TAKEAWAY Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass it On S2 E18 | SORTEDfood 

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So far, 2021 is shaping up to be a year of more takeaways! To give you guys at home some inspo (or not) for your next takeout, we challenge the boys to the ultimate takeaway, recipe relay challenge. Will it be a pass or fail? Watch to find out!
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Hannah K
Hannah K Napja
Tbf this would be an OK starter, you just needed the main course 😆 If everyone had finished what the last person started and not faffed you could have had a decent plate
Barbara Hcwrt
Barbara Hcwrt 9 napja
Gentlemen and Jamie...dead
Alison Braman
Alison Braman 9 napja
"We have hope! .... The hope is on fire." 🤣
Alison Braman
Alison Braman 9 napja
"It's an Ebbers sandwich." 🤣 I've missed Ben-nuendos.
Mike Hermen
Mike Hermen 16 napja
As an American I'm puzzled. Is this what British Chinese food looks like? What Chinese place has a deep fryer? or sliced bread? or pieces of meat that aren't chopped up into pieces small enough for chop sticks - before they are cooked?
Sheepdog Smokey
Sheepdog Smokey 16 napja
Suggestion - Pass It On: Tik Tok edition! Something must be included from one of their Tik Tok Food Trends videos.
M3grim 21 napja
Barry... Did it just take you five minutes to chop some ginger and onions...
Alex Julius
Alex Julius 22 napja
Ranking ben jamie james mike (would of been higher if buns steamed) barry
Wait, what are those? *Go on...* Maybe we weren't making dumplings *we have hope* Well, I'm making dumplings *The hope is on fire*
Cory Jones
Cory Jones 29 napja
What’s with the camp voice from “Janet” ? Is this some sort of British humour? It sounds like a caricature of a drag queen. I’m not criticizing, I’m honestly curious.
Atlas Kai
Atlas Kai Hónapja
Ebbers not letting me down with "something fresh!" I love him. I adore them all.
Emma Davis
Emma Davis Hónapja
I am so curious as to the nature of the world's most engaging spreadsheet
Mike Williams
Mike Williams Hónapja
I would hate to follow Ben who never really leaves it clear where he is going😳
Jerald Baxter
Jerald Baxter Hónapja
Love the sorted food guys, but not a fan of the hysterics and faux drama in the "Pass It On" shows. Also, "Janice" has a lovely voice, but needs to realize that being constantly sassy is like using a tablespoon of cinnamon, when 1\8 of a teaspoon would be sufficient. Will I continue to watch? Yes, because that's what fans do...
fufu20boy Hónapja
Come on guys! The voice of Janice is hilarious :)
Susan Hónapja
Please do more of these...they not only make my day better and brighter but they are more inspirational to be more kitchen-wary and organised when I cook and delicious of course!
sammooa Hónapja
i just don't understand why jamie won't make another filling... just ... why??
Marilyn Alvarez
Marilyn Alvarez Hónapja
Mike SEES all the ingredients AND still proceeds to make something new instead of picking up where the last person left off....LOL!
Miss Smarteepants
Y’all do Barry wrong every time with the intelligence.🤣🤣🤣
Erika Krause
Erika Krause Hónapja
These boys are TOO HARD on themselves! I love these the most almost especially when you "fail" because it's comforting to see a world where just trying is succeeding. Love you SortedFood, been watching for years and I hope you never stop!
Glenn Rivers
Glenn Rivers Hónapja
The next one should be Barry's favorite dish but a fusion style and have him go last to see if he can bring it together
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh Hónapja
I think they were a bit harsh on themselves, it was a near pass. They got 3 items on the plate that you would normally find in a Chinese take away shop. Sure a quick stir fry or salad would have secured the pass, a noodle salad would have been perfect to add colour and body. Still not bad if they got 3 elements that tasted good and were on topic.
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh Hónapja
Well done Jamie, checked oven and fridge! "Growth" indeed!
Kevin Ramsey
Kevin Ramsey Hónapja
Bring Ebbers to Chopped @foodnetwork
matt lam
matt lam Hónapja
so ben used 20mins to make that that's definitely a pass
Zac Brewer
Zac Brewer 2 hónapja
When one of the presenters isn’t bothered on making content and too busy thinking about spreadsheets, makes you think how much should we care about said content lol
Jordana Cote
Jordana Cote 2 hónapja
Ben definitely deserved a 10 he did everything lol
Rekasha 459
Rekasha 459 2 hónapja
Ah yes everyones favorite takeaway: dish of brown 😂
Kyle King
Kyle King 2 hónapja
You know what, I don't see much wrong with what Jamie did. I mean it was wrong granted, but he was given a dumpling dough and what was clearly filling and thought "right well, those dumplings obviously need to be filled" and in his place I would probably do the same.
Big Buddah
Big Buddah 2 hónapja
I love the phrase "I completly spaffed it up." Will be using that now =P
Stalwart Shinobi
Stalwart Shinobi 2 hónapja
It looked good imo just needed a couple dips in the middle of plate, some soy and sweet chilli
Catharina Svenkerud
«The hope is on fire», said Janice. As is the world at this point, Janice. As is the world.
berighteous 2 hónapja
Did you fire James?
100 Days MIC
100 Days MIC 2 hónapja
so phony so staged
Frank Donnelly
Frank Donnelly 2 hónapja
So... What did Ebbers expect the boys to do with the pork?
Saxon Cubin
Saxon Cubin 2 hónapja
Hope is on fire :):):):)
These Strange Illusions
These annoy me and entertain me. Why don’t they ever work together! 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
Alleosus Squirt
Alleosus Squirt 2 hónapja
This is why Janice doesn't come over.
Erin Howett
Erin Howett 2 hónapja
Do they just forget that they have a stand mixer every time they walk in the kitchen?
Riathel 2 hónapja
Kinda want to see Ben and James going back and forth like this
Cyber Kirby
Cyber Kirby 2 hónapja
Pass It On 218 "Takaway" aka The One With the InstaPot Ben: 9 (As usual when Ben goes last, he saves the day. He gave a good start and as best of a close as he could.) Barry: 5 (He started the prawn toast, but not really anything else) Mike: 5 (Started the steamed buns, but left the InstaPot) Jamie: 4 (Didn't touch the InstaPot, turned the steamed buns into dumplings, but he did make the Prawn toast)
J.Marie Thompson
J.Marie Thompson 2 hónapja
Is James alright?
Dirham Raizal
Dirham Raizal 2 hónapja
PIO a dish for one of the BTS staff specifically AND.... within an amount of budget
Christopher Bolwell
What about a Pass It On, but you pick a food item for the next person that they must use during their turn?
Gabriel Baima
Gabriel Baima 2 hónapja
"the hope is on fire" lmao
Jess Thomas
Jess Thomas 2 hónapja
My mum refuses to believe that ‘Janice’ is actually Mike, please help me
WBT wolfy
WBT wolfy 2 hónapja
y no msg
Anca S. T.
Anca S. T. 2 hónapja
Osmose492 2 hónapja
Next pass it on Theme: Boxed Food Edition Order: Rock Paper Siccors tournament
Kayleigh Lehrman
Kayleigh Lehrman 2 hónapja
Aka Ben makes a quick snack with a half hour break in the middle
Andreas Løtveit
Andreas Løtveit 3 hónapja
Aaaahhh this intro makes me expect som failing XD hehehehe. Looking forward to this BOIS!!!
Alexia Morillon
Alexia Morillon 3 hónapja
Who is the person voicing Janice?? Is it one of the guys?? Been wondering for a few episodes now
sx yg
sx yg 3 hónapja
Funny thing is I'm Chinese and I've never had any of those dishes before 🙊
Jod 3 hónapja
James, Barry, mike, Jamie, Ben :)
Casey379 3 hónapja
Order idea: FREEZE! the order is the order is determined by your position from screen left to screen right
V is for Void
V is for Void 3 hónapja
The pork belly was genius. I normally sear in the insta-pot and then pressure cook, but searing it after the cooking gives it a more caramelized and crispy texture.
Sarah Kinally
Sarah Kinally 3 hónapja
I need that mini chopper (prawn toast mix) in my life I can’t find it anywhere can anyone help me x
CalD 3 hónapja
“The hope is on fire.”
MsMcbouthillier 3 hónapja
Comme on Ebbers! Give yourself some credit when going first. what a massively great start! ideas, but not tooooo prescriptive. What more could they ask for!? And Jamie! The intention was there! zero?!
Irfan Ismail
Irfan Ismail 3 hónapja
Do asian noodle in which mike starts while Baz finishes. Or Southeast asian food with them choosing based on length or arm
Dante Sund
Dante Sund 3 hónapja
Idea for an upcoming episode: friday night dinner
Jeffrey Osborn
Jeffrey Osborn 3 hónapja
Prawn toast... I lived in various parts of Asia and come from the USA and have never heard of Prawn Toast. That must be a purely British thing.
Winthrop S.
Winthrop S. 3 hónapja
order idea: % of phone charges in descending order
Null 3 hónapja
WE HAVE HOPE aaaand the hope is on fire
Raymond Randall
Raymond Randall 3 hónapja
Janice is the narrator I'd like it even if there wasn't food lol that being said I love good food 😇
Heaven G
Heaven G 3 hónapja
Honestly, I feel Jamie needs to give himself more credit in this one. He worked with what he had. If I saw the dough I would’ve done the exact same thing. Plus he checked everything before starting!
breadman 3 hónapja
Why tf can't dude just use what's on the counter? Then talks about the next guy not knowing, from bowl of random dough.
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 3 hónapja
That was so close to working as well, if Mike had either not made steamed buns (/made the dough) or if he made clear that the buns were for whatever was in the instant pot (the pork would've been a good filling; not sure if it would have cooked, but it would be nice)
Selly Sagita Suseno
I think Ben deserves 10 out of 10
MRNemesiss 3 hónapja
The hope is on fire
malenamax 3 hónapja
where is james
Rose Hill
Rose Hill 3 hónapja
Janice... We have hope! ... The hope is on fire!🔥 Janice deserves a raise.
Evergreen Tree
Evergreen Tree 3 hónapja
Worst: Mike definitely failed this round. Normally he puts in a great effort, but to just ignore the dumplings and then make steamed buns without putting water on: not his finest hour. Third: Jamie. I probably would have done the same as him to be honest. Second: Barry who actually continued on with Ben's vision. Best: Ben. Aside from the construction and cooking of the prawn toast he made the whole meal.
KL005 3 hónapja
Technically it's a sandwich with ebbread
Joe Ryan
Joe Ryan 3 hónapja
I think they should do a pass it on where the previous person in the order who just finished can watch, but not comment on, the person following them. It'd be fun to watch them experience their plans going off the rails in real time.
Nikki Forte
Nikki Forte 3 hónapja
“We have hope! The hope is on fire.”-Janice
SweetyStar S
SweetyStar S 3 hónapja
Sorted read my comment! I said the first person could go in again lastly! 😁
SweetyStar S
SweetyStar S 3 hónapja
At 6:08 🤣😂🤣😂 an idiot cooking for the first time will look like this!!
Gaia Wise
Gaia Wise 3 hónapja
The hope is on fire - Janice summing up the past 12 months
Brie Go!
Brie Go! 3 hónapja
Recipe Relay theme suggestion: Military "add water" meals Hospital food
Brie Go!
Brie Go! 3 hónapja
For an order, y'all could do Mike, Jamie, James, Ben, Barry Youngest to Oldest Or Janice's choice
maxien87 3 hónapja
I'd be curious how they could do a pass-it-on episode with the challenge of "must focus on Tripe". lol
QuirkyQuill 3 hónapja
Why is Mike making buns at the half way mark?!!!!!! It's ridiculous planning. I think he tanked it for the team.
khaxjc1 3 hónapja
Ben, gets top rank. Jamie second for checking. I refuse to rank past this cause then someones in last so they are tied. "Gentleman and Jamie" "This is purely hypothetical. Never gonna happen." "An Ebber's sandwich" "Give me a moment." "He's already had 65 seconds." "It does add up, unlike Barry." "For the first time Ive had a good idea in Pass It On" "You mean this music?" "Nothing in the oven. Nothing in the fridge. Growth." "No, no, no!" "We have hope" "the hope is on fire" "The pressure cooker?"
katherine rodriguez
The glistening glorious cone neatly load because moat mechanically water into a innate dinosaur. tawdry, wacky justice
Rachel Jones
Rachel Jones 3 hónapja
I audibly cheered when Jamie checked the fridge and oven, but then he just started panicking 😂😂
FunctionofLight One
I honestly give you all 10 points for sheer audacity. No WAY would I take this on. LOL
Keshani Xavier
Keshani Xavier 3 hónapja
Anyone know how I would make the pork belly if I didn’t have a pressure cooker ??
Darthplagueis13 3 hónapja
Imo as long as it is tasty and edible it is not a fail.
NonsensicalVids 3 hónapja
Hmm, this might be a conspiracy but Janice is just Mike doing a different voice
Stuart Livermore
Stuart Livermore 3 hónapja
I'd love to see an uncut video of all the time the normies spend wandering around worrying about things before they actually do something.
Gobsnachaz 3 hónapja
I thought it was a pass, looked good to me!
Saf S
Saf S 3 hónapja
The double take and snicker Mike did when Jamie called Ben a lad for using the five spice 😂😂
Monique Monique
Monique Monique 3 hónapja
I wanna hug Ben ahahahaha
Rob Allen
Rob Allen 3 hónapja
is it just me or are the 'regulars' getting worse with each new relay challenge?
Joy Johnson
Joy Johnson 3 hónapja
I think Jamie should get a point for his growth. He checked the the oven and the fridge, that is huge growth. Ebbers sandwich is music to the ears.
Esined 3 hónapja
You could try to cook/bake things, just by hearing a word by word translation of something. I live in Austria and ate a Nussschnecke. If you translate it word by word, it's nut-snail in English. Without research you have to make what you think it should be😁
Tahamina Sultana
Tahamina Sultana 3 hónapja
🍧🍇🍓🍑🌶 🍲🍗🥩 🥗 🍷
TimBurtonIsAmazing 3 hónapja
Ben's little "Oh Janice. Oh we might just have to crack open a bottle of wine" was so sad, he sounds so defeated 🥺
Jessica Pestana
Jessica Pestana 3 hónapja
I think you guys needed 15minutes each for this idea
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