Taste Testing ‘Exotic’ Spice Blends and Recipe Hacks for Using Them 

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With so many different spice blends out there, our Chef, Ben takes our Normals on a culinary journey of adventure as they travel the world through food… and have a good old fashioned competition while they’re at it!
If you’d like to find out more about Ching He Huang, the wonderful TV chef and cookery author that Ben referenced in this episode, take a look here: www.chinghehuang.com/
And 'The Science of Spice' book he referenced can be found here: amzn.to/2PDfcHg
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faatman42 3 napja
I'm happy to take nuts, if you k ow what nuts they are. Mike needed to point at it and say "Deez nutz"
anuka313 8 napja
Ben you did a great job pronouncing khmeli suneli! It literally translates to dried spice :) Never thought I'd see anything Georgian in one of your videos guys! That was such a pleasant surprise. Though not gonna lie, when I saw the title I immediately thought of our spices and how cool it'd be to see you try them. And now I know what all those ingredients are called in English! Thank you, guys :)
Kate Buttner
Kate Buttner 22 napja
I would love for you to use za’atar in some recipes!
Devanshu Pandey
Devanshu Pandey 23 napja
Did Ben say "8000 years of history" or did I just not hear that right?
Lennart M
Lennart M 23 napja
You should try the Tasmanian Pepperberry!
Jakobus 24 napja
man now i gotta figure out how to try khmeli suneli, that looked amazing
Justin White
Justin White 24 napja
I'm using a spice blend from Townsend's channel called 'kitchen pepper'. IIRC - 2 parts ginger, equal parts nutmeg, black pepper, cinnamon,... And one more thing I don't recall is have to look. (edit - cloves) After that it's 6 parts salt (so it's basically half salt and one part everything else) hurun.info/to/vide/i36lmLBprWWV2p4.html
Justin White
Justin White 24 napja
Baz only won that first round because he said random stuff and Ben cage him each correct he said. Easy win would be to literally name everything. 13:55 case in point 'cayenne - just throwing one more there just in case.'
mattrex94 25 napja
Can you guys put this series in a playlist? It's hard to organize but would love to keep track in the playlist
Mendorian 25 napja
Your ‘normals’ have been cooking under a pro chef for 11 years and have a palette that most people can only dream of. You might want to get new ‘normals’ and upgrade the old ones to ‘enthusiasts’ 😂
You should do a 'fake pretentious' product where you literally swap out the content with something basic, with perhaps only a few edits to it so it LOOKS the part.... Just to see if there's much of any 'hey this is all bland, subpar stuff!' moments from the normies. :p
Salome Chikashua
გამარჯობა! Gamarjoba! (Hello!) Ben's pronunciation of "khmeli suneli" (ხმელი სუნელი) was actually quite good. As Georgian i should tell you to visit us when possible of course. It's unbelievably cheap for tourists and food is great all around the country. Though modern cuisine is "under development" traditional cooking and wine culture is quite extraordinary and has a lot of history ( location palys a great role in that, as the country marks the border between Europe and Asia, so as you can imagine the cuisine represents both parts of the world respectively while staying true to itself and unique).
Nick Green
Nick Green 27 napja
Check out a cajun spice blend! Typically onion garlic salt celery cayenne base
Eva Cantú
Eva Cantú 27 napja
Ben is adorable, he is a total geek of food 🥰
Rachel Lloyd
Rachel Lloyd 29 napja
In the picture of big tubs of spices that flashes up when ebbers is telling the origins of the dukah spice ...what on earth is that bright blue one?? I really want to know lol
Mx. Rylee
Mx. Rylee 29 napja
I gotta say, I'd give Mike extra points because he identified the name of the spice blend as well as not just naming every spice he could think of
Hannah Kagan
Hannah Kagan 29 napja
FYI, for those North Americans who watch Sorted, Trader Joe’s now sells the Georgian spice blend!!!!
LisaNovak95 Hónapja
Can we have the spice blend recipes? 😁
Ms_MJL Hónapja
Can anyone help me out, what’s the rice dish on the right of the screen at 11:52 while they’re talking about advieh? I spot rice, raisins, dates, what looks like lentils maybe? Thanks for any help 😊😊
Jelleybean18 Hónapja
Mmmmmmm Barry was guessing though... I would knock off those last two since they were last minute guesses “just thrown in there”
Jelleybean18 Hónapja
At 7:10 What is that blue powder / spice?!
Jelleybean18 Hónapja
Saul Contreras
Saul Contreras Hónapja
Unless the contestants are being tested on the same material it becomes unbalanced and unfair, specially since 5 spices is much more well known worldwide. Is it rigged?
Khamis1203 Hónapja
I demand the badge be taken away and a new rule of limited answers be implemented!
Julia V
Julia V Hónapja
Nahhhhhhh, no, I don't accept this result. Barry's just much more willing to throw guesses out. Gotta add a penalty for too many wrong answers!
Phil Diggins
Phil Diggins Hónapja
Just tried making our own dukkah...really simple to make and VERY tasty with oil and bread! Looking forward to trying it as a coating for chicken 🐔
Ashley S
Ashley S Hónapja
Definitely needs to be better rules. Like, this blend has 6 spices. You get 3 minutes to write them down and you can only write as many spices in the blend! Because Barry is just naming everything he can think of to score the points. lol I like the game though!
Tech Deity
Tech Deity Hónapja
please make a badge sash!
Jeffery Green
Jeffery Green Hónapja
This was amazing, found several new spice blends to try.
Izaak Currie
Izaak Currie Hónapja
Should definitely do a spice blend battle where they have to do make their own and use that as the main part of the meal
FratorityRow Hónapja
Really like this format and would love to see more info about spice blends and how to use them! Very cool to hear about interesting blends Ben hasn’t even heard of before. Something I’ve noticed occasionally over time is the word “exotic” in your video titles. Feels very privileged and colonial-even if it’s new to you and to some audience members, doesn’t make it mysteriously unknown, especially to an international audience. I would expect more from the wonderful Sorted Team than to use language that positions “different” as “other”, but it is definitely a continuous learning process!
Prianka Haque
Prianka Haque Hónapja
Please try bangladeshi recipes! A spice blend from there is called “pach foron” which means five spice made of : Fenugreek seed, nigella seed, cumin seed, black mustard seed and fennel seed.
Kitty Morissette
They should have lost points for guessing components that WEREN'T in the spice blend. To avoid victory via shotgun-approach (*cough* Barry *cough*)
Paddy Robinson-Griffin
Dukkah really isn't dukkah without sumac! Yummmm
Carina Gonzales
Carina Gonzales Hónapja
have a sugar technique test! Like caramel, spinning sugar/sugar work and sculpting!!!
Aaron M
Aaron M Hónapja
Mike should definitely be awarded the spice badge too! He actually named one right for starters and he wasn't just shouting random spices 😂
Yazzy Yazz MUA
Yazzy Yazz MUA Hónapja
Hello, I was wondering if y'all have ever thought of dedicating an entire video or a series for specific food "diets" i.e., vegetarianism, pescetarianism, etc? P.S. love this channel!
Educated Lo
Educated Lo Hónapja
Okay Ben wasn't that far off from pronouncing Khmeli Suneli spice blend, as evident in second 0.42 to 0.43 in this video. hurun.info/to/vide/mJyg1qBr2XOR1tU.html A better pronunciation would come from saying the spice blend with persed lips and staring the word from the back of the mouth as opposed to open lips and more of a nasal forward pronunciation.
gregory carter
gregory carter Hónapja
this was an excellent episode; great information, excellent additions to the fantastic exploration and possibilities of spice blends.... more please
Stettafire Hónapja
My favourite spice blend: Ginger, Garlic, Cayenne pepper, black pepper, salt, chilli powder. Ginger is prepared by using a stick of ginger, slicing it then pounding it in a pestle and mortor. Garlic is prepared in the same way. I use whole caynne peppers and mash them into a pulp also. Salt needs to be sea salt, not table salt. Chilli powder is just bought. I'll use it as a marianade by added soy sauce and seasme oil to it, or I'll add it to soups and sauces.
Anna Barvinchenko
The last spice blend is pronounced like Hmalee soonalee First sound like in human. [Hmeli suneli]
Vegetarianbacon Hónapja
I’d love to see a kitchen essentials video, where the essentials pans, pots and tools are laid out. For example, 3 different stages (stage 1:beginner/everyday cook, Stage 2: hobbyist, Stage 3: bells and whistles). We’ve seen you guys review the unusual ones but a home cooks essential tools video would really great.
Robin Hónapja
Really liked Ben's talk about chinese kitchen, really fun to see him talking in his element. Really interesting!
Prmrjvk Ad
Prmrjvk Ad Hónapja
Such a good video you guys! So new! So Informative! And so Entertaining! 👏👏
Maryam ghamami
Maryam ghamami Hónapja
I think this is the first time I saw something from my culture on your channel and I was screaming 😅 please do more Persian cuisine thank you 😘
Josh Gummett
Josh Gummett Hónapja
As fun as this was... I feel like it tested more “how many spices can they name in the time that happen to be in this spice blend”? Penalty for guessing or something?
Aisha Edris
Aisha Edris Hónapja
If you do this again you should do berbere and zaatar
CHUCK Farlie
CHUCK Farlie Hónapja
NEW CHALLENGE: make a recipe from your grandmother’s cookbook. Keep it vintage. 🔥👍😋
Jessica Augustinas
Yes on spice focused videos!
Ayay01 Hónapja
Next time give out -1 point for every two wrong spices . Just to stop Barry naming every spice he can remember lol.
kannjohnston Hónapja
What's the spice book's title & author?
Anyone know the name of that bright blue spice from that stock image?
Kiran Gandhi
Kiran Gandhi Hónapja
If they had to spell out the spices Barry would have lost
Pooligan Hónapja
I feel the need to correct the statement "this is to white wine what rose is to red wine". First, orange = long skin contact, red = varying degrees of skin contact. White is little to "no" skin contact. Rose on the other hand varies, it can be a blend of a white juice red skinned varietal with a colouring varietal, it could be limited skin contact... bla bla bla. I'm simplying but that statement just didn't hit the mark.
Pooligan Hónapja
@Stettafire wine is all about skincare! Just a side note though wine is generally not considered a food product
Stettafire Hónapja
This is food, not skin care
Meve76 Hónapja
that was not a guessing game that was a "name all the spices "game... this badge competition need to end because let's face it it's entertaining but also completely flawed...
Kiara Camacho
Kiara Camacho Hónapja
Normals do a ramen battle
Kaitlin Sebbage
Kaitlin Sebbage Hónapja
We only see Barry name 6 in the final but his score was 7. I wonder which other one he got...
Kaitlin Sebbage
Kaitlin Sebbage Hónapja
Mike made this a joy (more than usual) to watch! :)
Peter Petermann
Peter Petermann Hónapja
somehow this challenge would've been better if wrong guesses would have removed points.
Shree Ponj
Shree Ponj Hónapja
Hello guys, long time fan, just wondering if you can still make some head to head to head battles again?
NiNi Na
NiNi Na Hónapja
This will be one of my favourite episodes. I love spices. ♥️
victor sels
victor sels Hónapja
Love this! So educational
Jeff B
Jeff B Hónapja
Sigh...Justice for Mike needed once again for actually trying rather than just spitting out things to get on the board.
Stettafire Hónapja
Respectfully disagree.
blobfish gamer
blobfish gamer Hónapja
i would love to see a video from you guys exploring Georgian cuisine. would be amazing to watch. (im from Georgia btw, so seeing my country in this video made my day)
A a
A a Hónapja
Should have deducted wrong answers from their scores. Barry only won because he named all the spices he knows 😂
Stettafire Hónapja
I did the maths, they would have drew had wrong answers been deducted. Mike still wouldn't have won.
TheStudentVlogg Hónapja
Can you guys review the kmix accessories?
Angelina Petersen
Jamie, ever the dad, turned being tossed the dice into a game of catch, lol
James.Ken_Dama Hónapja
I've seen my mom use some 5 Spice on some of these really small pork cubes (maybe like .5x.5x.5 inch or 1.5x1.5x1.5 cm cubes) made from leftover raw pork that are coated in just a little bit of potato starch and fried! We use it more on the outside as a coating, but man does it taste good. I can probably go through a full batch of them and still want more haha.
Nerdy Snailie
Nerdy Snailie Hónapja
Mike and Jamie are going in the wrong direction! This wasn't: guess the perfect dish for such spice but guess the spice in that blend. I would go like Berry trying to guess as many as I can .. because there is no penalty for it.
Jessica Pestana
Jessica Pestana Hónapja
Great vid? What the hell is ‘savoury’?? it was one of the ingredients in the last spice blend
Heather Crowe
Heather Crowe Hónapja
What was the blue stuff in the stock image?
Donald Tucker
Donald Tucker Hónapja
You are going to need sashes with badges sew to them .
david lee
david lee Hónapja
Props for the editing, but would have been easier if the ingredients turned green or something during the guessing
Taylor314T5 Hónapja
Great challenge and presentation guys.
Caroline Hónapja
Mike is the moral winner almost every other badge challenge episodes, but Barry and Jamie just take the win easily. Always rooting for you Mike. Better luck next time! Ben Should have taken off points for negative answers, maybe another future challenge.
Annisha Borah
Annisha Borah Hónapja
I had only heard of chinese 5 spice - the others are new to me! Thanks lads!
Lizzie Campbell
Lizzie Campbell Hónapja
Okay so only my mind decided to message my man and say I want to 'Dukkah' him when i found out what it meant :')
Patrick Keller
Patrick Keller Hónapja
Badges shouldn't be awarded by who does it best, but by who does it well enough. Also, why didn't all three of them get a go at all of the spice blends?
Sitara Kiami
Sitara Kiami Hónapja
How about a challenge where you go to one of the behind the scenes crews' house and do a pantry/fridge last minute dinner party episode.
Igor K
Igor K Hónapja
@Ben Khmeli Suneli is pronounced more like Hmeli Suneli. Although it is very hard for english speakers to pronounce like a native speaker because of two reasons. One, there are very few english words if any that pronounce consonants together at the beginning of the word. For example even though Knife technically has two consonants it is always pronounced with K being silent. The second is more nuanced and the reason it's spelled in english as KH instead of just H is because the H is harder than the english one. The english H is more in the back of the throat while with this H the tongue is more forward. You can hear the proper pronunciation here hurun.info/to/vide/g2mDunqp1pHA06c.html
Magnitola Hónapja
Хмели сунели
Z A_M_D Hónapja
The idea on this challenge is brilliant but the rules flawed... Mike was robbed!!!
Pål arne Anderson
Im going to try dukkah after this, and my girlfriend alreadty has it.
nemrahnoork Hónapja
Thanks for going in depth on the uses and flavour pairings. I love these kind of videos
Maitin Rhode
Maitin Rhode Hónapja
Schzeuan pepper corns are not pepper corns. It's a totally different plant with a totally different flavor, mala.... So you get 2 points
FaereSedura Hónapja
Should have deducted points for wrong guesses! Great video though :)
Cathy Frankland
Cathy Frankland Hónapja
Those spice blends and the dishes you prepared with them all look gorgeous 😋😋😋😋😋
Joseph Branson
Joseph Branson Hónapja
They should subtract the number of incorrect guesses to mitigate the desire to just throw spices at the dartboard.
Vic Ko
Vic Ko Hónapja
Surely per round you give them one point per correct item and take one away per wrong one so you don’t get Barry listing every spice he’s ever heard of right from the get go
Stacey Smith
Stacey Smith Hónapja
This has been a really interesting challenge. I always feel I don't use spices properly
Gvantsa Jikia
Gvantsa Jikia Hónapja
Hey there, I'm so happy and surprised that you've mentioned my country- Georgia
Carly B
Carly B Hónapja
I really enjoyed this episode and concept, especially with the spice blends I was not familiar with. I will have to try some of them myself. I want to read "The Science of Spice" now too. So interesting and a fun episode.
matthew Vandergrift-Jones
Barry won because he guessed every spice There really should have been a penalty for wrong guesses ( anyone can win if they have unlimited chances)
Bella Button
Bella Button Hónapja
What's the recipie for that rice pudding Ben made? With the stuff on top? Looked so good!!
MrSmokinDragon Hónapja
Once again, the Mike-pologists are out in force in the comments, as is tradition
Bob Adams
Bob Adams Hónapja
here's a possible idea for you to try.. get in touch with Tristan Mortlock (super yacht captain channel) , esysman channel. or aquaholic channel. They have all the contacts necessary for your chefs to get on board and do a challenge against the resident chef
Nicholas Miller
Nicholas Miller Hónapja
Here is a pass it on challenge.... South African Pap en wors (sausage). Consisting of: Putu pap (Maize Meal) cooked to be crummy and not stiff or resemble that of porridge Sausage - Any would do, but traditionally made with beef sausage Smoor - This is a combination of Tomatoes, tomato paste, garlic and oil As an additional challenge, make corn bread using sweet corn from a can instead of a cord in brine. Good luck :)
Irian Greenleaf
Irian Greenleaf Hónapja
I really like baking squash with five spice and oregano on it
4dads Hónapja
Anyone else feel like Jamie was completely disadvantaged? considering even Ben hadn't heard of it.
tyra wood
tyra wood Hónapja
Did you know in America there is a brand called spiceology! I think they are pretty good!
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