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Today, we’re exploring the weird and wonderful food trends that have been popping up all over the world! Get ready for some delicious-looking food with a BIG side of opinions from our Chef and Normals.
If you want to find out more about the products we looked at, here are all the links you'll need - we haven't been paid/sponsored to talk about any of them so they are our honest reviews... But these links are affiliate links, which means if you click on them we may receive a very small amount or percentage if you go on to purchase - this adds no extra cost to you.
Three Spirit Drinks review: threespiritdrinks.com/
Kings Vegan Jerky: amzn.to/3uUb1Wv
Nigella’s Cook, Eat, Repeat: amzn.to/3mQdZbQ
Aduna Fonio: amzn.to/3gfvocL
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Madman 21
Madman 21 2 órája
I sure do enjoy eating banana skin infused with pesticides and all the shit they put on it on another continent
BbAaNnAa 18 órája
Nothing special but I've been saving apple peels and making apple tea with them, it works really well, I do the same thing with shrimp peels for broths... Fonio reminds me a lot of millet, which, sadly, isn't very popular where I come from even though it's very, very good for you :)
AnnaWalch 2 napja
Honestly, I didn't know what the fuss was all about with the okra, since in German it is pronounced very similarly. But I agree on the Yerba mate, that was horrendous 😂 but otherwise great video!
Weird Explorer
I tried making a banana peel curry and although it was alright initially, I couldn't get through it. It could be the recipe I followed though since it didn't involve any soaking/marinating.
Iglika Gencheva
What do you mean plant based non-alcoholic. Alcohol is legit vegan
Oh no.. primal spirit, I was not a fan. Yeah lots of spice, which I didn't like.
Georgie Roberts
I’ve been saving all my banana skins in the freezer since this video! I’ve got enough to make curry now!:)
Jonin Cactuar
Jonin Cactuar 5 napja
Hope that Aduna can stay as ethically sound in regards to the crop share if they were to get a much bigger demand
Brian Flanagan
Vegan products ruin the environment
xzBorn 6 napja
Wait. Plant based alternatives for alcohol. All alcohol is plant based.
Jude Vicious 333 Hannah Lopez
Instantly put fonio in my add to cart
Shaiful Asmar
Shaiful Asmar 8 napja
Malaysian has been consuming banana with it’s skin for centuries. Google ‘Masak Lemak Pisang’ (creamy banana curry)
nikiichan 8 napja
Those Botanical drinks sound interesting. It seems like non alcoholic drinks are getting more popular. The beer app Untapped even started the year with a non alcoholic beer month. So far 'One for the Road Brewing co' is the best non alcoholic beer I have found. I am not sure why the banana peel thing is suddenly being considered a trendy thing. Check out Kela Ravaiya it is a Gujrati dish. Bhavans kitchen uploaded a great recipe for it about a decade ago. With a recipe like that you do not have to worry about what to do with the banana either because she uses the banana too. I sometimes think that quite a few food trends have been foods that other cultures and people have eaten that have just made it over west and then its considered trendy. I havent heard of Fonio and I am going to see if I can buy that where I live. I wonder if its anything like Teff that is used for making Injera because that is delicious!
Dezeya 9 napja
when they were talking about asparagus I realized not everyone just stuffs the whole thing in their mouth like me. I am a heathen
My Llama
My Llama 10 napja
That bag of Fonio in the states is $39.99
AnnaMorgause 11 napja
“Plane based alternative to alcohol”.... who’s gonna tell ‘em that alcohol is make from plants already?
Luke Stephens
Luke Stephens 11 napja
Plant based? What alcohol isn’t plant based?
Mr. BDece
Mr. BDece 12 napja
Everyone's calling Ebber's out on "Mate," but nobody says anything about "Okra?" (Yes, I know they're also correct)
Merlin Aldan
Merlin Aldan 12 napja
[USERNAME][DATE_LONG]Tuesday, 04 May 20211620093192Tuesday
Judith B
Judith B 13 napja
My family and I are testing our way through what alcohol free gin has to offer. There are some really brilliant ones out there! the one thing that I think can never be fully replicated alcohol free is whisky. I only tried one so far, tbh, but that one had won prizes and is basically a smokey syrup. reaaaaaly weird
Emily Overmyer
Emily Overmyer 13 napja
One of my favorite things about Sorted has always been that y'all go into the origin/history of the ingredients/dishes you cook. Absolutely love the continued conversations of how the growing market for certain "trend" food items (quinoa, for example) impacts the communities that produce them, and have produced them for generations. Additionally, the discussion of the environmental impact of certain foods is interesting to hear in a world that is growing more conscious of this issue. It is clear that the research is done for these videos and there is a genuine appreciation for the discussion of these complex topics in the content y'all produce. Food is never just "food" and I keep coming back to your videos because Sorted is one of the few channels I've seen which goes beyond the taste and the trend.
Rads ical
Rads ical 14 napja
Vegan can be unhealthy too. I’m vegetarian, but that’s for religious reasons.
Lauriti 14 napja
Ben I love you but..... yeir m8 ? like... google has an audio translator with the correct pronunciation. come on MATE
Teagan Rogers
Teagan Rogers 14 napja
Primal Spirit jerkey is so fantastic!!!!!!!!
BunnyChanX 15 napja
Plant based alt to alcohol, a totally not plant based drink haha
shuyin1111 15 napja
A new food trend I've been seeing lately is Blue Java Banana's.
Matt Tran
Matt Tran 15 napja
Holy Shit! It's the Banoodle that Link from GMM invented years ago.
Melania Girardengo
FYI it takes WAY more soy to make a beef jerky thank a soy jerky. (Not even mentioning the water use, land use etc). Still much more sustainable the vegan option.
Georgia Michael
Georgia Michael 15 napja
Plan for the bank holiday weekend: buy 6 bananas, peel them, freeze the fruit for smoothies, and make that lush looking curry. Cheers boys! 👍 (I've also heard banana skins are good for a bbq pulled pork replacement 🙂)
DiZh0 15 napja
Instead of that suggestion, Vegan chef vs chef do: vegan chef vs normal (something basic) vs vegan normal (with recipe). Like i tend to make cheeseburgers sometimes, just meat, cheese, sauce and buns. But could a normal use a vegan burger and make something better with help (something we viewers could do). And how would a vegan chef stack up against that
Jana 16 napja
Some soy is actually grown in the UK as well as in Austria and France. Soy-based products in Germany, where I'm from, often contain soy grown in the EU whilst soy grown in Latin America is mainly imported to feed animals. Especially products from organic brands often try to use European soy instead of soy grown in Latin America. :)
El Captain KD
El Captain KD 16 napja
Great content, really liked it 👍
Samuel Sampi Kamffer
Aduna is a great brand doing great things.
R33X 17 napja
The banana one. How about the chemicals they dip the bananas in? Do they wash away in the first soaking??
TheMrthor78 17 napja
Wow an actual blooper on the outro instead of another outtake
Anita Smirnov
Anita Smirnov 17 napja
Would love to see some more anti food waste recipes from you guys :)
David Hale
David Hale 17 napja
I will definitely try Fonio!
Monika 18 napja
For the first one: Calling it 'plant-based' would be a bit... questionable as alcohol for the most part is generally plant based. It's more like if you want to be extra-pretentious about it. But having salon-capable fruit-drinks that aren't mostly for children is a good thing to have. There's not much things to choose from as of now. Second one: That slight dissappointed and helpless 'ebbers..' from Jamie really had me chuckle. Looks like it really doesn't taste good. :D Imitating typical Meat-stuff, like Jerky is, might not be the smartest idea society had so far. I'm not particularly looking forward to that. My last missadventure was that i've gotten fried rice with some kinda meat-substitute (tasted like carton and had a similar texture as wet carton as well) because of a mess-up in the kitchen i suppose. (Rip my chicken) I wasn't particularly thrilled after a few bites. But for whoever lieks it: enjoy it! The Banana-skin is prety new to me but i suppose it can be a thing if cooked well. :D To the Fonia: I'm a sceptical as it'll be most likely marketed as the new super-food (After Cranberries, Quinoa, Avocado and whatever else), causing a massive increase in demand, which also causes massive deforestation to grow it and as soon as the hype is over, the damage will be done. I mean, if it would be possible to grow it locally, then i have no issues with it. But if it's shipped all the way from africa.. it get's a clear 'no' from me. I'm glad that you've pointed out that vegan alternatives aren't necessarily better for health as well as for the world as many have very long travel distances and alot of forests and jungle is still burned down in favour of creating space to grow these ingrediences.
Ashley Morrison
Ashley Morrison 18 napja
I sent an email to you guys several months back about Three Spirit Drinks! I'm so happy you decided to review them!! 💕 Knowing your thoughts and opinions on them makes me more likely now to go and invest my money in them as I was unsure just reading the info on the website. Also Jamie, with loads of bananas I like to slice them all up and put them in a container in my chest freezer for things like smoothies, oatmeal or just to snack on as frozen bananas are lush! It's nice when you find a bunch in the store that is about to go off that is reduced in price as you can do this and save them. Right there you will have multiple banana skins that you could use in a recipe if you'd like without having to eat them all at once :)
Bobzii 18 napja
14:30 that slide was the most satisfying magic trick what tf
Mario Nicolini
Mario Nicolini 18 napja
you guys upgraded your camera? this video looks amazing
Bekz 18 napja
Thankyou for talking about how communities sometimes or many times even, miss out on their own food because of trend or new found health elements. I never really thought about that except once with bamboo. In Australia at least, bamboo products are around every corner, under every rock...i always thought what about the animals who eat the bamboo or use it as part of their bedding/nests .....i knew about dirt cheap pay or corrupt producing but never really thought of communities not able to even afford their own food...makes me feel like a thief a bit...glad u brought this to our attention.
Petra R.
Petra R. 18 napja
Have you ever tried Brudet? U should come to Croatia, it's originated from our fisherman islands Have you been to Croatia? 🙌
David Masseri
David Masseri 18 napja
I love your video's but could you please stop making these taste testing ones and be so positive about them. I already bought 60 EUR worth of salt rocks, where I just put one on the table when I have unsuspecting guests come over for dinner, and once the food comes I just stare them down while slowly grating my rock (of salt). Granted it's great fun but now I also purchased 80EUR in 3 bottles of alcohol that isn't even alcohol. My neighbors are going to talk about my mental health if this goes on.
Melissa 18 napja
Grapefruit peel to chicken up recycle please, and please talk about the history of it being used in really poor communities not being born of meat replacement trends
Yannis Gavage
Yannis Gavage 19 napja
That “yerba mate” pronounciation made me fall out of my seat 😅😂
Nancey Jones
Nancey Jones 19 napja
This was a great episode, definitely have to try the banana peel thing. I'm not a big fan of the new intro...the sounds are jarring 😬
Ashley Smalley
Ashley Smalley 19 napja
No farmers no food no future also the consumption of meat has risen and will rise even more buy local and support your local farmers
Raptorsified 19 napja
Real talk though it would be nice if the vegan stuff was toned down a bit. Same vibes as people that get metal straws and post about it without knowing what it actually takes to make one.
Evergreen Tree
Evergreen Tree 19 napja
We grow soy in Germany, so I don't know about the other side of the world. Although after Brexit who knows?
Elias 19 napja
Please stfu about soy that is shipped or needs space! you ever thought about the amount of soy animals and therefore proteins made Out of animals is far worse!!🙄
Linda Hogan
Linda Hogan 19 napja
Oops “ fonio”
Linda Hogan
Linda Hogan 19 napja
Fonia for the win
Ken Fresno
Ken Fresno 19 napja
I'm finally done with you guys. Promoting a billion dollar corporation selling their garbage like a real product is the line for me. Banana peels are 100% biodegradable. What you're doing is paying billionaires for their trash. Also, has there been a single one of these videos where they didn't promote complete fallacies? Climate Change? You mean that thing where there wouldn't be snow on earth anymore in 2010... yeah, that's totally real. New York is also underwater just as they predicted. Trust the science... even though it changes every decade when it's proven false by reality. Eat bugs and trash! It'll help the people of Zaire... or something! And nevermind all those pesky nutrients you get from meat. You don't really need them. Oh, and soy? It needs to be in every single product and you should consume roughly 6 tons of it per year. Again, nevermind that it's the active ingredient in estrogen medicine. It's great for men!
Jessy Lou
Jessy Lou 19 napja
You should try THIS products (vegan bacon, chicken, pork sausage, pancetta)
Ken Fresno
Ken Fresno 19 napja
Then how many pills do I need to take to replace all the nutrients found in those meats I'm no longer eating?
Jessy Lou
Jessy Lou 19 napja
“Yerba mate” ooooh that pronunciation hurt... it’s Spanish... maaa-tae
zeyele 20 napja
400% increase on 5 people overall, still is nothing.
Mike Mayers
Mike Mayers 20 napja
so w8 im buying some exphensive grain but also paying for someones food also? nobody pays for food for my family ,i work 2 jobs . fuck no .
Mike Mayers
Mike Mayers 20 napja
the skins of bananas have a whole shitload of pesticides in them tho since they do use chemicals to protect the crops and they do so very harsh because it does not affect the banana flesh cause the skin is thrown away , and dont tell me mister africa/india/china banana farmer uses bio chemicals because i am never gonna believe that shit , he needs money and he will use the cheapest and most powerfull spray possible
Ken Fresno
Ken Fresno 19 napja
And then they want us to go out of our way, and give up real food for garbage and bugs, to help those people make even more money. Absolutely ridiculous.
Mike Mayers
Mike Mayers 20 napja
isnt the point of drinking to drink the alcohol to chill and or numb yourself ? i dont know.
the sun,moon,stars and the sky
9:18 Lmfao when Ben said “that’s not the trend” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Angelique Anderson
Do the vitamins listed with banana skins hold up to the boiling water and further cooking?
FreeFiireRioTz 20 napja
Castle rock brewery in Nottingham started making gin during lockdown with beer product that would have gone to waste. I saw this at a food fair today and you get tasting notes of malt and hops in the gin. Could be a good one for Jamie especially to review in the future
Katie Hettinger
Katie Hettinger 20 napja
In North America we grow soybeans from the deep south all the way up into Canada, can anyone tell me why they are not grown in the UK?
Christine Cuneo
Christine Cuneo 20 napja
"The likely reason is that the UK climate is not warm enough for soy beans, even in the relatively warm and sunny summer of 2014. We therefore recommend that small growers avoid this difficult crop. Future research could investigate whether growing soy under glass is more successful." (Permaculture ,org,uk)
Jade Dunn
Jade Dunn 20 napja
Honest question. How would upcycling food be better for the environment than composting it? Is there an environmental difference between me eating a banana peel vs a couple of bugs, worms and plants eating them?
Nickolai 20 napja
There are a lot of reasons why vegan alternatives haven't reached traditional meat prices yet - Meat and dairy is heavily subsidized, so a lot of the price tag is payed through taxes - Economies of scale. Demand for vegan alternatives hasn't reached that of traditional meat yet, and production is therefore more expensive per unit. - Demand, another consequence of the lower demand is that a larger percentage of product costs goes into things like storage for supermarkets, and wasted food, as companies has to gauge a brand new market. - Supply, there is a lot more competition within the market for traditional meat products, than there is within the market for vegan alternatives - Startup costs, a lot of the companies producing vegan alternatives are still really new, so they still have to cover the costs from buying expensive equipment, that likely is less available than equipment for a hundred year old industry (industrial revolution)
Nickolai 20 napja
On the note of soy protein. A large part of why animal farming is so devastating in terms of climate change, is exactly because these animals are fed a *lot* of imported soy beans
Nickolai 20 napja
Also, yes, globally meat intake is rising a lot, partly due to a lot of people rising out of poverty and EU funding for meat advertisements directed at these populations
Gooseneckbottle 20 napja
I'm really not sold on the banana peels.
Hex Rag
Hex Rag 20 napja
mike staring into the camera is beginning to scare me.... it's like he can see your soul
Spencer Backman
Spencer Backman 20 napja
That Fonio looks mighty interesting. Been looking for a more nutritious backpacking alternative to cous cous.
Tanique Allers
Tanique Allers 20 napja
Please can we get a video of the behind the scenes? Like the cooking, plating and planning of videos like these 😁
Irene 20 napja
I love that you mentioned the quinoa thing in relation to the fonio, because the first thing I thought was “but will the people who produce it still get to eat it?” and you immediately talked about it! Hope that all brands that offer fonio will do the same thing and compensate the people who produce it fairly!
Amethyst Miller
Amethyst Miller 20 napja
Didn’t know that alcohol apparently isn’t plant based??? 😂😂😂 umm they are almost all plant based....
Cherry CHERRY 20 napja
I worked on ranchs and farms to grow crops for vegan stuff u kill more animals and bugs then with raiseing cattle pigs ect
MEGGIE A 20 napja
That first veggie jerky looks like dog treats.
Heather Shaw
Heather Shaw 20 napja
I want to try the fonio!!
202 755 Ian Castelino
Banana skin curry.... Reminds me of Link's Banoodles
vickster_h_s 21 napja
Thanks for the great content. Got to try the banana skin curry, you guys should review airfry hacks! There’s so many, you can even make clotted cream
Sally Anne
Sally Anne 21 napja
I can vouch for the vegan jerky. It's delicious!!!!
Ana De Freitas
Ana De Freitas 21 napja
I'm interested in the alcohol free drinks because so far I've never enjoyed the taste of alcochol but you can't be fun if you don't drink alcohol (hard sarcasm there) so I hope that trend catches on. Also, I have heard about cooking with plantain peels but I heard it from people in my country who were hit very hard by scarcity or just no money so I didn't know if that could be a thing or just.. you know, having something to eat.. well, that got sad there
Khairul Fadzly A. Karim
Please, banana skin taste good because it has been slathered with good stuff, eat it on its own and see if you’ll like it.
Dominant Wolf
Dominant Wolf 21 napja
The vegan one is just another product trying to be something it isn’t. Vegan food can be so delicious when it’s done in a way that celebrates itself, but every time it pretends to be something like meat or compete with a meat product (which it isn’t) it just doesn’t work (there are exceptions to the rule).
wrestlerwannabe 21 napja
Jamie’s grunt of skepticism sounds like it’s been steeped in painful lockdown based reality.
Brandizzle Vanderbilt
cook a detroit style pizza with a detroit style steel pizza pan
Dave Collier
Dave Collier 21 napja
Some rather thought provoking food here, I'm not sure I'm ready to give up my fillet steak just yet but I've ordered the drinks, the banana skin thing is interesting, never been a big jerk fan, not sure vegetable jerky changes my mind and another new grain, I'd give that a go.
Marina Alvarez
Marina Alvarez 21 napja
The first trend... we have something like that in Argentina, we have had it for years. It's called Terma haha nothing new. It is a non-alcoholic beverage made of herbs and sometimes fruits and you just had water or carbonated water and drink it.
Kassy Coker
Kassy Coker 21 napja
Can you guys make a recipe book with up cycled foods as the star?! That would be amazing!
David Brown
David Brown 21 napja
Vegan is an eating disorder. The unsustainable way they make the food is not unlike the way electric cars are assembled. We are using up the natural resources to make somebody feel better about what we are taking from the earth. The deeper you get into it, the more you know that, "you" are destroying the natural environment so you can tell me how much you are saving the animals and the environment. Circular logic.
Apollo Serǝnus
Apollo Serǝnus 21 napja
My southern American fiancé was getting visibly up set every time you guys said "ahkra". I kept hearing, "It's OAK-ra!" lol
Alan Mac
Alan Mac Napja
@Vicky What cockeyed logic is this? 'Okra' is a common English noun. You pronounce it as you would locally and recognise that its pronunciation may differ across the English-speaking world. To think that we should all pronounce it as 21st C southerners do is to show complete ignorance of how language works.
Vicky Napja
@Alan Mac and the place where it was exposed to english to become an "english" word is the southeastern united states, and there, you say it "oak-ra". You wouldn't say "cajun" as "cah-jun", you'd say it how they say it there: "Cay-djun"
Alan Mac
Alan Mac 2 napja
@Vicky 'Okra' is an English word whose first record is from an English colony of what became the USA. How it may have been derived is simply guesswork but it is undoubtedly an English word.
Vicky 2 napja
@Alan Mac uh... No it isn't. It's west african. Edit: The etymology comes from west african "nkru" which when it was taken over by slaves to the southern US turned the word into okra. It has no origin in the english language, and should be pronounced the way the people who use it do. OAK-ra
Alan Mac
Alan Mac 2 napja
'Okra' is an English word. Their pronunciation is fine.
MonoKabi 21 napja
That G-D ASMR opening sends exceedingly uncomfortable chills right up my spine every time... but I never remember it fast enough to skip it.
Lavender Dreams
Lavender Dreams 21 napja
I would love to try the Fonio, my son is Autistic and will only eat bland foods so if I could replace rice with this it would be amazing however I just looked and its near impossible to get it here in Australia. Hopefully it will become popular enough that they decide to ship it her for less than the cost of a small country.
B. Calvin Saul
B. Calvin Saul 21 napja
Alcohol-free cocktails and meat-free jerky. May I just point out how unhealthy both of these heavily processed frankenfoods are? The energy requirements and time necessary to make these fakes are just staggering. Seems like posing in the absence of knowledge, like buying a new hybrid vehicle while you already have a functioning conventional car.
trinity drayton
trinity drayton 21 napja
I started this video and my husband heard the segment on Three Spirits non-alcohol, and he was immediately interested. He doesn't drink but I do and this sounds like a good compromise for when we want something a little more special than sparkling apple juice to celebrate with. We're looking forward to trying the Social Elixir soon. Cheers for getting us sorted!
DXB 21 napja
I am loving that there has been an increase in the conversations about the environmental impact of food, the issue of food waste and the importance of consumer education to make necessary changes to help our planet. I have been trying to be more conscious about my footprint and I have found that the kitchen is a great place to start to make impactful changes. Though I am not a vegan, I am constantly looking for vegan recipes and products to try (especially those with a small footprint) so I can incorporate them into my more eco-conscious habits and routine. The upcycled food idea is fantastic! I would love to see a battle where a percentage of the dish is made using upcycled food or food scraps from a different dish you make in another video. I don't know if there is an "Ingredient Upcycling" or "Kitchen Sustainability" badge for the normals, but it could be a good one.
Pascal B.
Pascal B. 21 napja
What about chemicals spayed on bananas? hum not sure I would like that in my plate
Ariel David
Ariel David 21 napja
Could you do a video on the impossible burger and other plant based meats?
Lawsonia Manhas
Lawsonia Manhas 21 napja
can you please do a video with some banana skin recipes? I would be very interested in learning how to cook with them!
Michael Duggan
Michael Duggan 21 napja
Hey there from South Africa! You so have to try the "Biltong" from SA. I'm sure you can get it there, you can't even compare it to Jerky or anything else.... Super easy to make and insanely irresistible. Just do it.
Cathy Frankland
Cathy Frankland 21 napja
I LOVE all of those. I've seen the veggie jerky in shops and been put off - not now, I'm definitely buying some. I think the Fonio sounds a game-changer and very much hope it will be in regular supermarkets, as I definitely want to stock up. Thank you SO much for videos like these, they are eye-openers and so inspirational ❤
SamuriLemonX18 21 napja
Anyone else think there's some sort of psychological/subconscious component of wanting to eat meat? I just can't imagine myself eating that jerky and actually thinking it's on par with the "real" thing. That might be it, that it doesn't feel "real", like I'm substituting reality for an imitation of reality. That is deeply off putting for me and I'm not 100% sure why
S Renalds
S Renalds 21 napja
Too much time invested in veg and sustainability sometimes... Would like to see it mixed up a bit. I don't mind these topics as segments, but the shows feel preachy and get a bit boring if the whole episode follows that pattern. I start tuning out and thinking: here they go again... Fonio segment was appreciated though... Learned something there at least.
Giga BBQ Húskorona 🍖👑