COMFORT FOOD Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass it On S2 E19 | SORTEDfood 

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With DRY JAN and VEGANUARY almost over, is anyone else ready to kick back with some comfort food and watch a hilarious recipe relay challenge? Well, you’re in the right place! Get ready for some Pass it On carnage!
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Hannah K
Hannah K 14 órája
I don't understand why none of them put the oil on when the wings were ready to cook at the beginning?
Alexzandra de la Iglesia
Never even heard of fish pie till now, so I would say the chicken wings.
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson 3 napja
If you think fish pie is more comforting than wings, get out
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson 3 napja
I really do dislike ebbers sometimes
Carolus Rex
Carolus Rex 8 napja
Mike does Janice’s voice rather well, I think 👍🏻👌🏻
Simon Kerr
Simon Kerr 9 napja
Fish pie with a side helping of chicken wings, sounds pretty comforting to me! Good job👌🏼
Kayla Fran
Kayla Fran 9 napja
Ben ruins things by focusing only on himself instead of the team....
Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb 10 napja
Ben: "Oh, he missed this ingredient in the thing made entirely of this ingredient that he's absolutely making and not possibly anything else"
Sunnyqueen 3 napja
@Fire Bomb I say they are equally bad, although Barry usually does try to make it a thing that might go well with the overall dish, not just make a whole new one
Fire Bomb
Fire Bomb 10 napja
I don't know if Ben or Barry is worse at the game of "I see what's going on here, fuck that I'm doing what I want"
John Dough
John Dough 10 napja
Ben screwed the pooch on this one. Nothing like throwing a wrench in the works right in the middle of the challenge.
Grim Will
Grim Will 12 napja
Honestly I don't think "comforting" when I think of chicken wings, so I'd go with the fish pie for that criteria.
Kh Nn
Kh Nn 17 napja
During the second world war every family had a Barry, normally they were bomb damage victims.
Mike Williams
Mike Williams 17 napja
Chicken wings and nobody heats the oil
AlreadyDeath666 18 napja
Berry and Ben ruined a wonderful dish that Mike and Jamie put together.
Ewan Hopper
Ewan Hopper 19 napja
When will these boys grow up and accept that blue cheese is one of the best things ever created in the world
Anne O'Connor
Anne O'Connor 19 napja
Fish pie every time!
David Hohn
David Hohn 20 napja
Why would someone use an ingredient that they knew 2 out of the 4 hated?
E Schmidt
E Schmidt 20 napja
Chicken wings
Vandirk72 20 napja
One of the badge challenges should be redoing a pass it on fail but making it a pass
Skylar88 21 napja
Didn’t Ben say his food hell was blue cheese a whole back? Lol and now he wants blue cheese in the dish???
MrThedudejamie 22 napja
I think a good idea is, they all go twice so 100mins but they have to make a 3 course meal 👌🏻
Cherri Wright
Cherri Wright 23 napja
Chicken wings, out of 2 choices, but I'm in USA. Love your channel!
KarTheWanderer 23 napja
What if they couldn't use salt, pepper, or other seasonings and needed to figure out how to flavor a dish with ingredients that already have salt and other flavors in them, like cheese for salt or a brine for flavor? Maybe not for a pass it on challenge, but for a challenge video of some kind
drew barbee
drew barbee 29 napja
What if they roll a d4 when it's 4 of them to choose who goes next
lokiyan 29 napja
At this point, we should add the Jamie music onto Barry's intro too.
Praise thy Sunbro
Ebbers. No to fish, yes to wings
Ima Sarah
Ima Sarah Hónapja
Jamie being confused by the waffles made me squirt ribena out of my nose
andy zhang
andy zhang Hónapja
Fish pie
Kai Van
Kai Van Hónapja
Order: color of shoes in alphabetical order ex: black blue green pink
Kai Van
Kai Van Hónapja
Unlabeled cans for chaos and if you open it you have to use it. Order shortest to longest pinky.
Lord Denithal
Lord Denithal Hónapja
Removing the blue cheese saved the dish
Megan Popple
Megan Popple Hónapja
I have never had a fish pie.
MrAndi1281 Hónapja
Barry is sometimes a victim of the Dunning-Kruger Effect
Erika Poch
Erika Poch Hónapja
Mike =has a meltdown when he is given anything to do IN front of the camera Jamie = knows just enough to be a almost Chief Baz = freaks out and yells at everyone till he see the plain in his head Ben= does what he wants an does not care! and who is the 5th member???
Dan Flintoft
Dan Flintoft Hónapja
I had not realised that Mike is Janice until I heard him say "here's a curveball" at 8:18
Jenna Hónapja
chicken wings heh
Joe_bro Hónapja
I call shenanigans on Ben! Also, fish pie is not comforting, it’s what you eat when you are forced to be healthy by your mom... at least that’s my opinion, chicken and potato waffles is like a warm hug
George Dersley
George Dersley Hónapja
Heaven Love
Heaven Love Hónapja
It all depends on what you like, personally cheesy fish pie is wonderful but fried chicken is also fantastic.
Joan Minters gd
Joan Minters gd Hónapja
More comforting: chicken wings, potatoes with the thickest creamiest cheesiest cheese sauce. Uncommon opinion but fish is gross!!!
LydiaDC Hónapja
Chicken wings! F****** Ben!!
Maggie Jackson
Maggie Jackson Hónapja
Lilly Ess
Lilly Ess Hónapja
I like cheese and I like fish, but under no circumstances should they be in the same dish.
I'm cracking up, I genuinely haven't laughed out loud in ages and this was a delight! Well, I've never met a chicken wing I've liked and I've never had a fish pie, so I guess I'm on Team Ben for this one.
Susan Hónapja
I know this sounds weird but I love watching them get confused and commentating on how crazy they are doing with their cooking!
Coco Anana
Coco Anana Hónapja
Fish pie! All its missing is the blue cheese 😂
Leo Rose
Leo Rose Hónapja
As i've never had, nor heard of, fish pie. I'll refrain from voicing my opinion on which is more comforting lol.
Preistest Dragon
chicken wings are better then fish pie
9553shadow Hónapja
chicken is way more comforting. Mostly because fish taste so bad to me i vomit everytime i try it(or any seafood for that matter).
SlothAndWolf Hónapja
Chicken wings is more comforting for me
SORTEDfood Hónapja
Same for most people 😂
Sky Sweeper
Sky Sweeper Hónapja
Also, one thing I see happening a lot with this is that the chefs just take over the dish and the normals get sidelined... I want a challenge where everything they grab, they have to use. No hiding, no trashing, no scrapping - they gotta use whatever they grab. Obviously stems and stuff can be discarded. But I'm just tired of the chefs dictating what they want in the dish or not.... or berry.
Sky Sweeper
Sky Sweeper Hónapja
As an American, we don't really have Fish Pie over here. So I have to say Chicken Wings would have been the more appealing choice to me.
Jasmine Persson
Jasmine Persson Hónapja
Can't even tell you how many times i've watched this video. Naughty Ben is the best Ben xD
Andrea Spencer
Andrea Spencer Hónapja
Chicken wings!!
globaljabouble Hónapja
SO we need a "like a chef" video for Ben's 6-minute fish pie.
Kamleko Hónapja
Ebbers. 3. No team spirit.
Ava Aasimar
Ava Aasimar Hónapja
Trust Mike to be the one to IMMEDIATELY bend the new rude and just pick himself.
b345trf Dude
b345trf Dude Hónapja
Ben is officially an asshole
Miss Smarteepants
Mike picking Mike is the Mikest thing he’s even done.🤣👏
R. C.
R. C. Hónapja
Chicken wings is more comforting to me, a nice crispy skin on those with a cajun spice and I'm super happy. Plus add on potatoes. I could eat that all day. Not too big on fish though.
R. C.
R. C. Hónapja
Wow... It took one person to completely derail a smooth going train. Its a team effort XD you'd think they go with what's already laid out for the plan XD makes for a decent laugh though
Hanna Gerlica
Hanna Gerlica Hónapja
Theme: children’s dinner. The meal needs to be something kids would eat but has to have a protein, a grain, and a vegetable. Love you guys by the way
Claudia Trammell
Yea. A pass. Chicken. So funny. Love what Mike did, going twice. Great
Alleosus Squirt
Alleosus Squirt Hónapja
Ebbers when teamwork is required: The trickster.
Lady Grinning soul
Ebbers!! Do not sit on the worktops 🤢
Layn Waites
Layn Waites Hónapja
BroGrab Hónapja
“No one’s putting blue cheese in MY cheese sauce!”
Ua Toto
Ua Toto Hónapja
Ben's quiet, shameful "it's good isn't it" when he ate the *perfectly cooked* chicken
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh Hónapja
Lol. Jamie MVP. I am biased because I'm allergic to seafood and fried chicken is my go to comfort food. I love the fried chicken and potato waffles dish with the blue cheese sauce idea. I usually hate blue cheese on it's own but it actually works properly cooked in a sauce.
Judokast36 Hónapja
Chicken wings are definitely more comforting than fish pie
Emily Mayer
Emily Mayer Hónapja
Am I the only person who thinks fish pie is a punishment and not comfort? Same as blue cheese
Wain Hónapja
I died laughing when Jamie looked at the potato and said "WAFFLES?!?!!???"
Janna Victorious
fish pie!!!!!
Ellen McDonald
Ellen McDonald Hónapja
Chicken. Fish is gross.
Kasey McKeon
Kasey McKeon Hónapja
STUPID FISH PIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Part of the Game
Wtf is fish pie..? I'll have chicken wings, thanks.
Jay Hónapja
The fish pie totally screwed them lol...threw Jamie into a tizzy
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas Hónapja
I can't believe that Ben didn't realize how quick wings fry up. To quote Janice, "Oh dear..."
Sarah McHugh
Sarah McHugh 2 hónapja
Next order suggestion: Let them chose their position and then make everyone move along one position. So 1st place now goes 2nd, 2nd place goes 3rd.. etc. Most importantly: whoever chose to go 5th is now 1st :)
gregory carter
gregory carter 2 hónapja
lovely in it... yes, thank you ben!
gregory carter
gregory carter 2 hónapja
Awesome Mike ! well done ..More power to you ...Ben , you know keep it up.
sepths 2 hónapja
Theme: Lockdown. Before coming to the kitchen, each member pick whatever they can in one trip from the table during their turn, but they cannot return to the table to repick anything else. Cook a dish with whatever you have and pray for the last member. Order: Hair Length. Shortest to longest. (Folks with longer hair = Spent more time indoors during lockdown no?) Good luck!
Brent Watanabe
Brent Watanabe 2 hónapja
Can you please do reactions to the pass it on videos? Also, how about a stacked challenge where you make a dish with 2-3 layers?
Blue Crush
Blue Crush 2 hónapja
chixen wings duh
IlDuce 2 hónapja
I had a mental image of Jamie talking while covered in a pile of grated potato while still grating a potato.
Filipavarzea 2 hónapja
Go Ebbers!!!
Erica 2 hónapja
Chicken Wings > Fish Pie
Donald Cake
Donald Cake 2 hónapja
In my opinion the person who always screws up the relay is Ben, unless he decides what the dish is, if he is not the person to make the initial descision, he changes it or "improves is", most of the time screwing the team
Brandi Boyd
Brandi Boyd 2 hónapja
Would love to see a teatime theme. We all know that Mike loves a traditional tea meal. And since is not something we do here in the States, I'm always fascinated by what goes into it.
SORTEDfood 2 hónapja
Thanks for your suggestion :)
Katedagreat 2 hónapja
Oho Mike you cheeky devil!
Magnus Abrahamsson
Magnus Abrahamsson 2 hónapja
Do pass it on with spicy food!
patdo777 2 hónapja
BEN YOU MONSTER!! Fish is not comfort food. at all. Well, ok, maybe for some people it is. But to me, fish pie as comfort food is unimaginable. Have to admit it was as funny as it was frustrating.
brandon thompson
brandon thompson 2 hónapja
Wings of course
iced fire
iced fire 2 hónapja
Here I thought they were starting to make chicken & mac n cheese....
Ceres Azalia
Ceres Azalia 2 hónapja
Ben is the one who messed this one up, for sure. For all the chaos, they actually had a cohesive idea the entire time and I was really excited they were actually going to pull off one cohesive dish until Ben decided fish pie was better....and I don't buy that he added it because he thought the chicken wouldn't cook in time. He mentioned from the very start that he thought "fish pie" would have been a better choice for "comfort food" and I think he just straight up willfully sabotaged it to get his way. Which, to answer his question of which is better - fish pie or chicken wings....what even IS fish pie?! That sounds kinda of gross, and it certainly doesn't seem like a universally loved "comfort food". You know what IS? Fried chicken of any kind. Every culture has a variation of it. Everyone loves it, and it's a wonderful comfort food. Ben messed this one up.
Stalwart Shinobi
Stalwart Shinobi 2 hónapja
Did Mike just flip the waffles and clean up in his second go!? 😂
Kurt Bada
Kurt Bada 2 hónapja
Seriously Ben, that was a Richard Grayson move. Shame on you.
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Hi, how are you? A good video, thanks for sharing. Have an awesome week!
Radman Snazzlepop
Radman Snazzlepop 2 hónapja
I'm American so obviously chicken wings over fish pie
Randi Leigh
Randi Leigh 2 hónapja
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