Re-attempting our Past Cooking Fails | ULTIMATE PANCAKE BATTLE (2015) | SORTEDfood 

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Ever heard the expression, if first you don’t succeed, try, try again? Well today, in 2021, our three home cooks, Jamie, Barry and Mike are doing just that! Watch the chaos unfold as they recook their ultimate pancake fails from 2015…
You can watch the first Ultimate Pancake Battle from 2015 here: hurun.info/to/vide/n5KYxaFnqprZw54.html
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2021.febr. 3.






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t_r_m_91 Napja
Mike's 1st Jamie 2nd Baz 3rd.
Mike Horton
Mike Horton 6 napja
You DO NOT put VEG, OR FISH in damn pancakes.... WTF is wrong with you??????????????????? OOOOMMMMGGGGG!
iluvdissheet 10 napja
What does "pollocks" mean? @10:03 I feel like I missed some deep knowledge from Barry but I'm pretty sure he didn't do what he said he did. 😂
otterkeeper13 15 napja
No interest in the salmon mess. Definitely made for the judge.
Jasmin V
Jasmin V 22 napja
Barry's sounds and looks so good, I would definitely love to steal that idea...
huggledemon32 28 napja
I can’t decide if Ben was meaning to say “uniformity” or if the correct English IS in fact “uniformality”??!!🧐🤷‍♀️
xydoit 29 napja
Mike did the "i forgot pancake"
Glen Pritchard
Glen Pritchard Hónapja
Here in the States we can't do cookie dough pancakes because our eggs have salmonella, thanks to deregulation during the Ronald Reagan administration.
Graecyn K.
Graecyn K. Hónapja
I am dying laughing at Barry going "ART. *Hulk smash bottle onto plate*" ROFLMAOOOOO so unexpected.
Carlos Rios
Carlos Rios Hónapja
MaZen Rizvi
MaZen Rizvi Hónapja
Barrys plating skill just gave every 1 new idea
khuang96 Hónapja
The blooper is so cute~
khuang96 Hónapja
Jamie's pancakes six years ago seem fluffier...
khuang96 Hónapja
12:28 😆😆😆
Maggie Jackson
Maggie Jackson Hónapja
Barry: slams some goosh so it splatters all over hell and back. James: “Perfect.”
Audrey Stielstra
One thing I like about this format where only one of them is in the kitchen at a time is that Jamie and Mike can't pick on Barry
Kaysha Hónapja
Ebbers and Flow LOL
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh Hónapja
I love Jamie's idea of bacon pancakes, but I agreed with Ben. It was technically a pancake battle, so it was about getting the pancake part just right.
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh Hónapja
Mike: Brown butter Jamie: Brown in hot spots Barry: Brown nosing
Jelleybean18 2 hónapja
Amy Beth Godwin
Amy Beth Godwin 2 hónapja
Jamie's pancake would definitely be my favorite
Ulrich Petri
Ulrich Petri 2 hónapja
Sitting here watching this while having been on a juice fast for the last 4 days and one still to go those all look freaking fantastic and I may have started drooling slightly...
melchor mendoza
melchor mendoza 2 hónapja
i think uniformity is the word youre looking for ben
Shaun Yoder
Shaun Yoder 2 hónapja
Jaimie, if you just spent time sifting stuff out of your flower, don't undo all that time by just dumping it back in!!
Taylorwailer 2 hónapja
Unrelated but as much as I miss the old song, “Im gooey in the middle baby lemme bake 🎵 “, this new opener genuinely makes me feel happy. I’m sure it’s also because of all the good and fun memories too 😉
qbandito 2 hónapja
im a simple girl i see mike i click
Hannah Lawrie
Hannah Lawrie 2 hónapja
Please try more vegan foods! Maybe a vegan challenge for the chefs and/or normals? Or vegan desserts?
MrBluebear2207 2 hónapja
Is the crepe pan that used in the video a Le Creuset one?
Ellie Gilmartin
Ellie Gilmartin 2 hónapja
oh how i miss the sabotage
sharz6 2 hónapja
Finally barry! Jamie was winning way too many times recently i was getting worried the others wouldnt get a chance! 😂
sharz6 2 hónapja
Either way im very happy sortedfood has come a long way, ive followed u guys since maybe 2 or 3 kitchens ago! 🤗☺️
Angel Fisher
Angel Fisher 2 hónapja
slain 2 hónapja
L 2 hónapja
Barry: "art" also Barry: SMASH
vicki oates
vicki oates 2 hónapja
need to re-attempt ultimate grilled cheese battle. S1 .E21. soo funny when Barry gets ask the same question 3 times and still couldn't get it right. the out fits are just a bonus
Jemimah e
Jemimah e 2 hónapja
I miss James Currie 😭
itsgonnabeokk 1
itsgonnabeokk 1 2 hónapja
Barry’s looks actually pretty good at the end
Sasari Wtf
Sasari Wtf 2 hónapja
Its 2am and everyone is sleeping and suposed to get up early for work tomorrow. Im hungry as fuck. Why did i watch this. Why did i do this to myself.
Byuu Chan
Byuu Chan 3 hónapja
Ebbers and Flo sounds like Ben's dating Flo from Progressive. Tyron's mom confirmed?!?
Misha L
Misha L 3 hónapja
“It wasn’t perfect” 😂😂😂😂
David Feuer
David Feuer 3 hónapja
Food team?
Julian Boutwell
Julian Boutwell 3 hónapja
This so a fantastic series you guys!! I love it 😭❤️
Toot Toot
Toot Toot 3 hónapja
Mikes is the only one of the three I would eat. Nothing against savoury pancakes, I hate bacon and whilst I’ll eat smoked fish it would not be anywhere near the top of my list of choices.
dan jones
dan jones 3 hónapja
If only they made real pancakes and not this overly thick American "pancakes"
dan jones
dan jones 3 hónapja
@derkregin Hi born and raised in Chippenham so yeah and like I said the ingredients are different therefore they cannot be the same thing
derkregin 3 hónapja
@dan jones Hello I am british and everyone down south makes crepes. They are about the same thickness. It's just different names.
dan jones
dan jones 3 hónapja
@derkregin FALSE a quick Google search will tell you that crepes are much thinner still than a traditional British pancake and does not contain any raising agent and is only cooked on one side where as a proper British pancake is the perfect thickness not paper thin and pointless like a crepe and not over dense and thick like an American "pancake" a proper pancake is cooked on both sides and is made with a raising agent making it slightly thicker than a crepe. Next time old chap i implore you donsome research before making yourself look a fool on the Internet.
derkregin 3 hónapja
British "pancakes" are just (French) crepes
Das Dovian
Das Dovian 3 hónapja
Thick fluffy pancakes are where it's at. Doused in warm maple syrup served with thick bacon, eggs your way and hot cup of coffee, best breakfast. Thin runny pancakes are what you eat when you can't afford to make proper pancakes.
Angie Gomez
Angie Gomez 3 hónapja
Please do an afternoon tea battle 💕
Osiris xanz
Osiris xanz 3 hónapja
I truly hate when j don't win
Tyla McGilverson
Tyla McGilverson 3 hónapja
"Ive learned nothing " Well at least we know the channel has security.
Captain Sloth
Captain Sloth 3 hónapja
The only thing missing from this video is the saltiness from James. 😭
gamrage 3 hónapja
10:52 - From my perspective, the moment you take pancakes off the pan and bake them in an oven, they're no longer pancakes..
Mairi Henderson
Mairi Henderson 3 hónapja
Panic-cakes 🤗😍
Adrienne Stopforth
Adrienne Stopforth 3 hónapja
Travis Flanders
Travis Flanders 3 hónapja
where is the episode with the gold looking chicken from the intro???
xydoit 3 hónapja
So much work for a pancake
Ayumi Kurenai
Ayumi Kurenai 3 hónapja
Ben: "You've always been a crowd pleaser, though, Mike."
Ayumi Kurenai
Ayumi Kurenai 3 hónapja
Every time Ben looks at the camera sarcastically, drink...
Ayumi Kurenai
Ayumi Kurenai 3 hónapja
Jamie's imitation of Ben is my favorite.
Erdnussbuttertoast 3 hónapja
them not cooking simultaneously kinda gives the one who cooks first a disadvantage since their food will get cold :/
twitandoka 3 hónapja
Jamie at 3:06 is the ultimate normal lad 😂 and Ben's expression is priceless hahahaha I ❤️ u guys!
Ryan Inamine
Ryan Inamine 3 hónapja
Thanks, Barry for the fish, pancake, birthdaycake, cake
Bayu Widodo
Bayu Widodo 3 hónapja
Damn i watched that vid 6 yrs ago and here i am still watching u guys
Charlotte Hamilton
Charlotte Hamilton 3 hónapja
Ben was so sassy. I love it.
Purplecenoura 3 hónapja
Cooking Question: Fresh salted salmon , would it improve the taste or the opposite? Or is it the eaters choice 🤔
Dannie N
Dannie N 3 hónapja
Pecans in bacon drippings. My people are from Tennessee. Why have I never heard of this?
Aurora Lupton
Aurora Lupton 3 hónapja
I wouldn't really want any of the pancakes they made definitely wouldn't order any of them.
Yaakov's Hummus House
Have i missed something. Where is James?
Ibees cooking
Ibees cooking 3 hónapja
Greetings fro Canada
shark103 3 hónapja
"Pass it on" and battle mix maybe. Where chefs each 10min as a team and normals each 10min to even the chances a bit
Dylan Keefer
Dylan Keefer 3 hónapja
Sorry just can't get behind raw fish and pancakes doesn't sound good at all. Waffles maybe but even then honestly can't picture this being good. Love Sushi. Love pancakes. Love Chicken and Waffles. I just don't think there is much room for raw fish in these kinds of things using waffles or pancakes and doing savory. I can see fried fish working though.
anna gounou
anna gounou 3 hónapja
But don't we all Ebbers and flow?
Rachel J
Rachel J 3 hónapja
Ebbers and Flow...my new favourite DJ/Punster 😂
spiderdude2099 3 hónapja
Mike seriously has the WORST luck whenever cream is involved XD
Shostakovich33 3 hónapja
Where's James?
Fermitu Poupon
Fermitu Poupon 3 hónapja
For a second I thought he said "You're Ebbers' aunt Flo"... ehh yeah...
khong lor
khong lor 3 hónapja
Feels weird not seeing them all in the kitchen at once
simon hoare
simon hoare 3 hónapja
One bit of science you got wrong. Sifting flour does NOT add air. It's a myth.. Science Fact.
XLseattle 3 hónapja
If I was asked that I had to taste one and only one it would have been Baz’s
It's Me Wynter
It's Me Wynter 3 hónapja
Cleaning and portioning challenge... then have them cook it
ALilBitGlam 3 hónapja
Poor Mike. After watching this, the Mexican in me is thinking “aye pobrecito” while the Texan in me is thinking “bless his heart” 🤷🏻‍♀️
maria barbosa
maria barbosa 3 hónapja
2:55 the look in Ben's eyes 😂
Valentin Klinghammer
The last few battles have been heartbreaking. Jamie delivers what looks like the most solid performance and always ends up last with a look of disappointment on his face that could make a grown man cry! It feels rigged since in the last few reviews Ben only mentions details like „they’re not uniform“. This had to stop! 🤗 #jamiebattlewin #recount
Shal Music FX
Shal Music FX 3 hónapja
Jamie looked absolutely gutted. I feel bad for him.
Louis Greenhalgh
Louis Greenhalgh 3 hónapja
Barry smashed it! (literally)
Tanmay Datta
Tanmay Datta 3 hónapja
Where is James?????????????????????????????????
Madison Polston
Madison Polston 3 hónapja
Gluten free pass it on
Does anyone else want Barry to have another go at that Chicken Pie that wasn’t cooked properly? I really felt for him in that battle he skinned a chicken and everything! 🤣
Nise Plank
Nise Plank Hónapja
My heart truly hurt for him.
Mackenzie Reeves
Mackenzie Reeves 3 hónapja
On reading what Mike and Jamie made on a menu, I’d be ordering one of those. If what Barry made walked past me in a restaurant I couldn’t NOT order one. That was so incredibly outside of the box and looked amazing!
Chandra Chauhan
Chandra Chauhan 3 hónapja
Yayyyy Barry won. ❤❤❤
stacey 3 hónapja
Love this! More back catalog repeats :)
Lesly Santana
Lesly Santana 3 hónapja
Can you guys please, please PLEASE make more song parodies/covers?! Get James to sing too!!
Bonestza 3 hónapja
As soon as Baz broke out of his comfort zone he won, fucking killer episode.
Moyaatje87 3 hónapja
Jamie : crumble the bacon in the pancake, serve a few strips with them, give yourself more time for the cooking and dust the pecans in some coarse sugar I think that would up it even more
sai shma
sai shma 3 hónapja
Where is James? I honestly miss him 😟 No offense to all you lovely guys but its fun when everyone of you are there. P. S am I missing something I mean has he gone on vacation or something and I am not aware? I do watch all the videos so it's unlikely but you never know.
prizna123 3 hónapja
I would love a revisit or another video on calzones.
William Parker
William Parker 3 hónapja
Possiboe burrito battle redo?😂😂😂
Josh Guthrie
Josh Guthrie 3 hónapja
One question where is James?
peechykean 3 hónapja
We haven’t seen James in a while. I hope everything is Ok.
Mr X
Mr X 3 hónapja
Holly Abair
Holly Abair 3 hónapja
Absolutely going to make Barry's pancakes once the pandemic is done and I can have company over again. Those looked divine
Teu Fox
Teu Fox 3 hónapja
Wow...Citrus, Dill, Creme and Salmon...such a "different" flavour combination. I think it isnt inventive at all...its just putting pancakes with it instead of rösti...and if you look at Blini`s (which are a kind of pancakes) its not even a inventive flavour combination within the world of pancakes. To me Barry`s recipe failed at one point...he was saying he was adding substance to style...but Ben was unable to taste any beetroot flavour...which makes the beetroot a pure style decision and didnt add any substance to this choice of ingredients. That said i think Barry`s pancakes were good...to me the cross section of Jamie`s pancakes looked rather dry and crumbly.
Saba Amini
Saba Amini 3 hónapja
Barry's looks awesome
gregory carter
gregory carter 3 hónapja
BARRY Killed in the best possible wat. But his prize should include cleaning up the kitchen... and any where else his splatter traveled.
Aleš Navrátil
Aleš Navrátil 3 hónapja