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Anyone in need of a hilarious midweek pick-me-up? Look no further because in today’s episode, we’ve challenged the boys to see who can best pitch their kitchen gadget to the team. Who was the most convincing? Nominate your winner below!
If you want to find out more about the gadgets we looked at, here are all the links you'll need - we haven't been paid/sponsored to talk about any of them so they are our honest reviews... But these links are affiliate links, which means if you click on them we may receive a very small amount or percentage if you go on to purchase - this adds no extra cost to you.
The Whisk Wiper: amzn.to/3acjugi
The Morphy Richards Multifunctional Can Opener: amzn.to/3rJHY6v

Churros Maker: amzn.to/3rM50tp
Cast Iron Tortilla Press: amzn.to/378FNBH
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WiCk3D oN3
WiCk3D oN3 7 órája
Sweaty palm excuse nice
Keith Johnson
Two plates and wax paper in between. Love the channel I am simply cheap
khuang96 2 napja
Didn't know they pronounce churros like that in England 😆 (and I know a fair bit of British English having gone to a British school and lived in London)
khuang96 2 napja
Best moments 1:41 👍🏼 6:25-6:42 😄
Lenah709 2 napja
I have investigated a press years ago, I love it and want one, the can opener is a never ever for me, I have a fine working manual can opener and the added bits I have no use for because I don't need things to open capped bottles, I use a silicone flap to open pots and scissors or my hands or a knife or violence to open platsic packaging.. Oh right the churro maker.. I don't believe in churro's and if i would ever make those I'd just deep fry them. Not affraid of deep frying.
Tyler Shively
Tyler Shively 3 napja
Guys it's just a tortilla press.
Megan Luttrell
I want the tortilla press. I love homemade tortillas. I would have those premade balls all the time in the fridge and use it to make fresh ones almost daily. Breakfast tacos, lunches, snacks, even dinners.
Zubiila 9 napja
I loved the churros maker in theory, but what good is it if the end product is disappointing? 😭 Still ranking it high than the whisk whipper though. 😂 In my opinion the multi-opener was the best, closely follow by the press - which you could use when making other thin breads, pastries or cookies. The joy of not having to roll out dough!
dancechica 16 napja
It's ok, Barry. I'm 36 and I've never gotten it right the 1st time using an electric can opener either
Obsidian 999
Obsidian 999 16 napja
5:52 that's not intuitive. I would redesign it.
Obsidian 999
Obsidian 999 16 napja
Can we have a IKEA only appliance special for there unique style?
Zai 17 napja
I couldn't find the recipe for the taco filling in either app (cookbook, meal packs). Could someone help me find it?
Jarrod Speaight
Jarrod Speaight 21 napja
I like this solely for mike's "danger averted"
Samuel Horsfall
Samuel Horsfall 22 napja
Can someone please gif “danger averted”, cuz that was amazing. 😂👌
Robert P
Robert P 22 napja
You've overcooked those tortilla's. They should be flexible when you take them out of the pan and they should stay flexible after they've cooled.
Jimmy Hughes
Jimmy Hughes 22 napja
I actually own that can opener XD
A lethe ia
A lethe ia 23 napja
1:00 my whisk is multi part. the head, the grip and a little thing that looks like a T but round.. so I can take the whisk off, open it, clean it, then use the tiny plastic thing (like form an o with the ends of the whisk strands, put the t into the o, then put that into the grip and it holds in place. hard to describe, I can make pictures tho. also the whisk was ultra cheap. 1€ still works well
korinogaro 1988
korinogaro 1988 23 napja
27 pounds for such a tool is a bargain for older people or people with some disability.
Derek Thompson
Derek Thompson 24 napja
The way they pronounce churros kills me
Sophie valence-doucet
Marianna Figueiredo
Just wanna thank Sorted for finding accessible cooking solutions and not framing disability as something weird. They've really helped me with cooking for myself
Jamlena H.
Jamlena H. 25 napja
Since Ben mentioned Evie and Finn. I just wanna know: is he taking it home to Tyrone then? 😂😋
Elijah 27 napja
1. Tortilla Press 2. Electric can opener (the ones that attach to the underside of a cabinet are better) 3. Whisk Wiper 4. Churros Maker (sorry Ben, but low-fat churros are a worse idea than any whisk on Earth)
Phoebe Grigor
Phoebe Grigor Hónapja
11:45 the whisk wiper being used to prevent the churros dough from spilling out of the piping bag 😂
Carina Francis
Carina Francis Hónapja
Hahaha I totally just impulse bought a tortilla press after watching you guys 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ oh well bring on taco and margarita night 🥳🌮🍹
Jake Lunniss
Jake Lunniss Hónapja
Colour grading is umm... not your specialty?
MtnNerd Hónapja
I have a little plastic multitool thing that fits in a drawer and does the jar opening and bottle opening functions and a manual can opener that also fits in my drawer. Together they cost about ten dollars.
Captain Gildor
Captain Gildor Hónapja
As a man who lives in a place where mexican food is always available: just put ziplock bags over the tortilla press panels. Also, pickle jars are much easier to open if you use your left hand on the lid. Always left hand. It has to do with the way your hand works and the direction of the twist needed.
Chaplin PB
Chaplin PB Hónapja
If go for the tortilla press. Not just tacos but any food made In a wrap (chose not to spell them #dyslexic) I'd use it and I guessed £40 so bargain
Michael Kaszynski
The tortilla press seems a bit pricey but here in Chicago we have Mexican groceries that sell them for about 20 dollars. I assume they are harder to find in England.
James Archibald
James Archibald Hónapja
Only the press impressed, the churro was a burro, I hate electric can openers, the wipe was the waste.
Tia Travis
Tia Travis Hónapja
Am I the only one who had A dang I’m American moment when you realized that they were talking about churros only after they spelled it out 😳
cr0cket01 Hónapja
try the tin opener with a frey bentes pie
derkregin Hónapja
Calling the tortilla press a "gadget" slightly annoys me as its a genuine product, and its like calling a whisk a gadget.
Curiously Tot
Curiously Tot Hónapja
In the US, it’s hard buying flour tortillas that aren’t made with soy. (Soy allergy) I’d love to have a press like that!
Forgerons Cornu
Forgerons Cornu Hónapja
does the chocolat whiskey sauce recepie exist anywhere?
Cherub200298 Hónapja
I can’t get over how you guys pronounce churros.
Sky Sweeper
Sky Sweeper Hónapja
For me, Gadgets need to be multi-purpose. Barry's & Ben's don't seem multipurpose to me. I think Mike won this one.
HoneyB Bridge
HoneyB Bridge Hónapja
Hi there, I have a very useful suggestion for the tortilla press. I cant afford cast iron, the cost of this is silly. But I can source an aluminum one for less than half the price. It would be also useful these segments, to cost other machines. Just a thought.! And yes! It does the perfect job! Maybe time think cost effective too. I love mine. And use every week. The show needs to offer the other prices for gadgets I feel, perhaps, most of us normals are on a tight budget. Just a suggestion. But love the program!
Chunga Wumba
Chunga Wumba Hónapja
The fuck is wrong with your audio guys, its significantly lower than your other videos.
mintCAT666 Hónapja
Omfg nevermind tortillas, I would give it a go on roti, honeycake layers, maybe even dumplings. Bye bye rolling pin
Rebecca Metcalf
Rebecca Metcalf Hónapja
That can opener is actually amazing. I have a lot of old aunts (I mean a lot, there are 11 of them). And all of them plus my mom have some degree of arthritis in their hands. All of those extra bit that come with the can opener would be amazing for them because they really can't squeeze or grip anything properly.
BigSirZebras Hónapja
Why do they pronounce the o in churro and taco different? Tacko, Chur Ross.
Alleosus Squirt
Alleosus Squirt Hónapja
"Get ready to be blown again!" No mercy in this kitchen.
00 00
00 00 Hónapja
Left handed & can openers hell of a mix
Steven Seiberling
“Try being left handed mate” --- Me: try using right handed scissors or a pencil sharpener.
Dirham Raizal
Dirham Raizal Hónapja
still getting used to the new intro good asmr tho
August Brown
August Brown Hónapja
The build-up to Danger. Averted. was magical...
August Brown
August Brown Hónapja
I appreciate how anytime they're not cooking. Barry Is just high off his ass... 😂😂
IlDuce Hónapja
Is that the first time yall have seen an electric can opener? Also, turn the jar upside down and give it a little smack on the bottom and you will hear it make a little pop. Makes it easier to open.
Odd Spawn
Odd Spawn Hónapja
11:56 You are very welcome :)
Christer Vonskar
...try being left handed mate, best comment :)
MedicB142 Hónapja
No Playlist for all the amazing episodes?
Jamie paid above £15 for a rubbish whisk and a useless bit of plastic and expects Ben's churros cooker to be £10😂😂😂
WaywardHero 117
WaywardHero 117 Hónapja
How you guys pronounce “Chorros” and the fact that you roll out your tortillas are downright heretical where I come from.
Amanda Mills
Amanda Mills 2 hónapja
Brendan Kreyling
Brendan Kreyling 2 hónapja
Gadget recommendation: Never soggy cereal bowl
Hannu Ala-Olla
Hannu Ala-Olla 2 hónapja
Who else thinks Barry chose that gadget because he came up with the pun?
Jennifer Nicholson
Jennifer Nicholson 2 hónapja
How do we submit a gadget for review? I would love to see personal, portable blenders (Blendjet) reviewed!
The Whip
The Whip 2 hónapja
Yes for the press!
Caroline Kim
Caroline Kim 2 hónapja
plsss the mike and barry dynamic is so funny im wheezing
Mark Starr
Mark Starr 2 hónapja
You can use normal plastic ziploc bags for the tortilla press too. You can use the same bag over and over as well.
T Zhu
T Zhu 2 hónapja
Thermomix please!
Jelleybean18 2 hónapja
A new intro - nooooooooooooo
Ariel Ross
Ariel Ross 2 hónapja
At first I was like.. “what’s a cherros? Some British delicacy?!” Reads screen: “OH.” 🤦🏻‍♀️
Tom Gantous
Tom Gantous 2 hónapja
Wow in Mexico those tortilla makers cost no more than 3 pounds
Kyle Collins
Kyle Collins 2 hónapja
Sooo irritated by the way they say churros
George Loveland
George Loveland 2 hónapja
I learned so much today, like how Brits pronounce churros and how Mike says croissant
Jemma J
Jemma J 2 hónapja
brilliant episode, funny guys... thank god james negativity was absent
Bat Potatoes
Bat Potatoes 2 hónapja
Mike finally won my heart this episode
Jemma J
Jemma J 2 hónapja
jamie is a true believer of the whisk wiper... his xmas present for 2021
Karlie Everett
Karlie Everett 2 hónapja
The Camden Hells made me so nostalgic; had a flat close by during my college internship and practically lived at that brewery! Yummmmm
I lick the insides of microwave popcorn packages
Out of those things, the press is the best. It does absolutely precisely what it says, it does it without a hiccup and it'll last several lifetimes. The only thing that could potentially break are those pins and that's an easy replacement. The press removes probably the most difficult part of making tortillas and the only reason why I don't want to make my own at home. I'm honestly considering getting one now because I love tortillas and when I buy a pack in the store, they won't last more than a few days after being opened, which kinda discourages me from buying them because 2-3 tortillas a week is the most I'll typically want.
Kriste Isopahkala
Kriste Isopahkala 2 hónapja
I thought you'd heat the tortilla press up and cook them in it. This makes more sense, but I guess you could somehow do it, it being made of cast iron.
Mickbelfast 2 hónapja
Can I ask what the point was in turning the churros machine over to make it evenly cook lol ?
LysolPionex 2 hónapja
I've never opened a can opener...
John Sloan
John Sloan 2 hónapja
I can totally see how you are friends with Rhett and Link. That’s how I found your channel. You guys are hilarious.
SORTEDfood 2 hónapja
Thank you! We're so glad you found us too :)
Max lopolo
Max lopolo 2 hónapja
1) WHY. No seriously. WHY.
Seven Strikes
Seven Strikes 2 hónapja
Anyone else losing their mind over how they pronounce Churros?
xydoit 2 hónapja
One is missing
RogyV 2 hónapja
1: tortilla press, best 2: multi purpose opener 3: churro maker 4: whisk wiper, worst Sorry Jamie
Lillie Mae
Lillie Mae 2 hónapja
How excited do you think Jamie got when he realized he could use the whisk wiper to hold the churro bag? (10:35)
maria gracia Zapata
Hi! I have a question for the SORTEDfood foodies! has anyone from Latin America signed up for the app? I'd like to know if the majority of ingredients they use are available in my region. I'm from Peru and I'm an avid fan, but sometimes the ingredients they use are not available or too expensive here. (I'm from Lima, Peru). :)
Frank Castle
Frank Castle 2 hónapja
Want the taco press love it.
sharonsplat 2 hónapja
Can you do an oreo churros recipe? My daughter would love to have them again. ❤
Gwynevieve Farabee
Gwynevieve Farabee 2 hónapja
I'm getting caught up on the fact that pronounced churros as "chur-ross" instead of "chur-rose"... 🙃
Allen DeWitt
Allen DeWitt 2 hónapja
Now I want to make Churos Waffles
lrgonly 2 hónapja
Guys a tortilla press can be purchased for 5 bucks at a swap meet in the US. Kind of eye opening at the difference between what’s normal here and there
Vardan Bansal
Vardan Bansal 2 hónapja
Try this gadget sometime "Electric Barbecue Glass Grill" !!!, I bet it will be unique.
ravenatrandom 2 hónapja
I love these guys but I find it a little funny how they pronounce tortilla perfectly, but not churro
megan march
megan march 2 hónapja
I went through chemo a couple of years back that greatly affected my hand strength and co-ordination. That can opener would have been so helpful. Thank you so much for showing why these types of products are so important. Now that I am cancer free and regaining my strength, I want that tortilla press. I think it is useful and beautiful. The whisk wipe can kick rocks.
hippycat 2 hónapja
I'm torn between "Please tell me that's a swiss can opener," and "Every electric can opener ought to come with a cat. I kept looking for the cat."
Axyle 2 hónapja
I reckon that tortilla press would last 3 life times if you looked after it well enough.
Sherryn G
Sherryn G 2 hónapja
1. I like Barry's old-timey fishing sweater. All he needs is a pipe. 2. I really want a tortilla press. Last time I looked for one, they were all sold out, so I guess homemade tortillas were another quarantine hobby 🤷‍♂️
Noelle Seedorff
Noelle Seedorff 2 hónapja
What's happened to James????
Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson 2 hónapja
In Texas presses are like 20 dollars for cast iron. I have a wood one and cost me like 10 but I use it at least twice a week. A little masa or flour goes a long way
Ema Burns
Ema Burns 2 hónapja
Ebbers: “I love a secret compartment 🥺”
sokin jon
sokin jon 2 hónapja
The way they say "churros" is killing me 😭
Michael Bagley
Michael Bagley 2 hónapja
The tortilla press first, can opener second, whisk wiper third only because it takes the least space in the cupboard or the trash when I decide to get a new gadget.
Ganon 2 hónapja
intro is really really loud compared to video audio guys.
David Dranka
David Dranka 2 hónapja
Tortilla press. Only because homemade tortillas take Mexican food to a whole other level. Warning: making homemade ones will ruin the Mexican restaurants that don’t make fresh tortillas 😂
sokin jon
sokin jon 2 hónapja
Wisk Wiper - Useless. If you're careful with a wisk, you don't need it. Multifunctional Can Opener - Useful. This thing does far more than it needs. Churros Maker - Useless. If y