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From convenience to budget-conscious spending, frozen food has a whole bunch of benefits beyond helping to minimise food waste. In today’s episode, our chef, Ben and our two normals, Jamie and Barry cook up a storm and explore a few frozen food recipe hacks!
If you’d like to re-create these recipe hacks at home, we used these frozen products:
Frozen Spinach: bit.ly/3kGbIPi
Frozen pizza dough: bit.ly/2MHb47A
Frozen Chicken Gyoza Dumplings: bit.ly/3e4KWi9
Frozen Seafood Selection: bit.ly/3sIwwIM
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Alessandro Graham
Alessandro Graham 54 perccel
Pls dont say calzone this way.
BB-8 BB-8
BB-8 BB-8 9 napja
Frozen dumpling is crap because they taste like frozen meat and vegetable and doesn’t taste as good as handmade dumplings
Patrick Kelly
Patrick Kelly 10 napja
I make a pea and prawn pasta using amy dried pasta frozen peas/prawns love it its my mid week meal
LadyAJ 12 napja
I don't really cook much, and I'm seriously afraid of raw chicken. So my go to thing in the freezer is a big bag of pre-cooked chicken strips. I stick 'em in the air fryer for like 7 minutes and there's dinner.
Bo B. Jacobsen
Bo B. Jacobsen 16 napja
Sweet pizza 🤢🥵🥶😷
Cody Basore
Cody Basore 18 napja
after recently finding this channel and binging a ton of the videos, my favorite is Ben.
Lea Hartmann
Lea Hartmann 18 napja
I love you, guys! But, James. Dude. C'mon... What's with the hair?
Hannu Ala-Olla
Hannu Ala-Olla 18 napja
"Sweet or savory pizza"
Hannu Ala-Olla
Hannu Ala-Olla 18 napja
Did I do it right?
Sandra valfritt
Sandra valfritt 23 napja
do not buy king prawns
matt harper
matt harper 25 napja
Why in the hell are you Rolling pizza dough? It's not ok
Rinnie C
Rinnie C 28 napja
Ben must have a massive freezer...I can barely fit a pizza in mine I-
Isaac Viana Tapias
Please, please stop translating the titles to spanish. Just... just stop, please.
ZoeMoi 28 napja
Is it bad that I can totally relate to Ben and the spinach? I hate, when I don't have any in my freezer!!!
huggledemon32 29 napja
“This might be hotter than the sun!-let’s find out!” Apparently Jamie doesn’t need the roof of his mouth!?🤷‍♀️😱😩
huggledemon32 29 napja
Savoury pizza (WITH pineapple!- unless it’s a gourmet pizza I ALWAYS insist that pineapple is on my pizza!🤷‍♀️😅)
Tyler Joseph Schommer
Sweet "or" savory pizza? You used the wrong conjunction there.
olbaze Hónapja
I keep a selection of frozen vegetables (peas, corn, carrots, various mixes), 70g servings of bacon, seafood (salmon, shrimp with and without shells), berries, and onions (leeks, chives, spring onion).
Ima Karimah
Ima Karimah Hónapja
I wished we have that spinach pellets here :(
Aoyoma Kenji
Aoyoma Kenji Hónapja
sweet or savory pizza? Both. That's why i like Hawaiian pizza
Nicholas O
Nicholas O Hónapja
So these episodes are just native advertising? That explains the lack of views compared to normal.
Novakayne Hónapja
the pizza dough one... i invented my own based on a crepe recipe... flour - Plain = thin and crispy, SR = pan. its basically a scone recipe milk egg and herbs, thyme, oregano, basil
Crazy Snake
Crazy Snake Hónapja
Savory pizza you Neanderthals!!!!!
Tatiana Tokina
Tatiana Tokina Hónapja
As a real Russian woman, I'm a potential babooshka. And as any babooshka I'm ready for all sh*it that can happen in any moment of my life. So I have a fridge and a big freezer where I have almost 500 kg of frozen everything: pelmeni, veggies for borshch, partially prepared fish, chicken and meat and lots of other stuff. Oh, and I also make about 100 litres of different jams and marinated vegetables and mushrooms every summer. I'm 40 and God only knows what I will turn to when I'm 60. I really hope to have grandchildren by that time. 'Cause that's what grandchildren are for - surrender babooshka's generosity, be good and and eat well.
Lofty Radish
Lofty Radish Hónapja
The only thing I keep in my freezer is frozen peas. Granted it is a tiny freezer. I live on the coast of West Australia where fresh fruit and vege arrives off the farm at the shops only one or two days after it has been picked. In the shops it says where it comes from and most of it is just a three hour drive out of the city. Sometimes there is a guy on the street where I work with punnets of strawberries that have been picked that day from his farm. They taste incredible and you can smell the van from a mile off. It is just one of the things I love about living here. I'm vegan so frozen meats aren't really my thing. I'm more a dried lentils, beans and rice in the cupboard kind of gal. I would be interested in the frozen spinach though, I'm not sure if we have that here but I mostly cook with spinach since I am not a huge fan of salad. Also, I have never had a sweet pizza and I am deeply suspicious of them. Why not just make a delicious savoury pizza and then have a tiramisu or something else decadent and delicious for desert?
danteelite Hónapja
I always keep frozen peas, frozen mixed veggies (corn, peas, carrots, and sometimes green beans mixed) and typically some frozen shrimp. I love veggies in stuff, so adding mixed veggies to tuna mac makes it more of a meal. I don't cook as much as I'd like though, but I'm currently moving. Hopefully my next place has a nicer kitchen where I can really work! (My current kitchen has a messed up range, glass top that acts very fiddly.. the oven is trash and super uneven, and I have almost no actual counter space. It's just the worst place to cook any actual food beyond just heating things up. It makes me sad. I grew up with a beautiful gas range and big kitchen and learned to cook with a full pantry because my mother loved to cook!)
BlackAliss Hónapja
I keep peeled ginger in the freezer. I can then grate it right into whatever I'm making.
BlackAliss Hónapja
Totally with JAMIE on savory pizza. Anything else is just frou frou flat bread.
C.Bowles Hónapja
GJSelect Hónapja
it's not a pizza its a pie
Shannon Steven
Shannon Steven Hónapja
Love that you guys reguarly consider stuff like food miles, wastage, and packaging, alongside solid recipes 👌
awesomekayleen Hónapja
A bag of corn! I throw a handful into almost everything lol
Usama Chaudhri
Usama Chaudhri Hónapja
Ummm savory pizza all the way the hell is a sweet pizza????
elfossea13 Hónapja
since before my chef career, i"ve always used frozen vegetable macedoine. Never ever buy it fresh. It's hell to do, blanching is a nightmare, now it's all done in advance blanched to perfection everything the right size and if you're doing fried rice it's very quick, very easy, very very cheap. I love it.
that spinach would be at least x6 times the cost here in asia! the uk is super cheap so there should be no excuses for healthy eating right :-)
movortep Hónapja
That's no calzone, it's a giant empanada..
Douglas Chapman
Douglas Chapman Hónapja
Zubiila Hónapja
We usually have mixed vegetable bags, soups, garlic bread, meatballs and small microwave pizzas in our freezer.
parker callender
Sweet pizza is delicious 😋 but not all the time
hanakimi123 Hónapja
Savory pizza always.
Jelleybean18 Hónapja
Frozen food can be a lifesaver, man.
katsura4 Hónapja
both, both pizza lemon honey pine nuts and balsamic is a great pizza
Su Kaolla
Su Kaolla Hónapja
Savory pizza
Sky Sweeper
Sky Sweeper Hónapja
What the hell is a SWEET pizza? That sounds like an abomination. If you want sweet, make a pie not a pizza. My 2 pence.
Lucky Cleric
Lucky Cleric Hónapja
Sweet or Savory Pizza: Yes.
PsyckoSama Hónapja
Adventures In Organizing
I love Mussels, never looked for frozen as they are really easy to access fresh but cleaning them is a pain. Will definitely look for frozen. I tend to lean more to smoked oysters and mussels....going to see where I can find them frozen in my city
Whitney S
Whitney S Hónapja
"Sweet calzone." It's just a baked hand pie
bonebips Hónapja
Savory pizza > sweet pizza. Fruit doesn’t go on pizza and sweet red sauce is just gross.
C Love
C Love Hónapja
I freeze fresh ginger. Easy to peel, keeps fire a year without tasting freezer burn and is just as easy to mince or slice!
Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb Hónapja
Sweet vs savory pizza? Why's that have to be only one of them. I feel like some days you want something sweeter like ham and brown sugar, some days you want pepperoni and mushroom.
Lennor the Loner
So i know the video was 2 weeks ago but what I do if I get frozen veggies mix I let it defrost and then not fry it but chuck into an oven on a grill option very high with many spices and yeah it’s not the same but pretty good for mid week laziness especially when you come back home at like 9pm
BeardedNinja Hónapja
Where do I find the pasta recipe? I have signed up to the service
infinateremains Hónapja
Frozen fruit is always a must. So convenient to use in dishes and cocktails.
Nette Yeo
Nette Yeo Hónapja
DredNot Hónapja
I had to look up that article as soon as I saw it because I didn't know anything about the "outrage". thats wild
AmayaMaka Hónapja
I have never liked spinach, but have never cooked it into anything cuz I've been too afraid that I'm just not going to like it and I'll just waste a bunch of food. The simplicity of your spinach pasta dish really makes me want to try it, so I've bought some ingredients and hopefully I can make it just as well (I can't afford to get the app you guys have right now). But either way, no matter how it turns out: Thank you guys, for making cooking seem less complicated and less "scary". I'm so much more excited to try this now, and I think that's really cool!
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas Hónapja
I love a dessert pizza! It's a thing where I live. Also, pineapple is wonderful on EITHER kind of pizza! I said what I said.
Nicky Hónapja
That arroz lavanda is looking amazing ngl
Emma Pantling
Emma Pantling Hónapja
The Whip
The Whip 2 hónapja
I like having frozen shrimp and gyoza in my freezer!
The Whip
The Whip 2 hónapja
axreason 2 hónapja
i don't get the frozen pizza dough. it's gonna take longer to defrost than simply making your own.
mrbojangles010 2 hónapja
The Calzone looked like a baked diaper
Tiffany Hunsicker
Tiffany Hunsicker 2 hónapja
I always have frozen dumplings in my freezer! I steam, saute and add to my pho. Easy and flavorful! I also keep a box of chocolate croissants in the freezer, I get 4 for about 5 bucks from Trader Joe's so it helps my budget as well since they are almost $5 a piece at the local bakery.
Ben Nesbitt
Ben Nesbitt 2 hónapja
"Wonderful flavor" and "Vermouth" should never be used in the same sentence. The perfect amount of vermouth in a Martini is having vermouth nearby while shaking the martini.
Kekkelpenney Peckeltoot
Savory pizza!!
onafixedincome 2 hónapja
ZERO WASTE seafood? Bullshite. In one word, BYCATCH.
Zeina Buns
Zeina Buns 2 hónapja
Costco's frozen calamari rings are honestly the best thing! Better than Restaurant ones in my opinion!
Michelle Hummingbird
You know, if American people spoke "opened mouthed" like these guys, there wouldn't be so much wasted time in repeating things over and over - you can't help but hear them 😉 Splendid!
Stephen J
Stephen J 2 hónapja
Would you guys be willing to do a show on prep you can freeze at home to make your own ready meals or for example pizza dough?
L.J. Kinde
L.J. Kinde 2 hónapja
Savory pizza WITH pineapple. I'm a rebel : )
Fion Tang
Fion Tang 2 hónapja
I actually think fresh dumplings would be much cheaper given you make so much more so per dumpling it's defo cheaper
Familyhelpdesk helpdesk
you pronounce the e in calzone!
Don Yosho
Don Yosho 2 hónapja
I always avoid frozen precooked seafood by time the seafood is warmed up you end with rubbery crap, I think frozen seafood is OK though
Don Yosho
Don Yosho Hónapja
@Lennor the LonerI guess so but most shellfish takes about 6-7 mins to cook and 5 mins to heat up so window is very narrow over 8 mins it gets hard to eat and loses almost all their flavor. also precooked ones are almost imposible to sear or flambe with just the oil. I will stick with the raw ones. seafood cooks so quickly that worrying that a newbie will end under cooking them is kinda pointless in my opinion
Lennor the Loner
Hi! The thing is kinda what Ben did here even tho it’s already cooked you can overcook it, next time try to throw it a bit later just to defrost and warm it don’t try to cook it again. Hope that helps c: and yeah as they said nothing that you do will help with rubber calamari especially when you buy them in a bundle. What Id do I try to take it out of the freezer before prepping so they’d a little bit defrosted and they don’t need as much time in a dish that I’m making
Besyatka 2 hónapja
It took me 17 minutes t get the frozen joke
Heikki Remes
Heikki Remes 2 hónapja
Sweet pizza? What a heck is that?
Heikki Remes
Heikki Remes 2 hónapja
My eyes! Noooooo! It burnsssss! Whyyy?!
Pancake 2 hónapja
Morgan 2 hónapja
Savory... duh
Ann Marie Brei
Ann Marie Brei 2 hónapja
Savory only. Jamie is so Right!!
Google Account
Google Account 2 hónapja
Just tip with the frozen spinach making everything watery: defrost in microwave in some water then drain before adding to your dish, it also separates it so you don’t cook it unevenly as it takes awhile for the centre to defrost in the pan
Katedagreat 2 hónapja
Vermouth sitting and waiting to be used? Ben doesn't enjoy martinis nearly as much as I do.
Lizzy Seay
Lizzy Seay 2 hónapja
When I make a load of pancakes or waffles on a weekend, I freeze the extras. Then, I can pop them in the toaster for a quick morning meal! Its a fun trick, and the toaster makes it crispy on the outside, fluffy in the middle.
Tariq Khan
Tariq Khan 2 hónapja
Absolutely, even people on Japan use frozen gyoza at home all the time. Hell, even some Izakaya use frozen gyoza! So if its good enough for them, it's good enough for me.
Christopher Gibbons
There is no such thing as a sweet pizza. That is just a pie that you messed up.
didrik åsnes
didrik åsnes 2 hónapja
Both pizzas work, but there is so few situations where sweet pizza works
J cooks love Family
Really enjoy the videos along w/the banter. Appreciate that you keep it real with the content and awareness of cost, time & waste. Keep the videos coming! Also, I need more Janice! 😁
Benedict Claxton Stevens
Ebbers is just wrong about microwaves. Unless I misunderstood him its a very strange thing for a chef to be wrong about.... They have power settings and you can easily turn it down from 800W to 160 and just let it crank. What your microwave does on defrost mode will vary model to model.
Benedict Claxton Stevens
Oh my dear darlings, go to Wing Yip and your frozen dumpling dreams will come true, at WAY less than the 6 bob a bag here.
Familyhelpdesk helpdesk
as long as you can cope with their (alleged) food safety breaches that is!
Jessica Francis
Jessica Francis 2 hónapja
Definitely savoury pizza
mark plumber
mark plumber 2 hónapja
Can you do more on frozen stuff for us basic cooks please ? Love the dumplin idea and have bought 👍
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley 2 hónapja
I keep frozen veg at all times. Spinach, green beans, broccoli, corn and usually some mirepoix for convenience.
wooden kat
wooden kat 2 hónapja
I always have frozen broccoli, peas and a sliced sweet pepper mix in my freezer. All vegetables I will eat with just about anything. You just have to be careful that you dont buy stuff you wont eat. I have 3 pack of stir fry mixes I may have to give away because it has celery in it. Cant stand celery.
wooden kat
wooden kat 2 hónapja
I love frozen gyoza. My local ethnic market has so many options!
Karl Julson
Karl Julson 2 hónapja
Karl Julson
Karl Julson 2 hónapja
Really miss the old intro. New one lacks... everything
suziequzie 2 hónapja
Savory, for all that is good and holy.
Laine 33
Laine 33 2 hónapja
it would be nice if you guys could discuss which slaughterhouses are the best to buy from (which have the most ethical practices)
Mark Evans
Mark Evans 2 hónapja
IDEA: use the popular milk substitutes like soy or almond milk in baking and see if there is a difference.
Magdalena Nahnfeldt
I always keep frozen berries and vegetables on hand. I especially love having frozen vegetables in a "Wok-mix". I can just throw it into a wok or when making ramen and not have to go through the trouble of slicing all those vegetables. That way I can make cheat ramen in 5 minutes.
Ericmyrs 2 hónapja
You should check out some alternative preservation methods. Like salted, dried cod for bacalao. It's better than the badly frozen stuff, and probably not shipped across the world.