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What makes an ingredient pretentious? Is it the way it’s named, packaged or even the way the product is made? That’s the debate of today’s episode as our Chef and Normals explore a selection of potentially pretentious products and enjoy some delicious food along the way!
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Tahitian Vanilla Pods: bit.ly/2OUbDfr
Persian Blue Salt Rocks: bit.ly/2QktHzC
Escargots: bit.ly/317bgR2
Pommery Royale Mustard With Cognac: bit.ly/3cagX72


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Andy Jones
Andy Jones 16 órája
I really can't stand Barry. Even when he likes what he's eating he looks like he's got a mouthful of sh#t.
MrTinyLlama 2 napja
Do snail caviar!
my name
my name 3 napja
noone in france eats snails anymore .. while british are pretending to like em to sound fancy lol
Laury 8 napja
Its morel mushroom season where I live. I'd love to see you guys do something different with them
To Ben's question: Yes you can totally use the snails in your back yard. However you must feed them on fresh vegetables for like 6 days or something to purge their stomachs of rotten plant matter, the stuff they normally eat. (the trick is to use carrots and wait till their poop is bright orange, indicating that they only have carrot in their systems) Gordon Ramsay actually did a whole segment on it.
MissManaged 16 napja
Yes, you can eat common garden snails. They taste best when fed on human food (vegetables and uncooked grains) for 3-4 days before cooking. Caveat, don't eat cone snails or giant African land snails. Highly doubt either of those would be living on your garden.
HaileM Bradley
HaileM Bradley 17 napja
The Snail Porridge looked pretty lol
Freddie Hemingway
You should try Bamboo Salt!
Kimberly Osorio
Kimberly Osorio 19 napja
What is it they ate with the salt looks like raw meat 🥩
Cassidy Wise
Cassidy Wise 3 napja
It is! Beef tartare is served raw.
Lori Johnson
Lori Johnson 19 napja
James is back!!!
Max Oakland
Max Oakland 23 napja
I would eat the shit out of those escargot
BJ 1988
BJ 1988 23 napja
I have actually had the tin of snails, they are great!
kerryanne28 Hónapja
I wanna try some of these and see if I feel it’s worth it to me 🙌🏻🤣
David Shields
David Shields Hónapja
I think the big difference between the vanilla and the salt is that vanilla beans are a luxury ingredient as standard, but salt is a kitchen staple. So when you see vanilla marketed as a luxury item it does not feel pretentious, but when salt is sold as a luxury it feels like they are taking something basic and making it pretentious. That's just my thoughts on it.
Gargamel2018 Hónapja
Rivsalt looks like a swedish word, translated to shred/tear salt in english. :D
Emil Larsson
Emil Larsson Hónapja
Butter! Hand churned vs store bought
Bonnie Chang
Bonnie Chang Hónapja
softest thing I've ever poked?!
Perpetually Confused
I definitely agree on their assessments of the ingredients’ pretense. This was a fascinating video
Chia Hónapja
James is so fucking cute
Denmark Hónapja
The Rivsalt actually makes the perfect gift for someone who loves their salt. Sure, you're essentially paying for a gimmick, but it's fun, sparks a conversation, and still manages to accomplish the goal of salt. More than we can say about... other ingredients... Like the Prosecco glitter. I'm not saying rivsalt isn't pretentious, it definitely has that aspect, but at least it still accomplishes the same goal of it's cheaper counterparts.
Beans Provide Entertainment
14:14 It's delightful to see that this happens to chefs as well :P
Emmie Telford
Emmie Telford Hónapja
I legit thought Jamie and Mike were the same person at first. It was either or and I thought it was just split screened before double-taked and i noticed beard thickness
khaxjc1 Hónapja
That salt is to beautiful to eat
Kyle Empson
Kyle Empson Hónapja
Great videos. I enjoy your cooking and learn many things about cooking across the pond.
General Nickles
General Nickles Hónapja
See, stuff like this is why I could never be a chef. Super pretentious ingredients like these just annoy me. Sure, that vanilla may be rare and all that, buy is it really that much different than any ordinary vanilla you get at any grocery store? And the salt. Dear God the salt. You will never convince me that any kind of premium pretentious salt is any different that regular iodized table salt. It all tastes exactly the same. Premium salt adds absolutely nothing to a dish that normal salt wouldn't. Also, there's just too many things I just don't like. Two of the things in this video are thing I simply won't eat. I don't eat mustard, and you couldn't pay me enough to eat snails. And if a restaurant presented me with whatever that raw meat on bread y'all were eating is, I'd tell them to take it back and cook it or I'm reporting them to the FDA for serving raw meat. I wanted to puke just watching you guys eat that.
Greg Munro
Greg Munro Hónapja
Don’t eat snails from the garden unless you know what you are doing and never eat them raw!
Tympest Books
Tympest Books Hónapja
I do want to try that mustard too though, that sounded good
Tympest Books
Tympest Books Hónapja
What's weird to me is that I'm pretty sure those snails are available at the local Walmart here, same empty shell gift box and everything and a pretty similar price if I'm remembering right.
dakkonfury Hónapja
I’m not even a huge fan of mustard and I want that mustard.
Dean Murphy
Dean Murphy Hónapja
Who looks at a snail and thinks “I want that in my belly”
Nerea Marcos
Nerea Marcos Hónapja
We do NOT put snails in the paella in Spain. EVER
jamesc Hónapja
Which sorted member is gay?
Monke Hónapja
the outtake hahaha
bloemundude Hónapja
Never underestimate having just the right mustard on hand. Which, for me, is usually a precursor of "on shirt".
Rijacki Ledum
Rijacki Ledum Hónapja
Good snails are yummy when made correctly they elevate the butter, garlic, and the rest. But, made incorrectly or poor quality, snails are pieces of rubber and even worse, they can be gritty pieces of rubber. I am glad my first experience with them was done beautifully. If my first experience (in the US) had been gritty and rubbery, I would have said they are nothing but pretentious and would never have had them again. Sadly, I have had more misses than marvellous over the years.
Jasper Force
Jasper Force Hónapja
Amateur rockhound here. Rock Salt/halite is no different to sea salt. But for the love of god would these salt companies please stop sourcing from politically and culturally dubious areas where they can get away with slavery?? There are plenty of salt mines in mainland europe that have tighter restrictions and controls, with all the same colours and varieties of salt, as the middle east and asia.
Joonha Shcal
Joonha Shcal Hónapja
This is my favourite series. Never stop.
Malmequer Hónapja
snails are a pretty cheap dish here in Portugal. You would usually eat them while watching a soccer game and drinking some beer. I'm pretty sure they are eaten all across the mediterranean countries. So it's not really a pretentious ingredient, but it's funny how they are only seen as high end ingredients for french cuisine.
George Striplin
George Striplin Hónapja
Why at 1:58 does Barry turn into a Coffee machine 😂😂
No Name
No Name Hónapja
My dude, your age is more than a single digit, stop saying "yummy".
Ell TPWK Hónapja
Cardigan Mike is my favourite Mike
Lielee Hónapja
I was caught off guard with "our wedding" but James ended it with his ship with Mike.
Eastside Guy
Eastside Guy Hónapja
Have you done the opposite of pretentious, maybe crazy carnival food like the Krispy Kreme doughnut cheeseburger?
Cynical Citizen
Cynical Citizen Hónapja
Vanilla and boring? Where did this come about?!
tessa mcmillan
tessa mcmillan Hónapja
Hello! Writing to you from France. The biggest region for eating snails in France is Charente. And we eat garden snails not the posh ones exported. All our neighbours collect snails and purge them and then have family recipes for cooking them. They are delicious and should be known about more than the ones that come from Burgundy. The symbol of Charente is a snail - or cagouille - as we call them here. And not at all pretentious.
Drew Rathbone
Drew Rathbone Hónapja
In order for them to get the true experience of the lovely expensive vanilla, we’ve popped a load of strawberry on top. As per usual, Sorted chefs having to add faff and fuss to things.
Retired Fangirl
Retired Fangirl Hónapja
I am getting ads from insta about flavored honey from "Sadowski Bienenhäuser" But they are rather pricey, maybe sth for you guys to check out an review?
michaelkeha Hónapja
France is not the home of cuisine it's the home of pretentious cuisine
FaerieDust Hónapja
I'm just laughing at the salt. It's salt. Any extra flavours you'll get from the additional minerals would be completely lost in anything but the very blandest of food contexts. Also rivsalt literally just means "grating salt" (salt for grating, not the act of grating salt) and I just can not take it seriously. Those graters are great for stuff like garlic and ginger, though.
Spencer Jacobs
Spencer Jacobs Hónapja
My grandma used to make escargot all the time(maybe once a month) when I was little. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that was not very typical.
SORTEDfood Hónapja
Oh wow!
DeltaDemon1 Hónapja
Weird, I buy my snails at half price at ~2.50$CDN a can (maybe 200 to 300 grams), which would make it about 1.5 pounds. Maybe they're not "authentic" French snails or something.
Stephanie Faust
Stephanie Faust Hónapja
. . . how in the world are *fancy* vanilla pods not pretentious? Even the 'normal' ones are already pretentious. . .
Gerard Wood
Gerard Wood Hónapja
This channel is getting more and more pretentious
Spenser Clark
Spenser Clark Hónapja
I'll gladly send wax-sealed letters.
Mel Hónapja
I HATE THAT I WAS LIKE “wow look at the way he is looking at him... i want someone to look at me like that” and then he said it omg😩😂
Lulu Cattywampus
Do check out Jakub Jozef Orlinski. He is a brilliant countertenor...and a dead ringer for one James Currie the scottish chef!!!
fingers Hónapja
goddamnit guys.. now I have to have that mustard! =)
TawdryTempest Hónapja
Hey guys, work on the mic situation. A little hard to hear James. Love the show!
James Barisitz
James Barisitz Hónapja
I'm jonesing for a ham sandwich.
Becky Samuels
Becky Samuels Hónapja
So we're just gonna let it slide that James said "shall we put something in his mouth to stop him talking?" I had to double check what site I was on
Iglika Gencheva
Iglika Gencheva Hónapja
Love Barry and Ben
L Roke
L Roke Hónapja
500g is simply too much.
Renee Conley
Renee Conley Hónapja
i can't believe that paddle comment just breezed by with no comments..
Grace Gale
Grace Gale Hónapja
someone tell Barry that you can get wax seal kits online for pretty cheap and that if he sends me his address I'll mail him a letter with one
Jean's Survival
Jean's Survival Hónapja
#frenchprotip 😎🇫🇷
princ3sstofu Hónapja
Wait hold up. When is mike getting married???
Stephen Little
Stephen Little Hónapja
The mustard sound lovely yes please.
Ry Hónapja
The blue color of the salt comes from its higher than normal potassium content I believe, more than 10 times more potassium than other salts.
Boydy Hónapja
i wonder if australia (my home) has any pretentious ingredients? country themed pretentious tasting episodes could be interesting.
For longest time I assumed that Mike and James was the same person .
I L Hónapja
Having just watched Netflix Seaspiracy would love to see something with Algae Oil
Joseph Armstrong
I have actually made Crême Brûlée with Tahitian Vanilla pods, and Ice Cream and it’s totally worth its value.
Christian Hónapja
I'm sorry but James, did you say 45 hours?!? That's insane lol
sharonsplat Hónapja
It would be cute to have a couples testing ...like would my spouse buy/want this.
Tom Barse
Tom Barse Hónapja
How about pretentious; sardines. Have a selection of sardines, bristling, sprats, and kippers. I'd say keep them to packed in oil, but you could have some flair varieties at the end with like Mediterranean, packed it tomato sauce, chilies, and mustard to name a few. There are a myriad of varieties from even more countries.
Dylan Carroll
Dylan Carroll Hónapja
Lest be honest, if it’s French it’s pretentious. French coffee press and they name their alcohol after the region it’s made in just to more expensive, (champagne and cognac) hell I joke but I wouldn’t be surprised if they think their tap water tastes better.
BenRangel Hónapja
I usually watch these more for the dishes than the ingredients. What a banger of a 3 course meal: starter - tartar or snails, main - pork in mustard, dessert - vanilla tart.
Max Gosselin
Max Gosselin Hónapja
Warning: wall of text ahead, I'm sorry 😓. Just to clarify, these are only my thoughts regarding where the notion of ingredients being pretentious comes from. I didn't think the video was pretentious at all, and I thought it was really well made, I just thought thought this would be a relevant addition to the conversation. I feel like most high-end ingredients that one might call pretentious aren't actually pretentious in and of themselves. There's certainly a difference between fresh and pre-ground spices, run of the mill vanilla beans, and the ones you showed us today. They can do things to a dish that those other ingredients just can't, and there's no getting around that. It's just that I think there's kind of a culture of pretentiousness that surrounds them and the people who might be inclined to use them that makes people think of them that way. There's an inclination, I think, to look down at dishes made with more common ingredients, and an assumption that those are immediately going to be inferior to those made with more high-end stuff, when I just don't think that's true. A highly skilled chef can use ingredients from 7-eleven (shout-out to mythical kitchen) and make something that will blow you away, while a person who doesn't know what they're doing will just waste the high-end ingredients you give them to cook with. Ingredients are just tools for you to work with, and as such they can give you more freedom to make a dish taste how you want it to, but ultimately it's the person cooking that makes the dish taste good, quality ingredients or no. Also, I think there's an assumption of universality that adds to the perception of these kinds of ingredients are pretentious. Yes, that fancy mustard can do things that regular yellow mustard can't, but does that mean it should universally replace yellow mustard in every instance in which mustard used? Yellow mustard is good, and it's its own thing that brings a different flavor to the table than does other mustards. Yes, for the dishes you were making it probably wouldn't have worked as well, but I would not blame a person at all if they preferred the cheap stuff on their hotdogs over the cognac mustard, and it's absolutely not just because they have bad taste. THAT would be where the pretentiousness would come into play. Fancy ingredients are good, and they aren't just valuable for the 'pomp factor' they bring to a dish, but they aren't the be all end all and I think good chefs should know when using certain ingredients does more harm to the spirit of a dish than good.
Mary Bell
Mary Bell Hónapja
Being a mustard lover i just went online and bought this mustard, $20USD, thank you boys
maladat Hónapja
You're in for a treat, I found that mustard at my local fancy grocery store a few months ago and it is by far the best mustard I have ever had. Ebbers wasn't exaggerating when he said "exquisite."
cockleships Hónapja
"With a paddle?" Omg Mike 🤣
Iwan Ellis-Roberts
Can we meet the "food team"? They must be amazing.
Publiclee Speaking
The mustard is out of stock, or so overpriced it's ridiculous. Colour me shocked.
kl meyer
kl meyer Hónapja
I've seen the snail kit in the grocery stores here
Marquis Charlemagne
That new intro is soooooo much better.
Fabian M
Fabian M Hónapja
Barry, my cousin is a world renowned close up magician in Cambridge and he does weddings and events and stuff, he has his own seal:)
Jes Miscellaneous
I also agree that the vanilla and mustard are NOT pretentious. For the vanilla, it’s obvious why the whole farming process itself is labor intensive. For the mustard, 500gr is SO MUCH + the packaging is kinda a nice design.
DJ StaRyu
DJ StaRyu Hónapja
i wish theyd say whether the blue salt tasted better or not than the normal salt that they use
Pedro Correia
Pedro Correia Hónapja
You should come to Portugal. Snails are far from pretentious, and unlike the french we don't drown them in butter.
Rowan Quinn
Rowan Quinn Hónapja
Did I look up the mustard on Amazon? You're damn right I did... Totally worth $20 for 8oz by your guy's reaction
1kinu T
1kinu T Hónapja
I used to be able to get stone ground mustard made with Jack Daniels but my store stopped selling it. It was delicious.
1kinu T
1kinu T Hónapja
Can snails be ground up to be sort of like ground beef/pork/lamb and used that way so maybe they wouldn't be so rubbery and maybe used in other ways so they don't look like snails anymore?
Sam Singer
Sam Singer Hónapja
i always enjoy these... you could try a something such as chef Vs norm ingredients... as to what they may say or think on who should be using that ingredient ... but again always interesting to see these
Lily White
Lily White Hónapja
WOuld have been interesting if you'd made the Vanilla one a Vanilla v Vanilla and had them tell the difference and choose which one they liked best.
J_God Hónapja
Actually dude, it's salt
Keely Hónapja
The vanilla price confounds me. I live in Texas, and I can get a variety of vanilla bean for pennies compared to your price. I make my own vanilla, usually from smoked Madagascar or Tahitian beans-- I pay $10-15(USD)/10 pods. I absolutely love vanilla flavour and keep home made extract on hand at all times.
rosen583 Hónapja
Just rewatched the one with poker face, and liquerice. And on a serious note; This one is more to mike; If you want to, i can send some liquerice, we have a lot of different kinds. I come from Denmark. Also, would be funny to hear what you think of the different kinds.
Natasha Defries
Natasha Defries Hónapja
Barry was really funny in this episode!
Ivy Gentry
Ivy Gentry Hónapja
I have seen Gordon Ramsey pick them out of his garden and cook them with his kids. I would love to see James make that portage to see how it is done.
Oddballkane Hónapja
Is barry the most pretensions petsin ever. Possibly. I use low sodium salt. Never use mustard but use chilli flakes instead. That salt though looks as if someone charges them up under a full moon.
TheRealMacCabbe Hónapja
One of the things you'd find in French mustard is wine must (moût de vin), which gives it a bright purple color... and that makes me think you should do one chef battle about weird, bright colours!