Re-Attempting Past Cooking Fails! | ULTIMATE LAVA CAKE BATTLE 2018 | SORTEDfood 

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In today’s episode, we’re taking another trip down memory lane to revisit another epic fail where our normal homecooks, Barry, Mike and Jamie took on the lava cake. Now, in 2021, will they be able to top their last performance? Watch to find out!
You can watch the first Lava Cake Battle here: hurun.info/to/vide/hoN2lIuBunfZvbM.html
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mamaharriett2 3 napja
I love theses videos where they learn from their mistakes, and show us by their Example to learn from ours
PixelTheRainbow 10 napja
I actually love these re-dos because its nice to see how they’ve all improved!
khushboo vaish
khushboo vaish 22 napja
Okay I might be late but GO JAMIE GO!!! WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!
Silent Zephyr
Silent Zephyr Hónapja
9:48 This is pretty much where things went downhill for Mike. I was looking forward to his dish the most. It's a shame he didn't win
Joy L
Joy L Hónapja
Yay! Jamie! lol
Dean C
Dean C Hónapja
On paper, Barry’s is the best by far... execution? That’s for you to say
BlackAliss Hónapja
I wanna try Mike's cake. I'm not particularly fond of chocolate and its nice seing other flavors. Maybe a passion fruit curd, or my gingered lime curd?
Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb Hónapja
"we don't need to know who won" no, but we absolutely need to know Mike lost
scott rhodes
scott rhodes 2 hónapja
"So just to be clear I came in third"-that is so funny it is almost demented.
shadowtheimpure 2 hónapja
I love seeing people make lava cakes that don't involve chocolate. I'm not really fond of chocolate, so most lava cakes are rather unappealing to me.
Barbara Danley
Barbara Danley 2 hónapja
I'm never disappointed when I make something that doesn't turn out to be what I intended but is still yummy.
Milliene Xu
Milliene Xu 2 hónapja
not sure this was all that much better than last time lmao, may even be worse...
Richard Physician
Richard Physician 2 hónapja
What happened to the guy that came off like he was too good for the rest of the guys? I miss his arrogance and insolence.
Malaika Hussain
Malaika Hussain 2 hónapja
I’m so confused because when cutting into Barry’s, the cake had a white centre and when cutting into Jamie’s, the cake had a peanut butter centre Did the shots get mixed up?
Anthony See
Anthony See 2 hónapja
The swooshing sound effects during transitions gives me the tingles.
SORTEDfood 2 hónapja
😂 brilliant.
Aubryella Otero
Aubryella Otero 2 hónapja
This thumbnail is such clickbait, I thought James Curry would be in this video 😡😡 Wow I just took another look at it and I see the (2018) on the bottom 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😢😢😢
annece ferron
annece ferron 2 hónapja
My French ear understanding « That, is a love cake! »
Ashley Morrison
Ashley Morrison 2 hónapja
Oh nooo Mike, I was just as disappointed as you for your lava cake! It sounded so good! Here is a thought (really hope that doesn't come across as snarky as it's not intended to), not sure if it would work, maybe try adding white chocolate to the curd? I know Matcha and white chocolate go well together, not sure if that would help with the issue you had 😊
Hannah Lawrie
Hannah Lawrie 2 hónapja
Please try more vegan foods! Maybe a vegan challenge for the chefs and/or normals? Or vegan desserts?
Cody 2 hónapja
Jamie... my spirit animal hahaha.
PinkCircleO8 2 hónapja
Next one should be chicken cause of Barry's undercooked pie crust for the chicken and mushroom pie.
bleukreuz 2 hónapja
yeah you shouldn't put your face above a steaming hot liquid or you'll get burns! (Steam can be very hot!!)
Jessica J
Jessica J 2 hónapja
Barry’s fade thooo
andzia.zach 2 hónapja
12:59 this is where I had to cover the speakers because my dog started panicking
Hyuna Liam
Hyuna Liam 2 hónapja
Some passing ideas for any videos: Every time Barry leaves a hob on, he loses the ability to use the hob for a few minutes. Every time Jamie does a Jamie move, whoever he is up against gets to copy that same move. (could be a power move or not) To help them not complain so much with each other and how things may not work out so well, a constant relay switch every 10-15 minutes between the normals and they have to say something to nice for whatever the last person has contributed to their dish. Bonus if the others don’t know what the main person was aiming for and surprise at the end. All in the pass it on relay have a limited amount of items to pick for their time cooking, and they can’t go over it. Like 1-3 items. 3 course meal of chosen failed dishes, solo in making like the Valentine’s Day video. Bonus of each one attempted a dish they failed on the worse.
Rebecca Coeyman
Rebecca Coeyman 2 hónapja
I’m so glad Jamie did it!!
Daniel Hanselmann
Daniel Hanselmann 2 hónapja
3, 2, 1, LAVA has been the stupidest thing I've laughed at in a long time.
NY Yap
NY Yap 2 hónapja
given a choice, i'd prefer mike's despite not being a molten lava cake! that really look appetizing and i like the taste profile.
Caerigna 2 hónapja
did any of Mike's come out better? I feel like one of 'em had to stay at leas a bit inside.
Elizabeth Moore
Elizabeth Moore 2 hónapja
I would love to see a battle or pass it on in the future where the boys are given at random some of the the unusual flavor combinations they have tasted in past videos and have to make a dish around them
Bethany Alcraft
Bethany Alcraft 2 hónapja
Barry screaming CUT IT!!!! Speaks to me on so many levels 😂
Julio Gonzalez
Julio Gonzalez 2 hónapja
Cut it!!!
dOubLE-kNoT oN mAh yEEziEs
Alison Lindsay
Alison Lindsay 2 hónapja
Ok chefs, I'm curious, and also sad for Mike. Why did his cakes backfire? The process looked so good!
Hans Kruse
Hans Kruse 2 hónapja
The green macha cake with raspberry looked superb. Going to try that one.
Nina Mellor
Nina Mellor 2 hónapja
redo the donut battle!
hotwill100 3 hónapja
Can we get mikes set up for another test? His looks like a epic cake that needs redemption.
runawayfae ?!!
runawayfae ?!! 3 hónapja
Just keep revisiting this until you can ALL do it properly
Jackson Kennedy
Jackson Kennedy 3 hónapja
I'm sorry for his what?!? 10:11 ... yah get that visual outta your head now!
Doctor Doubt
Doctor Doubt 3 hónapja
Just wondering for a techer: Would it have helped the curd not sinking if Mike coated it in flour? I know that's what you do with raisins to help them sink less.
Thomas Bull
Thomas Bull 3 hónapja
Phoebe said its cool
Keriel Watson
Keriel Watson 3 hónapja
He did it! I was rooting for Jay. When that cake came out whole, with a gooey center I cheered!
Higashirin Chiah
Higashirin Chiah 3 hónapja
Diarrhea 8:25. Now I can't unsee it
Jake Woolmer
Jake Woolmer 3 hónapja
Wheres James gone!? Havent seen him in any videos for ages
Shauna Thomas
Shauna Thomas 3 hónapja
Has James left?😥 We miss his sarcasm 😢
Siti Khadijah
Siti Khadijah 3 hónapja
Korean food battle!
slumbers 3 hónapja
"My sauce, my nuts- are coming on nicely" 💀
Thomas Edwards
Thomas Edwards 3 hónapja
Would like to see another bread battle and it actually be about the bread
sakuraihikari13 3 hónapja
From a pastry chef perspective I would have used white chocolate and make a yuzu ganache instead of a curd because yuzu is a delicate citrus and since your making a matcha base the flavour profiles will crash. So having it as a ganache will help balance the taste and also create the ooze factor.
Zepplin85 85
Zepplin85 85 3 hónapja
Again I ask these " chefs" are actually chefs, do they work in a restaurant, manage a restaurant? What makes them chefs?
Anni M
Anni M 3 hónapja
I don't think I've ever gotten teary eyed over a successful lava cake before.
Liam Epp
Liam Epp 3 hónapja
Do a pass it on that is 5 hours to make a full 4 course dinner
Riley Kenney
Riley Kenney 3 hónapja
Just for the Lols I would like to see a remake of the great Burrito controversy. Nothing says content like re-opening that giant can of worms.
osogoodgirl 3 hónapja
Wait, what happened to the fun intro?! 😢
oropher777 3 hónapja
Remake the American meatloaf. And DON'T PUT GHERKIN IN IT!!!
Kiddeath 1998
Kiddeath 1998 3 hónapja
The next Re attempt would be the recipe relay challenge for fresh pasta.
Jake Alfred
Jake Alfred 3 hónapja
Securus 777
Securus 777 3 hónapja
Guess it's time to revisit the revisit?
Eva Cantú
Eva Cantú 3 hónapja
I love Ben! Hahah he is so food geeky haha
Farida Parmar
Farida Parmar 3 hónapja
It's really sad to see Mike loosing all the time
deadso 3 hónapja
@:3:59 that's 3 eggs (watch on 0.25x speed)
Jaap Stoel
Jaap Stoel 3 hónapja
I now want chocolate!
Max Mays
Max Mays 3 hónapja
Mike tries so hard with these out of the box ideas, and they all sound amazing, it just seems like one little thing always goes wrong and then everything doesn't come together. I feel so bad for him!
MintPanda 3 hónapja
I think Mike needs a redemption attempt for choux pastry. I also think that a redo of the cliff top cocktail bar would be amazing.
Michelle Benna
Michelle Benna 3 hónapja
It seems like Mike isn't having a great year cooking or baking, sending my skills virtually!
J O 3 hónapja
I had so much faith in Mike ugh
Ben Tipton
Ben Tipton 3 hónapja
Would it be possible to do a pass it on but full length of 50 mins? Be interesting to see just how much time they actually waste and flap 🤷‍♂️😂 or a live stream pass it on when you film it?
Nakita R
Nakita R 3 hónapja
An idea for the next battle: the ‘normals’ have to make party food that families have at Children’s parties. Examples might be party pies, fairy bread, butterfly cakes etc
spartanB0292 3 hónapja
Yo where the fuck is James???
Valerie Jack
Valerie Jack 3 hónapja
All the streaks on the stove are killing me
Lydia Radford
Lydia Radford 3 hónapja
Bless Mike. He's hardly getting any wins at the moment😭❤️
Vilija Kiliotaityte
You guys are awsome;)my husband likes your challenges alot so am i;)
Add E
Add E 3 hónapja
Barry and Jamie did not make lava cake; they made underbaked cake. Mike wins.
Prz Cmp
Prz Cmp 3 hónapja
we're running out of ideas , ain't we
Basil Wallace
Basil Wallace 3 hónapja
Redo the burger challenge
randomanimeinu 3 hónapja
I'd like to see Ben/James do the matcha one along with some other interesting not so chocolatey lava cake ideas
Danny Ames
Danny Ames 3 hónapja
Loved this vid!!!!! Pls do more. PLEASE
Inbal Reshef
Inbal Reshef 3 hónapja
way to go Jamie!!!!!!!
Peach Anne
Peach Anne 3 hónapja
i love the aprons...
Lecutus Of Borg
Lecutus Of Borg 3 hónapja
what happend to James??
Dorion_FFXI 3 hónapja
Redoing the first Sorted video I ever watched. Fun stuff.
Becky Jennings
Becky Jennings 3 hónapja
Love it!!
KorSidy 3 hónapja
hamburger helper but fancy?
Madeline Olivier
Madeline Olivier 3 hónapja
If the don't redo the american battle....
Fefo 3 hónapja
Why are you just ignoring to talk about the James situation?
beachmagnolia 3 hónapja
I want Barry to win so bad. He'll be insufferable and it'll be hilarious to watch.
Alex Langevin
Alex Langevin 3 hónapja
Where's James?
Kira B
Kira B 3 hónapja
I despise lava cakes. So...Mike is my winner!
stecky87 3 hónapja
Poor Mike . . .
Matt Bynorth
Matt Bynorth 3 hónapja
What’s with the new intro? Looks like an #ad. Bring back fridge cam
Leon Chung
Leon Chung 3 hónapja
I really wished Mike's worked, I love yuzu, and the raspberry color on top looked amazing.
Alex Montrose
Alex Montrose 3 hónapja
Is James not in the group anymore?
Alexander Thomson
Alexander Thomson 3 hónapja
@sortedfood I feel like everybody has a vendetta against Mike in battles or whenever there is judging 👀 when last did they guy win something?? He needs VAR !
Matt 3 hónapja
Bring back innuendo bingo and shock challenge (but rebrand as pregnancy labor simulation) hurun.info/to/vide/h6dyk55q15Oq29E.html
JustACoffeeBean 3 hónapja
Love this video, as always. I also love the new intro. After years of watching this channel I do skip the intros
Nikijs Vackars
Nikijs Vackars 3 hónapja
love the new intro, stylish and simple!
MF101 3 hónapja
I dozed off the other night watching this one and accidentally dropped a dislike. Noticed only now when I came to rewatch on my PC. No worries, Sorted, I realized my mistake and fixed it with a thumbs up! We just gotta wait for the other 90 sleepyheads to do the same.
katye seip
katye seip 3 hónapja
Mike needs a win...
faerirose 3 hónapja
Even if it wasn't lava-ey, I'd like the flavors in Mike's the most.
James Howarth
James Howarth 3 hónapja
Where is JAMES?!
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