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In today’s episode, we’re challenging our normal homecooks Jamie, Barry and Mike to the ultimate budget battle. With just £5 each, will they be able to whip up 4 portions of delicious grub with only 30 minutes on the clock? Watch to find out!
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my name
my name 3 napja
budget food shouldnt be time challenge. because most good ways to make the most out of cheap ingredients involve time or braising or longer techniques to get most flavour out .
Hollowman 5 napja
Ebbers giving off some strong supervillain energy in this one.
Harley Dave Libantino
Wouldn't mind waiting an extra 9 mins for that banging sausage roll tho
Kirthana Ganeson
I was wondering what was off about this video and then I realised - no music. Makes everything seem all the more serious 😂
Jenny Tran
Jenny Tran 20 napja
They should each have a time consuming dish that they have to invent to make into a shorter time. Along with a random twist from of the other competitors, so 2 in total.
Izka Łoboda
Izka Łoboda 21 napja
Mike at this point is at chef level
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 23 napja
Imagine if Barry tried to whisk the whites into cloud eggs as well! Hahaha.
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 23 napja
It's amusing that the only recipie where the egg was superflous was Barry's pizza, and he was the only one who used eggs. XD
emsharris07 25 napja
hotel badge - after living in the key workers hotel during the pandemic whilst working at the testing centre I had to eat what I could "cook" /create in a hotel with a mini fridge, kettle...... turns out having nothing makes dinner far more fun! And instant just add boiling water sachets have improved since smash...
Nise Plank
Nise Plank 28 napja
I'd wait 9 minutes for Mike's.
vaidish sumaria
vaidish sumaria 28 napja
That has to be the worst pizza ever !
Claire Jorgensen
I've been watching these videos for years and it's really great to see how much the 'normals' cooking skill level have improved
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SaltedFood! My bros
Not Wednesday
Not Wednesday Hónapja
No contest. Jamie did the best by far.
Christine Amalie
Mike should have his own show called «more then you can chew» 😂🤩
Gregor Grega
Gregor Grega Hónapja
That Broccoli "pizza" makes me sad
Umar Chaudhari
Umar Chaudhari Hónapja
Barry's realisation and subsequent head-thrown-back scream nearly killed me XD
Allison Merz
Allison Merz Hónapja
Ben is the most wholesome creature and i love him
pink penguin
pink penguin Hónapja
*Lemon Challenge* 45 minutes , everyone draws out of a hat , getting appetizer , main course or dessert .. lemon juice & rind are a must .. points for thinking outside the box .. creativity and presentation ..
SourceOfBeing Hónapja
It'd be interesting to see all of them attempt to do a "Mike" recipe. Could they actually be done in the time limit, or are they just too ambitious?
Matthew Van Rensburg
£5 and it's budget.... I'll take 'A reason I'm happy I live in South Africa' haha....
Krishna Ramesh
Krishna Ramesh Hónapja
someone needs to teach barry how to knead
jordan canoe
jordan canoe Hónapja
You people eat like this???
Anna Hunt
Anna Hunt Hónapja
Mike telling Ben to piss off in the bloopers was my all time favorite! 😂
khaxjc1 Hónapja
13:34 lol Barry's but lol
Rosalie Hónapja
Wow that motivational speech about having faith in your dough... I really needed that, came exactly at the right time. The dough is my life
bloemundude Hónapja
We all heard it, right. Ben said that there is "no knead" for the Irish soda bread.
Jonathan Gilbey
Jonathan Gilbey Hónapja
i used to like these so much more when they were all in the same kitchen...
rdsachs1 Hónapja
With the warm weather coming up, can we have some picnic/outdoor sharing ideas? Maybe a picnic for 6 challenge??
Gonzo Hónapja
Love videos like this showing what u can do with less money then you would spend at a fast food place.
Ivan Kuznetsov
Ivan Kuznetsov Hónapja
Jamie's dish was very similar to Barry's £10 Budget Battle dish!
UnofficialHaze Hónapja
Pretty harsh lighting in this one, fellas..
keegan myers
keegan myers Hónapja
Trying to keep it cheap...then adds meat, kind of a stupid mistake for the same cost as a few sausages you could buy a ton of lentils
I want to see a fine dining badge challenge, 3 hours to prepare a 4 course meal, with up to one week to prep a large time consuming item (like the entree or dessert, but of course anything else)
Zect Hónapja
Jamie shined in this one. Not only did he cook everything under budget, he executed everything perfectly, and his kitchen was clean by the end! Jamie, you're becoming quite the cook, and not just of meats!
Chloe Mae
Chloe Mae Hónapja
Mike needs to not jinx himself at the start 😅
Tylran Hónapja
To be fair to Mike, cheap ingredients tend to take more time so 40 mins for that dish is pretty damn good.
Cornel Stefan
Cornel Stefan Hónapja
I see a lot of reliance on many pots and additionally baking too after using the stovetop. How about more one pot, no oven, minimal cleaning? For midweek when you think that you can take 30 mins to make something, you might be like, yeah but i need to spend another 30 mins of washing up 4 pots and probably even a tray. alongside the plates. Both time consuming and not very ecological since you use a lot of water and soap. Maybe something with 2 pots tops?
Pepper Hónapja
Not gonna lie, all of these look delicious
Ala - Lucie
Ala - Lucie Hónapja
Vegan Friendly badge :P
Jonnagurakala Gnana sekhar
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Directionally Challenged
I think one of the things the boys forget when they get their times and stuff, is the explanation portion of what they're doing lol and they dont account for mistakes.
Sharaya Lee
Sharaya Lee Hónapja
I never knew why they were called bangers and genuinely wonder why... curiosity satiated courteous of Ebbers... ps groceries seem to be a lot cheaper in the UK compared to the US
Ben Nesbitt
Ben Nesbitt Hónapja
I love the sound effects Mike adds while cutting his roll
Md Al amin Md Abdullah
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Monique Monique
Monique Monique Hónapja
Among all sorted vids, I always think these budget meal vids arent relatable for me. Maybe because of the conversion rate? 5 pounds could already be 2-3 days worth of good food here in asia.
capitalismgood Hónapja
I don't know what Jaime added to his flour, but it wasn't buttermilk. It looked identical to the yogurt Barry used
Tam Hónapja
13:11 whisper *ubiquitous*
lostboi bound
lostboi bound Hónapja
I gotta be honest none of these impressed me at all if the aim was to make people feel like they can still eat great food on a budget it kind of made me feel shit they couldnt think of something less boring. Two people went for sausages and the other went for a pizza thats not creative at all thats just what we skint people have to eat every damn day. Im a bit disapointed but i love these guys videos soo much and they make me laugh.
Tam Hónapja
3:50 Mike should take off his jewelry before cooking!
Stacey Weeks
Stacey Weeks Hónapja
Have you heard of the £1 a day challenge? This is budget - but I'd be so impressed if you made breakfast, lunch and dinner for £1.
penwalla Hónapja
As long y'all are doing these badges for the normals, maybe have a recipe-writing challenge? Each normal has to write a recipe w/o chef help, then the chefs have to actually follow the recipes and see what happens. (Alternatively you could make it a three way battle and have each normal cook a different normal's dish)
Erica Roozendaal
Love these episodes:-) only thing I don't agree with is the idea of 'buy the best meat you can afford'- I'd add the option one could choose other protein sources.. Eat less meat, save money and buy real good meat from responsible resources every now and then from the money you've saved.
James B
James B Hónapja
How about a Bosnian burek or some kind of strudel from scratch challenge? Or something where they have to roll out dough till it is paper thin in a painfully short amount of time.
turbism Hónapja
We need some foreign food challenge. As a Québécois (from the province of Quebec, in Canada), I would gladly like to see revisited/revamped Québécois classics.
Eva Matthäus
Eva Matthäus Hónapja
How dare you put eggs and broccoli on a pizza! :)
Bare Necessities Challenge: Your available technology is the Fridge/Freezer, The Stovetop, and the Microwave. That's it. No blenders, no deep fryers, not even the oven. You can use non-machinery tools (knives, skewers, frying pans, ect) but absolutely NO other machines than the allowed. Honestly as someone who lives in Japan where ovens are not usually included in apartments, I really just want to see how to make good food without ovens and blenders
Moses Zero
Moses Zero Hónapja
I don't think they should compete for one badge - everyone should be eligible for it.
Bronte Germain
Bronte Germain Hónapja
Why would you use self-raising flour in a roux?! Does the rising agent make a difference??
Tamara Villanueva
I miss the battles where they were all in the kitchen at the same time
Alpharius Hónapja
I'm going to Costco and getting a quarter pound PLUS all beef hot dog and drink with refill for $1.50
FlyingHangman Hónapja
Be good to see an adaptability challenge. Get them starting off on a meal of their choice (under certain paramaters) then half way through, change the parameters. Eg, start them off making a 3 course dinner meal, then have it change halfway through to a budget home dinner
I don't know if it's been done before, but a battle in which they cannot use fancy objects: only a knife, a cutting board, a wooden spoon, a pot, a pan and a baking tray!
Giggles' Vids
Giggles' Vids Hónapja
Man, I really want to eat Jamie's recipe!! :0 Looks delish!
Giggles' Vids
Giggles' Vids Hónapja
I feel like I've gotten to know Ben a bit more while James is on break, which has been nice. ^_^
NannoAnno Hónapja
abulFeRr Lifestyle أبو الفر
‘I think he’ll start with however...” that one floored me!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Paloma Byrne
Paloma Byrne Hónapja
Why oh why oh why, do you guys not invest in a stove with a built in fan😅😂🙈🤣
Erienne Huber
Erienne Huber Hónapja
deprofundis Hónapja
I don't know about y'all, but it would be worth an extra 9 minutes to have the better-tasting dish, Mike ! 😋
runawayfae ?!!
runawayfae ?!! Hónapja
I legitimately want to try Jamie's dish...
Cassidy Mac
Cassidy Mac Hónapja
I think when they do these ultimate budget battles they should only be allowed to use 1, max 2 pans. If the assumption is that you have a low budget, they should also assume you don't have every kitchen appliance you could desire.
lynndec22 Hónapja
So Mike had a slip of the fingers at the end? 😉
RLE82 Hónapja
Signed up for the app... spinny loading screen only, i`ll cancel membership later.
Courtney Leduc
Courtney Leduc Hónapja
I really want to tries Mike’s dish! Looks so yummy!
Michael Kats
Michael Kats Hónapja
Didn´t they say that you can lose and win extra badges? I think Jamie genuinely deserves an extra badge for organisation and time management, wheras Barry and Mike should get theirs revoked here ^^
Annabelle Kennedy
I don't know whether the only person who thinks that each of these recipes could have gone over time very easily and that budgeting doesn't always include time. Also I think they all look yum but would choose Mike's any day 😋
sarah carrier
sarah carrier Hónapja
I would love fast non conventional breakfasts!!
Scubadog Hónapja
I think there's enough tension in the video just from the time limit and banter, without the Kitchen Nightmaresque jumpcuts and dramatic music.
Mackemgav88 Hónapja
legit Gibbo
legit Gibbo Hónapja
Sausage roll looked banging Mike A fusion badge maybe a good idea, combining to types of dishes together
ryan moore
ryan moore Hónapja
The "buy the best meat you an afford" trope is really frustrating in a budget episode. Meat is so expensive! Why did all three of the budget dishes have it in?! You can so easily make good budget vegetarian dishes. Low priced meat to me suggests poor animal welfare, which is not OK. Would be really good to see this channel actually embrace vegetarian cooking not as a fad or on specific vegetarian videos.
Shruti Basu
Shruti Basu Hónapja
Anusha Dommeti
Anusha Dommeti Hónapja
I preferred the old style ultimate battles where they would often try to sabotage, or at the very least make fun of each other. Must have been a pain to shoot, but sure made for a good laugh!
Philip Fry
Philip Fry Hónapja
Need a pass it on challenge with tinned food 0 labels has to go in.
Learoy P
Learoy P Hónapja
Jamie, looked delicious and manageable for a quick midweek dinner 👏🏾👏🏾
ossiferfunk Hónapja
Mike just always puts me off, every time
imageispower20 Hónapja
One of the badges has to be a baking challenge. The boys always fall down on baking. They have to work on that skill in particular. Besides that a pass it on badge wouldn't be out of place for improvisation. Make a dish on the cusp of failure and then have them fix it.
WolfixZythos Hónapja
I'd love to see the normals try to recreate a dish from taste. No visuals. Maybe a good chef v chef follow up?
Martha Marie Bartolo
A Spice Guru Badge would be interesting 🙂
Bonilyn Teh
Bonilyn Teh Hónapja
I was having a bad day, and I was in such a bad state earlier. Good thing I had this vid set aside. The absolute clusterfuck that went on was a nice lift to my spirits. Thank you guys, made me laugh when I needed it most.
Endy Mallorn
Endy Mallorn Hónapja
Wait, Barry put egg on a pizza? And it wasn't a cloud egg? Sacrilege!
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed Hónapja
I was so thoroughly entertained!
awsomo99 Hónapja
Would love to see a work lunch battle! Just re-watched the ultimate lunch box battle, and it had some cool ideas, but not very practical for a packed work lunch. Think bulk meal prep, only reheatable in a microwave after refrigeration for a few hours, not too difficult or long to make, but still tasty!
Rebecca H
Rebecca H Hónapja
Mikes is the only one I would want to eat .
Brandon Rainbolt
Is the packs app available in the USA??
Claudia Trammell
I think I would have put alittle olive oil in Barry’s dough
Geetanjali Manikashetti
Can we get “what goes into making a sortedfood HUrun video” video HAHAHA really wanna see the behind the scenes
Turtlestew Hónapja
Would anyone else like a day in the life type of video for each bloke?
Steven Orourke
Steven Orourke Hónapja
That’s the worst pizza in existence..it looks like a a fucking garden man with eggs on top
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