TWO COURSE MEAL Recipe Relay Challenge (Normals only!!) | Pass it On S2 E20 | SORTEDfood 

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Roll up for another chaotic recipe relay challenge, but this time, it’s a NORMALS ONLY edition with our poor Chef Ben watching the carnage unfold in the kitchen. Will it be a disaster and will anyone be awarded a badge? Watch to find out!
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The Pun of Harts
Baz deserved a badge for saving the day
Recommended 2 napja
wtf is mike not getting praise unlike jamie who only knows how to cook animals mike acttually did most of the dish above he was also the one who did the pudding or else it would have been a disaster
Recommended 2 napja
sil pogs
sil pogs 2 napja
I was so sure Barry would get a badge at the end. That was the most focused multi-tasking I've ever seen from a normal. Baffled that no one got one.
Lou R R Zurn
Lou R R Zurn 3 napja
Where did Jamie get the money bag badge? Last I saw they were tied up with the last chef skills video.
luka tanghe
luka tanghe 3 napja
RySing89 3 napja
your being unfair, barry came through the chaos at the end there. The not talking thing was fine, he needed to focus. That's what Ben can do while Barry works.
Holly 3 napja
barry deserved 10/10 for saving that mess
Lily Cichon
Lily Cichon 5 napja
Baz killed this
E Schmidt
E Schmidt 5 napja
Love you boys but that was a mess
Random Dolphism
can not stand Barry only reason yall do not have my money
James Thompson
Barry killed it at the end 🔥💯
Carolus Rex
Carolus Rex 8 napja
Yes, another one, with James in the hot seat. I enjoy his blunt honesty.
Aj Brown
Aj Brown 10 napja
Highway Robbery for Barry!!!
recca01982 10 napja
While I can agree that Barry should've gotten the badge here,... I have to disagree with a lot of comments. Sure Barry was confident and focused,... but his dish turned into Frankenstein's masterpiece. The reason he should've gotten the badge, was because the badge wasn't cooking or talking related. It was multitasking,... and he did that in the last bout. So while not exactly his shining point (even though in true Barry form, he gave himself a 10/10), I think he should have gotten a badge at least.
Sanna Vasu
Sanna Vasu 10 napja
I've always thought Barry was under appreciated and especially in this video...man he pulled both the dishes together. He def deserves a badge :)
Michael Cheng
Michael Cheng 13 napja
Give Janice a badge
medslarge 13 napja
Barry deserved the badge
Khairul Fadzly A. Karim
Baz surprisingly saved the dish with Jamie’s foresight of preparing the scallops. Mike however fluffs about this time 😔
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 13 napja
"Take things off the heat" Leaves every hob on.
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 13 napja
I'd love to see Mike's reaction to watching this.
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 13 napja
"THIS! Is the positivity I want." -Ben Exactly!
Naram-Sin of Akkad
Barry deserved a badge!
DemolisherMan 15 napja
Started this series with the meringue episode and now my impression of Barry has been tainted and I get irrationally worried when it’s his turn Edit: I have been pleasantly surprised
Jon Matthews
Jon Matthews 17 napja
how drunk was barry during this episode?
Scotty 17 napja
Barry really deserved the badge for saving the dish, plus it's a cooking badge not a presenting badge so him not talking shouldn't affect it
Donni 18 napja
barry fucks everything and gives 10/10.
Ben Lyons
Ben Lyons 18 napja
Shout out to the editing team! They don't always get attention and the job can be tough!
Brandi Hein
Brandi Hein 18 napja
I wanna see James judge this. Please do a round 2!
Martin Jurehn
Martin Jurehn 18 napja
I think Berry deserved a badge after the last 10 minutes!
A C 19 napja
in order of... idea! number of qualifications that each of the sorted guys have! so that could include GCSE’s, a-levels, degrees, masters, btecs, culinary qualifications, wine tasting etc etc etc the qualifications only count if there’s a certificate; so in this case kitchen experience doesn’t equate to anything unless there was a bit of paper at the end. swimming, blue peter, and ben’s scout badges?! i’ll leave that up to you lot to fight over...
Louis Fowles
Louis Fowles 19 napja
i used to like your videos, then discovered your pass it ons, subscribed
kropka 19 napja
10/10 Barry!
Really Here
Really Here 19 napja
please do more videos with ben’s commentary 🥰
Toft 19 napja
How about dessert part 3?
Mallory Helbling
Again, but with James judging.
Imperfectly Laura
If you follow them on FB, they said it's coming tomorrow. With a reaction video on Friday. =)
Margaret Wilson
Margaret Wilson 20 napja
Barry's first go in the kitchen was hilarious! Him cracking up at the sandwich au banana and then the milk boiling over.... Oh my goodness, the comedic timing was amazing! 😂😂😂
István Szimon
István Szimon 21 napja
How about a full relay challenge with chefs, but no one knows who's been in the kitchen before, they only realise their number when called, but not the order as an idea?
Alberto Roche
Alberto Roche 23 napja
Barry giving himself a 10/10 is the equivalent of that kid in middle school who said he could draw comics and could only really draw stick figures.
BlackFiresong 24 napja
Can we have a 40-minute Chefs Only Pass It On battle? 2 turns of 10 minutes each. I would love to see their cheffy visions collide!
Shelby Machado
Shelby Machado 24 napja
I have to say, Barry cracking down at the end and pulling it all together... I think he deserves the badge.
neo 24 napja
You need to do a 'Teamwork', not just 'Multi-Tasking' badge for Pass It On. Most of the time the boys fudge up in thinking about others and the final dish in PIO. PS. For this one, they all deserve 'Teamwork' badge because the dish passed and each of them contributed, and give Barry the 'multi-tasking' one for his second round - badges all around!
DeltaDemon1 25 napja
The fact that anything edible came out of this mess is a miracle. With no communication or planning, this is a very difficult challenge.
kitty x
kitty x 25 napja
I think Barry did so good at the end. It was such interesting take watching Barry at the end.
Jenna 25 napja
i think Barry deserved the badge tbh bc he did p well with what he was given imo and he really pulled through at the end
Lady Berd
Lady Berd 25 napja
I never thought I'd ever think there was a Sorted lad sexier than James, but then I had never seen Barry in the last 8 minutes of this video
ThePieNinga101 26 napja
I'd say Barry def deserves a badge for really getting in the zone and saving the dish. Maybe not multi-tasking, but maybe another one. Also I lost it when he gave himself 10/10.
styill 27 napja
What?! Barry totally deserved the badge!
styill 27 napja
I'm really behind on these videos. It seems I've always underestimated Barry. I guess he's always been held back by the logistics of making a video.
Elizabeth Posivio
I think Barry did a really good job in both sections. If could rate them Barry number 1 Jamie 2 and Mike 3 Mike did e multitask at all or clean up Jamie and Barry tried to multitask and think of what they were leaving the next person
Tia 28 napja
they dont have enough brain power to multitask, ben!
thegluestick1 29 napja
Barry deserves a badge for that performance!
Korina Patchet
Korina Patchet 29 napja
There is a severe lack of James over the last few months 😭
rachey003 Hónapja
Next time you do a relay with the whole group, the order should be determined by shortest to long commute to the studio.
KS - 10SN 689337 Lincoln Alexander SS
Order: best to worst kisser. Rated by Janice
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas Hónapja
Janice is wonderfully funny! She deserves a badge for that commentary.
Emilie Cracknell
Can you make a playlist with all the badge attempts. It's nice to accidentally find one but I'd really like an organised place to find them
Fares Amara
Fares Amara Hónapja
Frieda Slaves
Frieda Slaves Hónapja
SHILLen15 Hónapja
Would love James reaction 😂😂😂
SvMaverick91 Hónapja
Frankly, i think Barry saved the dish,showed some badass skills and went from a goofy banana-hating fun guy to a focused machine - He multitasked on a completely different level!!! I'd given him the badge ,but that's just me.
drew barbee
drew barbee Hónapja
I have an issue with this... You are testing them for skills as a chef. A chef has a clear recipe that they are trying to cook. The time constraint seems ok to simulate customers. The creativity and problem solving seems ok to simulate the art. However together it seems a bit ridiculous... Ok I get it now. Haha. This is produced for entertainment. Hahaha
SJ Sacks
SJ Sacks Hónapja
YES! Keep these going! Hi Janice! Poor Barry, he couldnt concentrate and talk, I empathize.
Steven Davis
Steven Davis Hónapja
Ultimately I think Ben was spot on. They showed Glimpses of Multitasking but not consistent, and the dish BARELY passes.
Philosopical Wolf
Barry went SuperSayen mode he deserves a badge
Andrew Yates
Andrew Yates Hónapja
Jamie are Barry are pure comedy class. Jamie’s music makes me cry laughing
Graeme Meiklejohn
Is he whisking cabbage? 😂
Tanmay Datta
Tanmay Datta Hónapja
Where is James
H Lovell
H Lovell Hónapja
Barry should have gotten that badge. He came in twice to correctly comment and save the dish
Munstergal82 Hónapja
Barry was robbed of a badge he saved the video
Säkki Hónapja
Barry giving himself 10/10 and almost ruining everything is a very Barry thing to do.
ZSR Hónapja
I do actually want to try making that potato dish. I’d never heard of it before but I can see the idea of it
ZSR Hónapja
@Jack Castle wow thanks!!
Jack Castle
Jack Castle Hónapja
Jana Wgs
Jana Wgs Hónapja
Idea for next Pass It On: city-themed, e.g. New York, Paris, Rome, Tokyo... Order: visited most cities to least
Recommended Hónapja
mike should have gotten on he did most imp part of the dish
gregory carter
gregory carter Hónapja
it was not your finest hour boys!
imbettingimnot Hónapja
Barry deserved the badge
Erin Senpai
Erin Senpai Hónapja
First off Loved the video boys all of it =) . So, everyone had great efforts all around right, but Baz of his 2nd round what amazing job * claps-bravo* from many relay challenge that took every thing out of Baz and for that I've give it to Baz. Yet, if Ben wants to have a re-match of this to compare then give a badge that would be cool too. But all around good job everyone =) !
genisis53 Hónapja
Feel like Barry should have gotten the badge for his last ten minutes in which he pulled such a scattered array of goods into a cohesive dish
Henry Asce
Henry Asce Hónapja
Beverley Nunes
Beverley Nunes Hónapja
Is it just me or is Ben looking 10 years younger, like in the baby SortedFood videos, recently?
Nicole L
Nicole L Hónapja
Alleosus Squirt
Alleosus Squirt Hónapja
Those last 10 minutes, Barry has truly evolved into the chefiest of the normals.
Leon Hónapja
What happened to James ?
der schwartzadder
16:35 this is my problem with this challenge. There really can't be any true multitasking without a specific goal to work towards ahead of time. The most you're gonna get is something mediocre as we just saw.
Seez Hónapja
I want more videos of Ben whisper judging
Thi Hónapja
Just a thought Pass it on : Cooking with ingredients that starting with the same letter ONLY! OR Pass it on : Cooking a dish with the same color food
Sara Kemker
Sara Kemker Hónapja
I think Barry deserves the badge for that multitasking focus at the end
stecky87 Hónapja
"Considering no thought went into this dish . . ." XD
Isabella Hónapja
sautéed buttered carnage.
Stephen worthington-white
They kept breathing throughout so does that count as multi tasking?
Anas Mahmud
Anas Mahmud Hónapja
Barry genuinely deserved a badge for those last ten minutes sheesh
whales are fish
whales are fish Hónapja
can we get the people that go watch as it unfolds and see their reaction using the remote controlled setup?
Louisa Hackford-Gentle
As always a great video that makes me and my hubby laugh 😅
Kris Hónapja
Have they ever based the order off the scores from previous videos? For example, take the total of all the guys individual scores and go highest to lowest.
María Verónica Viñas
Pete Hónapja
Pass it on with as many colours on the plate as possible. Including black and white. Order by socks from Boring to colourful.
Nic Anonymus
Nic Anonymus Hónapja
Omg, tears of laughter! 🤣 But Bazz would deserve the batch, sorry Ben.
Cortez Hónapja
Barry going into survival mode at the end was brilliant for me. While normally being quiet doesn't work well in these kinds of videos, it was surprisingly comedic with Janice and Ebbers' commentary. Also, we finally get the live commentary from someone in another room. Even if Ebbers wasn't actually involved in the creation of the dish.
DylanHunter Hónapja
this "Janice" character is honestly so annoying and acts like a condescending bitch all the time. I wish they stopped using "her"
Jack Castle
Jack Castle Hónapja
That's gonna be a yikes from me, dawg.
Zac Kearns
Zac Kearns Hónapja
Barry 100% deserves a badge.
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