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Get ready because you’re in for a treat! Our Chef, Ebbers has loosened the purse strings and splashed the cash on a selection of higher-end kitchen gadgets, including the MUCH-REQUESTED Bartesian Machine! Have a watch to see how Jamie and Barry got on with testing them.
Sage by Heston, Smoking Gun: amzn.to/2QRfKK1
Beech Wood 3 Blade Cabbage Slicer: bit.ly/3dkqkAN
Bartesian Machine: bit.ly/39ozJWH
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BigMarcello100 32 perccel
Can you put weed into the smoker and make every dish really fun?
sbodi4d Napja
The only gadget that I have actually bought was the Outlery cutlery set. Love it, and feel special whenever I use it knowing that I am not putting plastic waste in the ocean...
Wiket 3 napja
Was just my 21st birthday, wish someone got me that!
Vicki Faulkner
Please review the Thermomix TM6 and the Kenwood Cooking Chef XL
Lexie HL
Lexie HL 4 napja
Multi tasking is my weakest skill in the kitchen so this all felt a little too real to me.
Royce 4 napja
Ok boys fess up, who ended up with the cocktail machine? 🍸🧉🍹
Lettuce Carrots
The very first commercially available smoke gun was a slightly modified, very expensive conversion of a cheap, Chinese, plastic $10.00 battery powered keyboard duster.
Wild Portrait Artist
as someone with dexterity issues a mandolin looks super handy for slicing veggies! Not sure I'd go for one JUST for slicing cabbage though!
LadyAJ 12 napja
That drink machine takes all the fun out of cocktails. Experimentation! Finding weird liquors! Infusions!
anushka shah
anushka shah 13 napja
chris acosta
chris acosta 13 napja
someone should make Jaime a bloody mary using that smoke gun and a rim of smoked salt as a review item
Rads ical
Rads ical 14 napja
The pods are too pricy. 2-3 pounds for 1 pod? How many drinks can a pod make?
Rads ical
Rads ical 14 napja
It’s easy to get portable smokers on Amazon for under $20. My brother bought one that works well and u can use regular wood chips in it
Joanie Elder
Joanie Elder 14 napja
Help! I haven't watched all the videos yet but is there a review of instant thermometers? If not, can the chefs or normals recommend one that actually works INSTANTLY?? I end up with my oven open for 1-3 minutes waiting for the thermometer to stop clicking upwards! Thanks family!
faschmer 15 napja
What about testing the thermomix?
auntiesash 15 napja
oh.my.lord. I still have my grandmother's antique slaw cutter. Same exact design!! Yes - quarts of sauerkraut but then, all summer, all sorts of chopped salads. It will also work for slicing pears, cooked beets, etc before putting canning.
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 20 napja
Poor Jamie was so hopeful for steak. Lol.
Robert P
Robert P 22 napja
The cocktail machine doesn't make any sense to me. If your favorite drink is an Old Fashion, all you need is Bourbon, an orange, bitters, a sugar cube, ice, cherry and some soda water. It will be far better than this machine could ever do. If the company went out of business and the capsules were no longer available the machine would be rendered useless.
Anna Fros
Anna Fros 24 napja
we have the mandolin for cabbage at home, as we make a huge batch of sauerkraut for the whole year each autumn. the process involves a lot of salt, big bowls and.. feet 😂
Jimbob Jones
Jimbob Jones 25 napja
Are these chefs? What chef wouldn't recognize a cold smoke gun? (And I love my smoke gun. Expensive, but totally worth the money. My wife doesn't like smoke... I do. So I make salmon, and smoke mine after the fact.)
anfaz rahman
anfaz rahman 26 napja
The first gadget is weed smoker Put some weed fire it and enjoy it
Selan Lee
Selan Lee 26 napja
I would love to see if this Tipsi Tray - Single Handed Easy to Use Serving Tray actually works 😂
Keith Nadin
Keith Nadin 29 napja
just had a brain wave for you to review it's got to be a brilliant gadget for you to test seeing ass you always seem to have trouble with yours..... try reviewing potato peelers!!!!!!
William MacDonald
Rosanne Derrett
Rosanne Derrett Hónapja
I'd love the beechwood slicer, not just for sauerkraut but also cabbage kimchi and for the cabbagy bit of okonomiyaki
H B Hónapja
That is not a "Bratwurst" it is a sausage which resembles a Bratwurst. The sausage looks way to dry, plus it´s a fine cut sausage. The meat of a real Bratwurst is supposed to be minced more coarse. Bis zum nächsten Video. Tschüss Jungs.
Jeki13 Hónapja
Have you guys ever reviewed a rice cooker?
Rhewin Hónapja
I very much like this newer intro. A lot more stylish and less annoying when binging.
jammernoc Hónapja
Soooo could you put herb in the smoking gun ?
khuang96 Hónapja
Kinda miss the puns, unexpectedly haha
snakehulk21220 Hónapja
"im not sure if its in the cream or on the cream" perhaps mixing it before going full cat and sticking your face in the bowl would have been a thought
I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages
I may be just overly negative here and influenced by the fact that I usually prefer the base ingredients straight up, but I find the cocktail mixer extremely stupid, mostly for the fact that you have to use the capsules. That's terrible from both the perspective of the consumer as well as the environment. Syrups are several times cheaper than the capsules so it's still better to buy those if you just want to try out a bunch of cocktails at home. The biggest pain in the ass (where some convenience would actually be useful) generally tend to be mojito variations where you just impulsively decide to have a whole bunch but have to go buy mint because your plant died again and you end up buying ice cream as well as potato chips and other junk food, thinking you're going to watch a movie. You remember ice cream goes well with Malibu so you get that but you also get some cream just in case and then you go back to the alcohol section to get more white rum because the mint box is way too large for what you have at home. Later you find yourself watching youtube at 4AM with most of the alcohol gone and the movie unwatched. The point is, this machine won't mojito, let alone any variations of it. Anything with milk or cream is also a no go. The machine makes some of the most simple cocktails that can be mixed in less than two minutes no matter how drunk you are at the moment.
Pete's Shredder.
Have a look at the anova oven. Steam combi oven for the home. First units arrive in the uk this week (including mine :-D) after months of waiting
Adin Silajdzija
Adin Silajdzija Hónapja
"Smoke 'anything'"? OK!!!
Solanari Hónapja
i think for pod alcohol machines the one by drinkworks is so much better because the one in the video you still have to get your own alcohol so what is the point? What i would want out of such a machine is the convenience and that means everything in the pod and just have a water reservoir so that I don't have to have an alcohol cabinet (www.drinkworks.com/product/the-drinkmaker)
Gibby Hart
Gibby Hart Hónapja
Have that exact whiskey! It's spectacular!
SORTEDfood Hónapja
It's so good!
ShuHao Hónapja
what does the last gadget even do? it's seems so fucking useless 💀
Maria Tykhonova
Maria Tykhonova Hónapja
So now you have this cabbage slicer you should definitely try cooking traditional Ukrainian borsch! :)
Benjamin Hanna
Benjamin Hanna Hónapja
wouldnt pay more than 120 quid for that cocktail maker
djdsf Hónapja
The last one looks good, but these damn auto drink makers cost so much and end up tasting "passable" at best. Kuerig makes one that actually has the alcohol included, but Instill can't get over the $8 per glass price when it's would be the same or cheaper at the bar and I would not have to pay for the machine to make it to being with.
exonwarrior Hónapja
The smoke gun seems great and I'd definitely use it. But the drinks machine is a big no-thank-you from me. Making a wide variety of drinks is really not that hard. Not even counting alcohol (as the 300pounds quoted in the video doesn't either), all of my tools, syrups, juices and garnishes were a fraction of that cost. Plus once the company stops making the pods you are SOL.
Nova Fernandez
Nova Fernandez Hónapja
Only the smoking gun caught my eye, though I just got my new pampered chef mandolin - OMG! I love this thing so much - its not a traditional design because you move the blade rather than the food and its SO much safer! It has a chute you put the food in, and I guess a plunger is the best word for it (?) that you unlock and extend to push back down and that moves the blade to cut the food in the chute, of course there is a guard/pusher for the chute so everything gets cut even.
Denise Ho
Denise Ho Hónapja
$300 quid would buy you a lot of alcohol to make those cocktails and more
WalkIntoMyFace Hónapja
The smoking gun is really good. I find it better if you smoke it twice but leave overnight (if applicable) on the second smoking.
tanzeen ahmed
tanzeen ahmed Hónapja
I have a grand idea for the smoker machine.
khaxjc1 Hónapja
Hope anyone seeing this has a good day and thanks to the team for the vid.
oropher777 Hónapja
That drinks Keurig offends my sensibilities .... same as a coffee Keurig. Seems quite wasteful.
Carlos Draws
Carlos Draws Hónapja
Watching this video is like window shopping for my future kitchen.
Kevinthemindful Hónapja
Please tweak brightness or remove the pink light from behind Mike and Ben.
z3r0t0l3r4ns Hónapja
The trouble with fancy mandolins is that none of them do the job BETTER than a benny, and if you're not confident enough to use a benny then you probably shouldn't be using a mandoline.
Symbro Hónapja
"gift for a 21st birthday" wait, is that the legal drinking age there? I thought it was 16
Amelia T.
Amelia T. Hónapja
18 i believe
Mary Joy Spohrer
I can't see myself getting any of these lot of items.
vampjoseph11 Hónapja
The Bartesian Machine: The Keurig/Tassimo for alcoholics
FloorBank Hónapja
Way too many puns in one video, love it.
Gerbrand Steyn
Gerbrand Steyn Hónapja
Ben seemed - sad ?
Virgínia Lijarcio
Can you guys review the Almond Cow, please?
Irudium1 Hónapja
This is great for smoking pot !
Kriste Isopahkala
That coctail machine is definitely something that belongs in an Archer episode.
tapeshaft Hónapja
Honestly, I want to like that cocktail thingy, but my gut is telling me it's garbage.
Hannu Ala-Olla
Hannu Ala-Olla Hónapja
What if the cheese is what you make the smoke with, not what you flavor with the smoke?
Ray y G
Ray y G Hónapja
"you can pretty much Smoke anything.." Jamie smirks. Same!
Bald Zeus
Bald Zeus Hónapja
I've considered the smoke gun for cocktails
Aisha Zeben
Aisha Zeben Hónapja
Wondering why they didn't try other things with the mandolin? It can be used for so much more than sauerkraut
SvMaverick91 Hónapja
The last product i didn't like. If you want expensive cocktails - go to a bar (i know,i know, pandemic at the moment). If you like quality cocktails - learn how to make them at home. Also,for 300$ , you can stack up on so much decent bottles of alcohol and you will be way better off.
Wollowa Hónapja
i feel like ben would just be a great dad
bloemundude Hónapja
I wonder what could be done by bubbling smoke through a liquid (cream or melted butter before sautéing mushrooms and onions). Smoky ghee sounds worth trying.
Jay B
Jay B Hónapja
.... as a bartender. Just learn the recipe. Of all the complicated 6 ingredient cocktails I could choose. U chose old fashioned and cosmopolitan. They are literally the cocktails You can make so show off ur balance of ingredients. That’s what makes them good. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Can we see a thermomix review please!
Thomas Schmidt
Thomas Schmidt Hónapja
The cocktail maker is tops, but I cannot justify the price point. Perhaps 1/3 less than its current would be easier to swallow
Alexandra M.
Alexandra M. Hónapja
Sage gun is now 45 quid onAmazon.
Edward Hodge
Edward Hodge Hónapja
You guys are killing it!
Abey Hónapja
Papa Joshua would be really happy with the first one ☝️
Ohh, get that smoker and up grade cheap smoked salmon into fancy smoked salmon.
Alvino veritas
Alvino veritas Hónapja
Am I the only one to think of a second kind of use for the smoke machine ?
vilmos1584 Hónapja
Jamie : here, have a jug of cream Barry: *_scallpoie dü'mon pepeaux_*
STC Suntzucreed
STC Suntzucreed Hónapja
How valuable is the pound to the british? Because 300 pounds sounds cheap to me for that type of gadget
Zoe Hónapja
You can buy a passable espresso machine for the price of that cocktail making piece of crap.
Alethea Lenning
Alethea Lenning Hónapja
I am totally buying the cocktail maker!
nadim obeid
nadim obeid Hónapja
The cabbage cutter really made me think how deferent cultures are, in the Balkan area that thing is a common house item and good wooden one would cost less than 10e. Also you could make fresh cabbage salad with it as well as slice anything you need not just cabbage.
Gobsnachaz Hónapja
What if you did a pass it on, but in addition to the regular video, you released footage of the whole thing in real time. Like an hour long video!
David Peveto
David Peveto Hónapja
I have a real problem with that cocktail thing. It's huge and takes up counter space but also doesn't actually do anything. I suppose it measures out a pour of your main spirit, but it's just taking a cocktail mix in a pod, shooting into a mixing vessel or glass. You could get the exact same result with an auto-stop pouring tip and a knife to cut open the pod for hundreds of pounds less. It's not mixing, diluting, stirring, chilling or any of the actual challenging or time consuming things that come with making a drink.
Marcus Baker
Marcus Baker Hónapja
The cocktail machine is far and away not worth the money. Most of the cocktails people would be making at home are simple enough to not need a machine for their creation; for example, a Cosmo is 4 ingredients: vodka, lime juice, triple sec, and cranberry juice. That cosmo was so heavy on the cran when it should be more of a light pink because it's already gonna be tart thanks to the combo of cran and lime juice, so to go that heavy on the cran is just too much. Simple cocktails don't take too long to make nor are they worth losing the personal touch of how the consumer enjoys them.
blackmanpacman Hónapja
We bartenders have been using smoking guns for literally years
Lisa Hoeppner
Lisa Hoeppner Hónapja
Jamies reaction to you can pretty much smoke anything 😳 but it's gonna be cold smoke😆.
makido1234 Hónapja
It's common in Japan to serve shredded lettus with deep fried foods so they should sell that cabbage shredder there.
Monique Astl
Monique Astl Hónapja
Would love to see the chefs play around with the Sage, Smoking Gun on different food using different ‘burnables’. Like what type of dried teas are good, and what they’d be used for. Barry said you could use hay and I am supper excited to find out what smoked hay goes well with. The use of hay for flavor is something I’ve never hear of before.
Lazy-ish ViolaCook
I just want more of the plug song. "Pluggy plug plug plug plug plug-plug WOW!"
Justikki Smith
Justikki Smith Hónapja
Forget a specialized cabbage shredder, you can get wafer thin shreds with a food processor’s slicer attachment and also get all the useful benefits of a food processor too.
nichtLachen Hónapja
The drink dispenser thingy is useless. like i dont want to spend 300quid on a machine that makes me drinks that i can simply make on my own with simple recipes that i can find all over the internet.
nichtLachen Hónapja
You normally also put carrots (diced or sliced) in the Sauerkraut and some people also put smoked ham in it. it's freaking delicious
William Saykao
William Saykao Hónapja
I haven't watched anything on this channel in a long time, but I can see that Ben is noticeably thinner, not like he was ever overweight fat. However, good on you Ben. Loved the episode.
Nagelfar Hónapja
I quite like the cabbage mandolin.
Micky P
Micky P Hónapja
Is it just me or does it look like Ebbers has lost weight? 🤔
Rach Hedge
Rach Hedge Hónapja
The bar machine would have been great at the beginning of COVID if we knew it would last over a year. It replaces going to a bar.
Sam W
Sam W Hónapja
For £300 you can solve the problem by buying all your favourite cocktail ingredients, a place to store them, and a simple set of bar tools
Willow Davidson
Willow Davidson Hónapja
Love these. Check out the Levo Infusion Machine for your next round of gadge.
bustednebs Hónapja
That yellow light on the left keep making think there's a random pineapple slice
Aaron Stroud
Aaron Stroud Hónapja
I have a smoking gun.. pretty fun to use. I’ve made smoked salted Carmel ice cream.
Franscois 77
Franscois 77 Hónapja
The bar machine is so ridiculously stupid. And what's with "cool" gadgets that make so much plastic waste. Like a middle finger to the planet. But it's cool right. Would be nice if you guys had some gadgets or a series of gadgets that's environmentally friendly.
Martin Jacobsson
Now one is useful.
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