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With so many weird and wonderful food trends to taste, discover and debate, our three normals and chef are spoilt for choice in today’s episode! Have a watch to see what rising food trends we’ve uncovered this time!
If you want to find out more about the stuff we looked at, here are all the links you'll need - we haven't been paid/sponsored to talk about any of them so they are our honest reviews... But some of these links are affiliate links, which means if you click on them we may receive a very small amount or percentage if you go on to purchase - this adds no extra cost to you.
Water Kefir by King of Kefir: amzn.to/2LOJZPw
Chickpea-based Ice Cream: *we made our own
Rudy’s Vegan Butchers: rudysvegan.com/collections/all
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my name
my name 2 napja
the food trend episodes are just vegan propaganda at this stage
Alix The Professional Cat Herder
What a sad outlook on life you must have
Rads ical
Rads ical 12 napja
I don’t like meat replacements that are similar texturally to meat. It freaks me out and makes me feel like I’m eating real meat and it turns me off
spinderola 13 napja
The Vegan Butcher pastrami is absolutely delicious
Judit Baráth
Judit Baráth 15 napja
I love kefir it's pretty popular in Hungary.
Jared S
Jared S 16 napja
if vegetables taste so good why the fuck are vegans trying so hard to make food taste like meat
Steve Gafford
Steve Gafford 16 napja
What was the company?
Healthy Body Healthy Mind
all they do on this channel is promoting a very unhealthy diet so I find Ben's comment about healthy eating hilarious to be honest. If a vegan diet can encourage people to eat healthier so be it, I think it would be a great thing! It's silly to remove animal products from your diet to save the planet and the animals while keep feeding yourself junk food.
yogamatreader 17 napja
I have to give credit, the discussion of vegan food as something other than a health food / diet issue was the perfect answer to my critique of some of their earlier vegan food recipes/reviews. I love that they are giving a more realistic view of vegan food, including exploring how indulgent vegan food can be. Their focus on the functional uses of vegan foods instead of looking only at how they compare to animal meat and how healthy they are is much more relatable to me as a vegan going on 10 years. Well done.
willisverynice 19 napja
What company was it?
Erika nil
Erika nil 27 napja
I wanna try the icecream soo bad look tasty
michael simpson
michael simpson 27 napja
First Sorted dislike from me, sadly. The vegan "butcher" is just a bit ridiculous. Nothing like omnivores replacing their best all in one source of protein, B12, iron, iron absorption, increased metabolic rate, etc, with an inferior GMO product (also filled with sulfites) shaped and "flavored" like meat. Try pastured pork, or truly free range eggs/poultry, which honestly costs dollars less per pound than "alternative" fake-meats, are sustainable, and ethically raised.
Angee Čelínova
I love the vegan meats, sadly I dont even live in uk. But one of the reasons I dont eat meat personally is that its usually too heavy for me, and most of the time it would make me sick, and that doesnt happend to me with plant proteins, so plant based meats, that dont have as much oil and fat as normal meat does is are very welcomed by me, for those times I crave the satisfaction of eating meat.
Reece Johnston
Reece Johnston Hónapja
I never saw the first video, what happened
jodu656481 Hónapja
Drown it in sauce. Can’t go wrong
Shea Woodrow
Shea Woodrow Hónapja
Watching this from South Africa is a bit uncomfortable. Kefir is one vowel off of a very offensive racial slur, and with the wrong accent...
UnspokenOldOne Hónapja
I think the thing that always gets me with vegan food is how much time they spend trying to emulate meat and normal foods instead of playing into the strengths and flavors of vegetable products.
The Montessori Tribe
What was the brand that they had to take out??
James Netusil
James Netusil Hónapja
I'm curious - who or what company are they talking about cutting out?
Daemonstorm Animations
There's a feature that I'm seeing more people using that allows for the timeline to show the "sections" of a video. So, you could break the video up in the timeline to the apology, intro, 1st review, 2nd review, 3rd review, etc... :)
nicksurfs1 Hónapja
About the vegan meat. I eat a lot less of the food trying to be something else than I expected when I first went vegan. So although it’s expensive. You’d probably not eat it more than once a month so the cost shouldn’t be too bad food budget wise.
Jaycee Concar
Jaycee Concar Hónapja
I'm not aware of what's going on? Which company and what's the issue? Call me ignorant, I'm just not very read up
Ernie Beltran
Ernie Beltran Hónapja
If a person is vegan because of the animals, then they don't get to fake meat... sorry... but if your forced to for medical reasons then I understand the faux meats....
MoronicInsanity Hónapja
While I'm glad whatever mistake made was fixed, it would be good to explain the mistake and why it doesn't fit sorted quality for awareness purposes.
Muscleduck Hónapja
Honest mistake mates.
Victor Embree
Victor Embree Hónapja
I keep hearing Satan.
Dai-Chi Tran
Dai-Chi Tran Hónapja
What was the mistake?
Usama Chaudhri
Usama Chaudhri Hónapja
What happened???
Lord Denithal
Lord Denithal Hónapja
I don't care if what I'm eating is meat. I care about how good it tastes and how much it costs. I've found adequate taste substitutes but the cost difference is ridiculous.
Damion Cutler
Damion Cutler Hónapja
What did the first video include?
Familyhelpdesk helpdesk
non-meat meat replacements are for plastic vegans!
xXRunDeathXx Hónapja
it completely baffles me how much you guy say you are "happy" to spend on drinks. i would NEVER not in a million years spend neary 4 € on 330ml of any liquid. I can hardly justify the 1.20€ i spend a day for a 500ml bottle of Cola or the next best energydrink
bwaybitch Hónapja
I've got vegan lasagna that has fooled non-vegans for whichever of you are interested GL in the battle
Veronica Lindholm
Exactly how I feel with meat free living! If it’s good why not
NoExitLoveNow 2 hónapja
Check out veganism. It's a future trend.
NoExitLoveNow 2 hónapja
@Simon WoodburyForget You are worse than ignorant. Of course, SCIENTISTS, not a crank on you tube, have OF COURSE, studied the entire life cycle of the food cycle. This is really all you need to know. First off, only some animals can live on grass. Further, if you were to try support the amount of animals currently not grass fed to be fed on grass you would need multiple times the grazing land - which currently is already moving into previously wild areas - including rain forests. What if, instead of huge fields of grass to feed methane making machines we used SOME of that land to produce healthy food, and allowed the remaining land to return to wilderness.
NoExitLoveNow 2 hónapja
@Simon WoodburyForget You are talking shit - purposely vague. The longest lived group of people ever studied are the vegetarian Seventh-day Adventists, followed closely by the vegans. Animal agriculture requires multiples the amount of land and water than does other agriculture, and produces much more greenhouse gas. Lots of long term happy and healthy vegans who are not freaking out. There is no reason why anyone would.
patdsmrf10 2 hónapja
Watching twice for support!
Mark B
Mark B 2 hónapja
Can anyone tell me what they cut out and why? thank you
DoctorMeatDic 2 hónapja
There's nothing wrong with making a mistake and nothing wrong with owning up to a mistake. It builds trust with your audience. Gordon Ramsay once said he would never fire a chef for making a mistake, but he would fire anyone who covered one up.
Simone Hannan
Simone Hannan 2 hónapja
Well done, gentleman. Well done. 👍🏽
Ryan Lucas
Ryan Lucas 2 hónapja
Just silly to be "vegan" but have 20+ ingredients to make your fake meat.
Maisie Durham
Maisie Durham 2 hónapja
I'd like to see more vegan foods discussed from a vegetarian standpoint. There's a lot of stuff at the moment about being realistic to meat but as someone who's been vegetarian their entire life, it kinda puts me off!
KUŞ ANNESİ 2 hónapja
I love making my own kefir and feeding the starter but cannot stand kefir lol I feed it to my loved ones! Can you guys make a video on how to add fresh fruits to kefir to make it taste like the store bought ones?
Jelleybean18 2 hónapja
Oh wow, that disclaimer. Who was the company and what did they do?
Jon Blazek
Jon Blazek 2 hónapja
it looks like toy food.
LawF250 2 hónapja
If you're gonna be vegan, stop trying to make your food taste like the meat you're not eating...
Alleosus Squirt
Alleosus Squirt 2 hónapja
Can someone tell me what happened? I don't even know what they were talking about in the intro.
Tstormer 2 hónapja
he keeps saying he's eating satan and im like wtf hahaha
Stalwart Shinobi
Stalwart Shinobi 2 hónapja
What went wrong before? Can't find an answer anywhere just people saying thanks for owning up!!
Stalwart Shinobi
Stalwart Shinobi 2 hónapja
What was the problem!? Can't even see it mentioned in comments
Buttered Toast
Buttered Toast 2 hónapja
I love how open the team is to vegan meat products. Here in America many people I know aren’t willing to try them at all, and Jamie ( who has the most “American” view of meat) is so supportive of them as products it’s great to see
Gabriella Bahia
Gabriella Bahia 2 hónapja
We understand and again we love you
Blå Andersson
Blå Andersson 2 hónapja
I missed the first one and now I'm curious of what brand it was, what they do and what they've done so I can stay as far away as possible. But kudos for doing the right thing.
James Cooper
James Cooper 2 hónapja
I'm interested, if highly processed meat protein is a probable cancer causing agent... is highly processed vegetable protein the same? Or is there not enough around yet to test it?
SORTEDfood 2 hónapja
Good question..... some research would have to be done there.
Janet Moore
Janet Moore 2 hónapja
Where has James been?
SORTEDfood 2 hónapja
He's been working from home, but he will be back soon :)
Shannon Young
Shannon Young 2 hónapja
As someone who is severely lactose intolerant but loves ice cream, the big stumbling block is the price of a lot of the vegan alternatives. The more people that buy them, the more competition, the price will go down, benefiting all of us!
riskinhos 2 hónapja
if demand increases than supply price increases too. economy 101.
Chris Robinson
Chris Robinson 2 hónapja
Can someone fill me in with what’s gone?
azza4044 2 hónapja
Vegan butcher, should be vegetable shaper.
Lukas Biktjørn
Lukas Biktjørn 2 hónapja
Let me guess the comments were complaining about something because they were woke and now they are bending the knee? I'm so sick of this woke, sjw, cancel culture, hyper left bullshit.
Heather Riddell-Ide Farm
chickpea ice cream... looks like semi-frozen gravy XD
Jerry O
Jerry O 2 hónapja
Will be an unsubscribe from me. Thanks for previous content gents.
KingRizla 2 hónapja
So what i took out from the bit with the vegan stuff, is that satan is part of most vegan stuff...
Sariga Chellissery
Sariga Chellissery 2 hónapja
Chickpea brownie icecream is something I have tried and loved.
Renee Fern
Renee Fern 2 hónapja
Really great boys! Also could we get a James update, I haven't seen my big tall ginger brother in a few episodes!
Akashian 2 hónapja
What was the issue?
Al Hunt
Al Hunt 2 hónapja
I'm looking for meat alternatives a bit simply because meat is so wasteful. The price and taste are close enough now that I'm willing to give things a shot, and even a bit of leeway. I don't support the whole "vegan's can't call it meat" thing. It's completely and unambiguously clear what "Vegan Meatballs" means and it helps me understand the concept of the product from the package alone.
Kitchendevil’s the Foodlover
This is a really cool cooking video and looks full of delicious. Keep it up and if you feel like it look at my channel. With kind regards Kitchendevil's
Jake Woolmer
Jake Woolmer 2 hónapja
What's with the apology?
Sliced Chicken480
Sliced Chicken480 2 hónapja
What was the issue he was talking about?
codylucente 2 hónapja
Where is James!
Heather Shaffer
Heather Shaffer 2 hónapja
As someone who cant stomic dairy and have a hard time with red meat all these vegan alts are amazing.
Tori B
Tori B 2 hónapja
You have the highest integrity, and the fact you owned up to the mistake just shows how adult you all are. Thank you ❤
thomas sayles
thomas sayles 2 hónapja
What was the mistake?
Der Jodler
Der Jodler 2 hónapja
What happened? I missed it
David Dylan
David Dylan 2 hónapja
I think we can sum up the elitism of veganism as: replace animal products because cruelty to animals and the planet, use 20+ ingredients which in many cases are very bad for the planet and sourced through exploitation of humans, and it gets NO mention.
Liis Gruenbaum
Liis Gruenbaum 2 hónapja
Yes! Amazing episode guys. Just so that everyone is aware, being vegan is NOT intended to be a trend or another 'diet', it is simply understanding that paying for torturing and murdering other animals is unethical and totally unnecessary and then living by that truth. I think in our hearts we all already understand it, just need to take the leap and live by it:) But whatever your reason for going vegan (ethics, environment, health) it doesn't really matter because it is a win for the planet and all beings anyway and the fact that it has become a trend is just amazing!:) You all made really great points in the video that in order to have a tasty and satisfying dining experience we do not need to use any animal products. We also do not need any animal products in terms of nutrition and survival. There really are no arguments for consuming animals, so we can all easily stop paying money towards these horrible industries. You can start with watching Earthling Ed's video 'Every argument against veganism' to get started, also Veganuary is great for nutritional info and recipes (can start anytime, not only January). :)
Franscois 77
Franscois 77 2 hónapja
Is there a particular reason that not a single video has the same level of sound. It's like playing sound roulette. Will I hear something or will my ears melt from my head. What gives!?
strawb tangerine
strawb tangerine 2 hónapja
What company was it and what did they do wrong:0
CheesecakeKiller 2 hónapja
Where's James? It's been awhile since he's been there.. did he go on a 2 month vacation?
TYGER0902 2 hónapja
He went home on for a family matter before Scotland was and is on Lockdown. England just came out of total lockdown. Ireland is also still on lockdown (I also watch The TRY channel but they still have a lot of unaired episodes so it doesn’t seem like it.).
Michael Nomad
Michael Nomad 2 hónapja
While it isn't exactly like a scoby from kombucha, the 'grains' are another kind of symbiotic culture with both bacteria and yeast. Not trying to nitpick, just worried that somebody might misunderstand what you meant when you said, "... instead of scoby, grains." Now does anybody know how I can get off this high horse?
Christopher G
Christopher G 2 hónapja
What happened?
Luke Vestergaard
Luke Vestergaard 2 hónapja
you keep calling these 3 guys, without a chef education but a looot of experience, for normals. at this point they're more like amateur cook than normals.
kerryanne28 2 hónapja
Please upload more 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I live for these videos atm xx
Evie Addy
Evie Addy 2 hónapja
Tired of seeing fake crap.
Deborsha 2 hónapja
If you didn't miss meat then why are you eating vegetable's that have to feel, taste. and smell like animal products? Because your body is craving meat and animal products years after you have gone vegan also it's a trap to get meat eaters. Don't you think it's manipulative when they talk about how great it is but not the bad thing while they try to tell you how they can give you something you're already eating? Like what a ex-vegan said it's like a abusive relationship all the good up front until you are with them for awhile and the bad starts showing up your in so deep you don't want to leave, so you try so hard to get back to it but it never comes back. Have you look into the practices of soy farming and what happen to animal when farmers grows organic and one plant on a farm? It's not as cruelty free as vegan want you to believe.
David Dickey
David Dickey 2 hónapja
I don't think I'm ever going to get the "sort of like meat but vegan" trend; it makes me think "Oh, this is just like a steel beam, but it costs twice as much, and only carries half the load, but it's bamboo, so it's biodegradable" -- if you need a steel beam, get a steel beam! Stop trying to make a carrot taste like confit duck, for crying out loud. Carrots are a lovely thing, use them for what they are! And is there anything as processed as something vegan pretending (unsuccessfully, it goes without saying) to be meat? If you don't like meat don't eat meat, and don't eat things pretending to be meat! If you're really vegan, you not only give up eating meat, but give up the idea of eating meat.
Skyy Rodriguez
Skyy Rodriguez 2 hónapja
Yesss please do more veg stuff ! Like a lot of people in this pandemic I became vegetarian (soon to be full vegan!) And I love that sorted is kinda moving with this too; there's still stuff with meat that I have skip, but I feel it much more open then other channels around!
Phil Wrighthouse
Phil Wrighthouse 2 hónapja
What company was it so I know a company to avoid? If this community doesn't like it, I don't want to partake.
Janus 2 hónapja
Doterra, an mlm with shady marketing as well as sketchy sourcing
Njubish 2 hónapja
I didn't see the original, but based on the comments I am sad it wasn't Nestlé. Fuck Nestlé.
Felix Otto Lang
Felix Otto Lang 2 hónapja
When's James coming back?
Jonk 2 hónapja
Good stuff!
Myke Smith
Myke Smith 2 hónapja
When u come to watch to video then see the apologize and the like damn what happen but now I wanna know what was that bad product
Nefelibata 2 hónapja
WHO is the Food Team? I really wanna get to know them
Seth Marton
Seth Marton 2 hónapja
Respect! Great job guys!
TreyNitrotoluene 2 hónapja
It's sad I had to search the comments to find that the cut the video of a company that was found adulterating products illegally, totally legitimate. I almost unsubbed because I thought this was just another hate mob hit job.
carmen122 2 hónapja
Where is James :O
Burritopimp3 2 hónapja
Wait what happened? One of the products from this video wasn't great or from a previous video?
8-Bit Ardmore
8-Bit Ardmore 2 hónapja
I am curious can anyone tell me what was edited out I want to learn the company I should avoid.
Robin 2 hónapja
Why wouldn't you just replace the milk in ice cream with soy or oat milk? There is vegan cream too, both soy and oat, why chickpea?
Clare Catherine
Clare Catherine 2 hónapja
im a bit late to the party, what happened that warranted the apology?
Alaina Darling
Alaina Darling 2 hónapja
32 seconds in and Im proud. Like Tanner Pace said "this is how adults apologize". I don't know what had happened but I appreciate truly the transparency. It's faith building that you truly do have us Sorted ✨ Cheers Sorted gang. Mike you delivered this superbly ☺️💛
Yaksh Mithani
Yaksh Mithani 2 hónapja
Im so confused what happened????????
István Nem Tud Hazudni! XDD