also its sweet
Kendra Dyck
Kendra Dyck Hónapja
If you guys do another battle bringing back old dishes, what if the normals had to take each other’s original dishes and make them their own. Mike take Barry’s dish, Barry > Jamie, Jamie > Mike?
PaxPirate Hónapja
I am SO HAPPY that you brought back the costumes - and they ROCKED THEM!!!
Sterling Godwin
Sterling Godwin Hónapja
Mikes Burrito could have been better if the wrap was a crepe since it’s sweel
Patrick Olsen
Patrick Olsen Hónapja
Have followed you for a while nearly seen every video and does ben even know how to do anything not inspired or revolving around asian cousine?
Timoto63 Hónapja
As there are 5 of you your challenge will be 5 different mince Beef recipes, if any chosen are similar to each other then straws are drawn and the looser has to chose again! Good luck
huggledemon32 Hónapja
The amount of joy I got from watching the boys dressed as female villains, was, I suspect, way out of proportion to the actual costumes! (Hope that makes sense- tldr: I laughed far more than I should at the boys costumes!)
Angie Gomez
Angie Gomez Hónapja
I don't remember this episode of RuPaul's Drag Race lol
Liquidated Hónapja
The guys cooking in their costumes are too much. Jamie's hair alone is worth a headline or seven.
TawdryTempest Hónapja
Dessert "burrito" abomination
The EngiNerd
The EngiNerd Hónapja
Cross dressing is too much for me ✌️
Oliver Brigstocke
I love the fact that Jamie just pissed off an entire country, especially because hes only the second most likely normal to piss off a country (Barry is first)
I bet the people who complained tried the paella burrito they would of liked it haha buncha dorks
Jokers Delights
Jokers Delights Hónapja
I have truly missed the cosplays
charles foster
charles foster Hónapja
On the badge leaderboard, shouldn't Jamie be given the badge he got for passing steak school in the chef vs chef battle. He did earn it, and it was given to him by a chef...
Rillka Hónapja
After watching this I'm starting an ongoing petition for Mike to get into drag! 😍😆 We need MORE!
Gagsgb 1433
Gagsgb 1433 Hónapja
Oh Mike! Those cheekbones and those shoes be 🔥💥🔥💥babe!!!
Not enough tentacle jokes!
Betsy O
Betsy O Hónapja
“My imagination ran out. I’m going to make *deadpan* a burrito” - played on repeat in my head the entire episode..
aimee Hónapja
You guys should do a "scary ingredients" series, I'm still struggling with artichokes i just cannot work out the best way to get them into my cooking
Space Pool
Space Pool Hónapja
A bit of drag then
The4321Channel Hónapja
I do realize you guys get your spanish influence from, well, Spain... but as a southern Californian, which is the area with arguably the best burritos... WHY would you put mayo in a burrito?!?! Sour cream, maybe, guac, never mayo.
KaylaWheezy Hónapja
Jamie at the end trying to win by saying, “but did it taste good?” And James defeating him with the whole, “great segway!” Omg, I couldn’t stop laughing!!!
Kim Jong-Il
Kim Jong-Il Hónapja
I love the recipes and the show but the outfits just made me switch the video off. Ruined the video with some childish banter for no reason.
insertnamehere Hónapja
Paella is just spicy risotto
kunimno 2
kunimno 2 Hónapja
wwhy is james wearing a wig what’ve i missed
rtd1791 Hónapja
I didn’t realize just how pretty Mike is until I saw him in the Maleficent costume.
iceicebuddy Hónapja
If you deep fry a burrito, isn't a chimichanga?
KaedeLanyo Hónapja
Good. Make the stupid traditionalists *_cry like the children they are._*
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley Hónapja
Give J credit for cajones, "oh, you didn't like that, let me do it in a way you can't whine about". I really love his spirit towards food, that whole thing was petty bs.
LisaNovak95 Hónapja
Ben is so much more smug than he used to be and it's fucking hilarious. James given Ben shit about picking up a knife and fork to eat a burrito though 😂
Yosep Hammad
Yosep Hammad Hónapja
Doesn’t it have an O in it not an A. Jamie’s reaction
E S Hónapja
I tried the kiwi ice cream yesterday. So good. So incredibly good🤤 Perfectly tart kiwi in a creamy sweet base Gonna try it with raspberry or sour apples next
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James Scarlet
James Scarlet Hónapja
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Jo Arke
Jo Arke Hónapja
Hey guys what happened to the old intro? I for one massively prefer the previous one. Just my 2 cents
Liafram Hónapja
Honestly, any time someone tries to make a sweet variant of a savory dish, I'm immediately disinterested. 🤷‍♂️
Victoria Valdez
Victoria Valdez Hónapja
1) A chimichanga is a burrito, and there are really good sweet burritos. 2) Anyone else feel a certain way when James pronounced, "controversy?" Not a bad way, not a good way, kinda uncomfortable, but okay...
Middle Class Homie Quan
Jamie then: is fake sorry he unintentionally offended an entire country. Jamie now: is not sorry that he is intentionally offending the same country. 📈 Growth
Stuart Baggs
Stuart Baggs Hónapja
All very amusing. Not entertaining to me so I turned off before the cooking started. Happy for those who enjoyed
Rishi A
Rishi A Hónapja
Ben is so excited about the cosplay
AniaBumba Hónapja
I think that costumes should be compulsory in all battles. I loved how Jamie and Mike looked as those characters. Just brilliant!
Etienne Picard
Etienne Picard Hónapja
soooo you guys are going to film Jamie's lynching right? :p
Adam Zhu
Adam Zhu Hónapja
I cannot wait to read about this in the Spanish newspapers later this week!!
Rich Mosley
Rich Mosley Hónapja
Considering a burrito was an invention of necessity for portable food, you lads did fine. You should try Mexican burritos sometime though! :) Chile Colorado would be a great homage to Northern Mexico and burritos/burros in general.
Ave_Muse_Mage Hónapja
I want to eat almost everything you guys make on the show (i have made some recipes from some fairly old videos, and i have many saved for future makings)
Ella Cartier
Ella Cartier Hónapja
i was wondering, could you guys make a video about plating tips? Like in last year's easter video James talked about peeling and ribboning carrots and shocking them in cold water to add a fresh and crunchy element to the final dish?
axreason Hónapja
why do brits say PAI-eya? it's pa-eya.
Danny Howson
Danny Howson Hónapja
Love you to do more caribbean flavours and dishes. Depending on the challenge its usually Asian or erratic 😂😂
Ash Rowan
Ash Rowan Hónapja
I see Jamie and burritos and I get nervous for him