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With Easter just around the corner, there’s no better time for us to be taste testing, reviewing and debating a whole bunch of chocolate easter egg products to give you guys inspo for next week! Plus, Ben has taken the opportunity to get his own back on Jamie and Barry...
Hotel Chocolat Egg Sandwiches: ​bit.ly/3933Wuq
Aldi Ruby Chocolate Geometric Egg (Purchased In-store):
Marks and Spencers Vegan Egg Plant Kitchen Chocolate Egg:
Tony Chocolonely: ​bit.ly/3rbeuh7
Dark Sugars Box of Nutters: ​bit.ly/3tJFgPq
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Sophie Martin
Sophie Martin 2 napja
Thanks for including the vegan one!
Angelika Pratl
You guys should really have a look at Zotter Schokolade www.zotter.at/en/about-zotter/organic-fair-trade-green from Austria. Chocolate manufacturer who has an incredible tour through his factory - it is literally Willy Wonka's factory (unfortunately some parts are closed right now because of COVID). It is also right next to his house in a beautiful wine region and you can taste pretty much EVERYTHING from chocolate bean to nip, to 100 % chocolate to chocolate in all forms and shapes (eg. "chocolate shots" served in syringes). Also includes a "chocolate theatre" as well as a robot that delivers chocolate to you. Uses everything from the beans even the used shells are used as fertilizer in the surrounding garden. Factory is surrounded by an "edible zoo" with a small restaurant that sell only the products he makes himself. Uses only fair trade+organic+green products and purchases and works together directly with the farmers. He produces all the chocolate himself. Always tries new flavour combinations such as popcorn+cola, hemp+schnaps or algae+caramel+pineapple and even pink coconut+fish. IT'S AMAZING!
Marissa Howlett
Marissa Howlett 13 napja
i love you
Rads ical
Rads ical 14 napja
The last one is a waste of money. Tony’s I want to buy now, saw some at my local supermarket so I’ll give it a try. I mean Tony’s has a good cause behind it so if it’s pricier it would be understandable. The last one doesn’t have a good cause behind it, sure they made a lot of effort to learn to make it but isn’t that just the excuse they gave to justify their world tour/vacation? They could write it off as a business expense in their taxes
Chase Harper
Chase Harper 20 napja
I believe this was the start of the dumb costume trend and I hate you for it. Unsubscribe
phoenixgoth 26 napja
Did a quick google. Ruby chocolate is apparently just "less processed white chocolate that retains the purple / pink natural colour and has some citric acid added to give sour undertones and trick the brain."
Nokenify 26 napja
People believing those stories that companies like these put out should lose their right to vote. Ofcourse they didn't do more than fairtrade (which is a scam) does either. Stop feeding this bullshit.
Zehra Hónapja
Three years ago a classmate of mine brought the lemon meringue tonys bar and we tasted it I was blown away.. ever since I've been searching for it in stores but it was limited edition (in the Netherlands) Now i gotta online shop for chocolate..? 😂
Jamie Willard
Jamie Willard Hónapja
Aldi is in the us too!!
Johny Analog
Johny Analog Hónapja
How often do you feel this kind of profoundness from watching a chicken debate child slave labour. Sounds like the midnight gospel when I read it back.
Zubiila Hónapja
Definitely quality chocolate over shape!
LednacekZ Hónapja
I dont understand the thought behind vegan chocolate. Isn't every high quality dark chocolate vegan anyway?
khaxjc1 Hónapja
Loved this. I do with I could have tried that geo egg. Thanks to the team for the video.
andzia.zach Hónapja
The Chocolate Aubergine is a massive fail in UK, in countries where you call it Eggplant the pun is brilliant.
Uige Hónapja
but... chocolate isn't vegan... i don't think, at least...
Lex Hónapja
Can we all just appreciate Tony’s Chocolates for their response to the criticism? We get so hung up on being angry and wanting immediate change that the higher ups of whom can actually do something only hear the echoes. Money talks and a company like Tony’s can really shift the power balance in their favor to enforce their values and really make a change within an already established company. It’s not the only way to do things but I think it’s valid and something worth thinking about.
Lauriti Hónapja
I'm sorry. If you make hollow easter eggs and put NOTHING inside of them..... I'd feel cheated. Give me cheap candy inside a chocolate easter egg IT'S THE WHOLE POINT OF EASTER
bloemundude Hónapja
Ben: "Does Easter have to be all about eggs, or can it just be about quality chocolate?" Every Christian:
Laura M
Laura M Hónapja
Baz is responsible for a small human?! God help us...
BVtok26 Hónapja
Did Ebbers lose weight? 🤔
Abey Hónapja
Pesci is that you? 😭🥕
Zoran Bošnjak
Zoran Bošnjak Hónapja
36 pounds is 42 euros. Yeah no.
Adventures In Organizing
I worked as as volunteer combating child slavery for years, worked in rescuing thousands of children from orphans,where there future would be lest than human.....please keep working on this as a mission
Carla O'Connell
Carla O'Connell Hónapja
I KNEW Dark Sugars sounded familiar. I got their amazing hot chocolate on my last visit to London. Brought a box of chocolates home to Galway too. They were incredible!
Johanna Defromerie
This video made me miss Hotel Chocolat's delicacies even more. Wait for me, England :D Best of Easters to you lot and your families!
darknessblade Hónapja
How about a Pokerface challenge of Disgusting Specialty foods? Make sure to get some "Casu Marzu".
Spaceecake Hónapja
As someone who has worked in the Callebaut factory where they make the ruby chocolate. It really isn't that impressive. It's a very small ammount of basically unfermented cocoa beans which are super sour, fruity and bitter, literally mixed together with a whole tank of premade white chocolate. It's just coloured and flavoured white chocolate. Nothing more to it.
Emma Flanagan
Emma Flanagan Hónapja
I’m eating a dark chocolate pretzel toffee Tony’s bar while watching this video!
CragScrambler Hónapja
Flat bottom egg means you need less plastic? LMFAO Just cut a circle in some card like all the other manufacturers then the egg will sit neatly... Also wrap it in foil and you'll need no plastic at all.
Kees van Gemeren
Correct my if Im wrong, but isn't callebaut the only company making ruby chocolate and isn't the ruby chocolate egg therefore also connected with possible slave trade (just like tony chocolonely)?
Naomi Hoefs
Naomi Hoefs Hónapja
Tony's is the only chocolate I buy nowadays. They have really took over the market in the Netherlands en its great to see them grow on thee international market. But I do hope they can make the change from within.
ChesuMori Hónapja
Cultural differences are so interesting. Like, I've never heard anyone in the US refer to this kind of product as an "Easter egg"... they're just chocolate eggs. Here, "Easter egg" refers specifically to hard boiled eggs that have been dyed or painted.
Lance Maxwell
Lance Maxwell Hónapja
Tony's is something else, their flavors are incredible
David May
David May Hónapja
I’m suddenly craving chicken soup. 🤔🐔🥕🥣
Hicca Carryer
Hicca Carryer Hónapja
11:53 🐔concerned chicken face
KraTheBae Hónapja
i remember back when sorted got their first #spon and they didn't realize it needed to be disclosed in the video. one thing that has always separated sorted from other cooking channels is how much they truly do value and incorporate their subscribers' input. i don't think there's ever been a single issue about transparency since that very first ad, they always make it clear when they're sponsored, and when they're not. gotta love the costumes too, half expected mike or james to pop out in a bunny costume to attack barry lmao
Byuu Chan
Byuu Chan Hónapja
I heard Audi the entire time and was fully convinced the car brand dipped their toes in the chocolate business 😭💀😅
Raymond Randall
Raymond Randall Hónapja
To hear words of wisdom is not entirely uncommon but to hear it from a root vegetable eh why not.
Ricebread343 Hónapja
I love you guys!! And Mmm chocolate
Oh dude I love Aldi's! They always have good af chocolate
Ell TPWK Hónapja
Who looked better as a carrot?? Barry or Louis Tomlinson
Soon Mee Kim
Soon Mee Kim Hónapja
I wish next to Jamie’s name was chicken not normal 😂
SuperGourmetguy Hónapja
Barry really reminds me of Baldrick
MyLindus Hónapja
Did Ben loose weight? His shirt sits loose. If so, good work!
Mimi Sardinia
Mimi Sardinia Hónapja
Ruby chocolate tastes a bit like cheesecake. I have heard of the white chocolate and raspberry analogy before, and I think it's the milky flavour plus the sour edge that implies cheesecake to me.
Mimi Sardinia
Mimi Sardinia Hónapja
Lower percentage dark chocolate tends to be sweeter. I honestly prefer the lower percentage dark chocolate, but I like milk chocolate better.
sara choate
sara choate Hónapja
I wonder if they sell those at American aldi's
ID:N/A Hónapja
"Has Easter just become a huge commercialization opportunity for novelty?" Where has Ben been the last 40 Easters?
FroggerbobT Hónapja
The chicken costume is odd... do Brits not have a rabbit to lay their eggs?
runawayfae ?!!
runawayfae ?!! Hónapja
I had no idea about ruby chocolate! Thanks for the science, guys 💕
jodie scrivener
jodie scrivener Hónapja
I love the fact that toni's are trying to be better but I feel like changing them from the inside is absolute toot. I am of the firm belief that to change a industry you have to make conscious choices when you do. I will buy toni's but if I can buy a better one if I have the opportunity.
zulu9812 Hónapja
I couldn't find that ruby chocolate egg when I went into Aldi today. Not even signage with an empty shelf behind, just not there at all.
Jelleybean18 Hónapja
That is just that. We are used to paying too little for our items. We get it for cheap because others are enslaved and it’s not right. Heck yeah I’ll shell out extra bucks for places like Tony’s when the mission is to make things fair.
Jelleybean18 Hónapja
I’m so excited! The costumes make everything xD
Bernardoh Chongching
Isn't the last product ferrero rocher
Psychopathetic Hónapja
Emily Bone
Emily Bone Hónapja
Cadbury eggs aren’t geometric but haven’t included plastic for years (at least the smaller ones)- does the shape make that much difference? Audi boasting not to have a ‘plastic shell’ seems a bit greenwash-y.Genuine comment, not wanting to cause argument.
Casey Gregori
Casey Gregori Hónapja
Ben looks like he's lost a bit of weight. Good on him
Michał Kowalik
Michał Kowalik Hónapja
I hate that new intro. It is so sad ;( where is colour and energy? Boyz? You Ok?
matt osborne
matt osborne Hónapja
Ben subtley asking Barry if he was a giver or a receiver made my day. #Benuendo9001
SORTEDfood Hónapja
FaerieDust Hónapja
Oh damn, I didn't know that about Callebaut, that sucks. I checked the list real quick, it's a relief to see Valrhona's on it at least. I'd rather eat better chocolate but less of it tbh. The whole "we'll change it from the inside" doesn't sound particular legit to me tbh. It just a way to keep people buying their stuff without practicing what they preach, and using "we're working on fixing it" to placate consumers and make them turn a blind a blind eye to gross human rights abuses. I'll believe it when I see independent proof that it's actually worked, but I won't hold my breath. Callebaut says they're aiming to eradicate child labour from their supply chain by 2025, so I guess we'll see how that's gone in a couple of years...
IcyBlueOpal Hónapja
Ok, so... the egg is an Easter symbol... chocolate is not, so I have to agree with Jaimee here. Chocolate itself is a whole year thing, you can just give Chocolate balls at Easter of course, I'm not angry at it :p, but it's not Easter Chocolate
Robert Hónapja
Pass On: Swedish Meatballs with sides.
Nervous Guy
Nervous Guy Hónapja
I recomend looking at the history and lore of Easter, because it has nothing to do with chocolate.
Marilyn Alvarez
Marilyn Alvarez Hónapja
Okay, that ending was hysterical "You've had that same haircut for the 25 years since I've known you" and Ben's "Well I'm gonna blame lockdown" just so gosh darn funny. Would love to see you all video your haircut when you can finally make it to the salon.
SORTEDfood Hónapja
Glad you enjoyed it! 😂
Talon Pelch
Talon Pelch Hónapja
Idk if this is a gadget but could be useful but I do not know if the quality is good at all. Its called home chief and it delivers food ready to make
obaroya Hónapja
I wouldn't get the dairy-free eggplant chocolate, but I would definitely get the other ones. And 371K+ views and only 19K likes? Come on, people! Watch the video; like the video! It's so simple!
Amanda Hónapja
Those Tony’s chocolate eggs are brilliant! They taste amazing
agnosticgo Hónapja
While eating Easter eggs; a man dressed as a chicken, a man dressed as a carrot and a chef discuss slavery...
Larry Lentini
Larry Lentini Hónapja
I clicked on this because I thought you were William Osman lol
Guillermina Hónapja
Yall are eating that pink chocolate even tho you dont know what they're made of?
Francesca de Sarasola
Anyone else here think these guys are like Jamie Oliver back in the Naked Chef days crossed with Practical Jokers? Or should I say Yolkers?... I’ll get my coat...
Rodrigo Hónapja
That chick is hot 🥰
Hostess With The Mostess
OMG...This video will be on repeat until I every single Easter egg!!
Kevin McMillan
Kevin McMillan Hónapja
Hey Ben ... I'm sure one of the "normals" would be happy to give you a "quarantine haircut".
Jes Miscellaneous
Ben was oddly shy about his hair, despite ,as Jamie pointed out, he'd been having that same haircut for 25 years LOL. but in serious note, his hair looks fine. ALSO, when COVID is over please please try to do a video where you simulate running a pub and come up with your own themed dishes&drinks! you can name the make shift pub "COCK&CARROT"
Laura Underwood
Laura Underwood Hónapja
There's also a Dark Sugars shop in Greenwich, I love it!
Adriaan VanZyl
Adriaan VanZyl Hónapja
Here's a crazy idea, instead of celebrating chocolate how about we celebrate the resurrection of Christ instead. Really nice job trivialising a massively important religious holiday into a celebration of snacks...
Eden Elvis
Eden Elvis Hónapja
Of course Easter chocolate has to be about eggs, every single other holiday apart from Halloween is about high quality boxed chocolate.
Nikola Howard
Nikola Howard Hónapja
Unfortunately for Christians, Easter is essentially "Chocolate Sunday" - doesn't really mean anything else these days. It's the ultimate mashing together of the Pagan Fertility Symbol with Confectionary. I completely agree - life is too short for crappy cheap chocolate. I'm so going to check out Tony's!
Charmaine Eng
Charmaine Eng Hónapja
recently saw Dark Sugars in a video about hot chocolate by Food insider, so goooood
H Egan
H Egan Hónapja
I love the exploration of quality and ethical chocolate! I used to really like Hotel Chocolat until I discovered that they still use unsustainably-farmed palm oil which is a bit of a turn off for a brand marketted as classy.
Darcy Jones
Darcy Jones Hónapja
this video is rich in brilliant quotes
Darcy Jones
Darcy Jones Hónapja
Ben is a mood, laughed way hard at 2:04 and 6:39
Clare Catherine
Clare Catherine Hónapja
In ten years time, I want a reaction video from Jamie and Barry's kids on the professional, presentable work their dads do.
Rebeca Stanca
Rebeca Stanca Hónapja
I really want those Tony's chocolates! I can find the 'standard' bars in the shops in my country, but I'd really love to try these Easter specials!
Lou Slade
Lou Slade Hónapja
10/10 costumes
cjacobs3971 Hónapja
If this has been done my bad. Crazy ingredient idea: australian finger limes
MrMouse 69
MrMouse 69 Hónapja
We have Aldi in texad
Evergreen Tree
Evergreen Tree Hónapja
Easter isn't about eggs or chocolate.
Evergreen Tree
Evergreen Tree Hónapja
Don't call it seam? Is there another word for it?
miliute13 Hónapja
Same aldi company salted caramel eastern eggs most amazing thing ever
Nancy Lindsay
Nancy Lindsay Hónapja
Bunnies. Chocolate bunnies. It's gotta be chocolate bunnies. Is that a thing only in the US? Chocolate eggs are okay; some are very fine indeed. But really, it's gotta be chocolate bunnies.
Random Dolphism
Random Dolphism Hónapja
I do not believe the normals are normals anymore. They have worked side by side with 2 amazing Chefs for years!!
Matthew Poston
Matthew Poston Hónapja
Easter is not about giving and receiving. It’s purely about a Gift
Elayne Pas
Elayne Pas Hónapja
Seems like you guys need to devote an episode to Coq au Vin. ;)
SHand Hónapja
Great to see you guys raising the ethical issues behind the chocolate. Would be good to get your thoughts on Love Cocoa, very similar message and ethos to that of Tony's
HeapOfBones Hónapja
"ruby chocolate became a thing like a year or two ago" me, having never seen or heard of ruby chocolate before: ... what
xXBigKingIIXx Hónapja
Ruby Chocolate is trash
Zevonfan524 Hónapja
Does anyone else just miss the old intro with the goofy guitar riff?
Katie- Alice
Katie- Alice Hónapja
Tony moly’s statement just sounds like good PR spin. If that was really the case I think they would’ve been honest about it in the first place and put ‘creating change from the inside’ as one of their brand principles in the first place
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