Chefs and Normals Review DIY Food Kits Vol.7 | SORTEDfood 

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In today’s episode, our chef Ben and two normal home cooks, Jamie and Barry review another bunch of DIY recipe kits to see if they’re worth you trying out at home!
There’s nothing quite as satisfying as cooking a delicious meal that you’ve just prepared in your own kitchen- especially when you’re supporting local businesses at the same time!

Sushi Dog: bit.ly/3kCQcLd
The Vurger Co’s famous NY Melt: bit.ly/3q4Lzuw
The Chocolate Tart​: bit.ly/3q0xXQV
Check out our Guide to the Best DIY Food Kits here: sorted.club/2021/03/05/sorted-best-diy-food-kits-every-occasion/
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Scott McGinn
Scott McGinn 2 napja
Credit to Barry... he knew exactly why the Pastry was going to go wrong... he should have gone with his instinct
Alleosus Squirt
Anyone got a website that's more regional based for meal kits?
Soniya Samani
Soniya Samani 13 napja
Jamie embodies Dad Jokes like nothing else could
Alleosus Squirt
Alleosus Squirt 17 napja
We just gonna ignore the fact the vegan burger straight up is a krabby patty?
A lethe ia
A lethe ia 23 napja
could've just beat up a bit of whipped cream, heat Nutella, make a thin layer of the Nutella on the shrink bottom, then put a layer of cut berries on it and serve it with the whipped cream
A lethe ia
A lethe ia 23 napja
vurger is a bad name if they want to go into DACH countries.. its homophone to würger... so retcher, strangler
Jon T
Jon T 27 napja
The burgers looked good.. and the jokes where great. But the overselling of the "organic" , vegan, and packaging is really tiresome. Vegan is fine but a unrealistic binary position. Ie less meat is good and a possible goal, not none. The rest is an option. Hell, even the "plant based" packaging!?!. well all plastic is organic and in part derived from plants whether we consider it so or not. Petroleum is 100% organic. And the hydrocarbons are used from it. We should use less and stop burning it. But it's fundamentally organic. Barring new creative ways of redefining words. PLA is a plastic from corn. Processed for the hydrocarbons... it's another polyester. So, plastic is not the real issue or even what it was sourced from (for the most part). But it's ultimate ability to be recycled or biodegrade is the important part. (The important things). Which they have not been designed for till recently.
nicksurfs1 29 napja
I think that vegan burger has a narrow market of new vegans and non vegans entertaining a vegan. It’s really hard to be a vegan without being a foodie so I agree, most of us would just pick that stuff up on our own.
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 29 napja
Ben learning "AF" from Jamie, lol. Jamie being the bad influence.
Hailee Bailey
Hailee Bailey Hónapja
I was working at Carl’s Jr. When they rolled out their beyond burger and they made us all try them. Never again, it was like eating some sort of solid veggie purée that tasted like crushed vitamins. And they smelled TERRIBLE when they went through the charbroiler. And the burgers weren’t even vegan, they came with Mayo.🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ There are good vegan burger patties, beyond patties are not one of them. 🤢🤢
Alleosus Squirt
Alleosus Squirt Hónapja
I guess you got that chef's expertise with that tart kit... And it's telling me they're pretty bad.
Nise Plank
Nise Plank Hónapja
It worries me that at first sight of the feves, I knew that was Valrhona chocolate.
AnnJ J
AnnJ J Hónapja
@sortedfood have you tried the Haldirams Pani puri chaat kit?
Donald Tucker
Donald Tucker Hónapja
That tart will cost you $36.00 US Dollars plus you will need butter and eggs,
Tamzy Hónapja
Lmao they said my name for the chocolate box and it startled me
Kyle Alexander
Kyle Alexander Hónapja
These always seem to expensive to me when i can buy same stuff at store for less. However the fact i dont have to think tho is worth something
bloemundude Hónapja
That tart looked scrumptious. Jamie and Barry didn't look half bad, either.
Amanda Wilson
Amanda Wilson Hónapja
Barry: "would you have another burger?"...... Jamie: " well, it's sitting there, of course I'm going to eat it". This is why I love these guys and why I've been following them for years :)
WxLxH Hónapja
"Let's do a little bit of docking.. which is where you give it a little prick" ???????????????????????
Do Hee Kim
Do Hee Kim Hónapja
Kinda disappointed they kept calling the sushidog as a "burrito". Was expecting some mention of futomaki or kimbap....
Lia Hónapja
When I heard nationwide I was so excited! I’ve never tried vegan burgers but because I’ve seen it here I kind of want to try it!!
Rivka Hónapja
i miss the gooey in the middle baby let me bake intro. This intro is good too though
Janna Victorious
Jelleybean18 Hónapja
I miss the old intro. I know it was time but the one where you all laugh at Barry’s matcha cloud egg and James saying “Ben it’s not worth it” are just the best :p
Familyhelpdesk helpdesk
what's with the vegan fetish for imitation meat dishes?! there is a huge range of very good imaginative vegan suitable food out there without having pretend meat. if you want the pretend versions, you are a plastic vegan!
fifiefo Hónapja
Why does it have to be called a “burrito” when the japanese have a real term for it, “maki”?
Honey the spitz
Honey the spitz Hónapja
Haiya colander for rice
Harry Hónapja
If you want a better burger DIY kit Fat Hippo in the North have been doing some good kits that ship across the UK
Saba Aftab
Saba Aftab Hónapja
Please do DIY Kits in places other than London, I live in Wolverhampton and cant find anything like this
Max Attack
Max Attack Hónapja
I love the badges!!!!! More badges please!!! 😂😂😂😂😂🥊🥊🥊🥊
One thing I never hear vegetarians talk about is how much land has to be cleared to grow all plant based food. And if the world suddenly went all vegan could we really even grow enough food to feed everyone? Think about how much land has to be cleared to equal the food output of just one industrial chicken farm.
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas Hónapja
I wish they could find an international food kit company to review. Many of us don't have access to these things.
Sherio88 2 hónapja
Beyond meat burgers taste and smell like the smell of mold (not decay, just MOLD). I choose Impossible burgers every time.
Karl Mckinney
Karl Mckinney 2 hónapja
Is there a marketplace like Plateaway for the US?
skitsot 2 hónapja
The sushi dog is basically a Temaki also known as a hand roll. They often come as a cone shape but nothing new there really. It’s kinda a combo of a temaki and a futomaki
Damphyre 2 hónapja
CORE a 3 star Michelin restaurant in London has a DIY kit out for a 5 course meal. Can the normals cook to the level of a 3 star chef?
BYEBYE 2 hónapja
I love how they say get less processed foods and fresh as possible. Then go ahead and eat vegan burger and cheese and which is the most scientificly processed food you can eat, and say how great it is. Come on guys.
A Morty
A Morty 2 hónapja
Is the fish raw?
doctoryoinky 2 hónapja
i could make a better burger blacked out drunk with my wang out
Lauren 2 hónapja
I’m looking up meal kits in my area but sadly a lot of people think that this is all over now so almost all of the restaurants are open with inside dining and everything... not many options for meal kits
Sage Midson
Sage Midson 2 hónapja
The sushi burrito thing is just how you eat sushi in Australia
JJ 2 hónapja
Miss old singing intro
Mumzly04 2 hónapja
So it's not a bag but a vag..............oh
Lpt. 2 hónapja
What happened to James? I don’t see him in the recent Videos anymore
Conor Cudden
Conor Cudden 2 hónapja
I miss the old intro :(
JanPospisil42 2 hónapja
"do some docking, which is basically giving a little prick" I mean...yeah.
Mackemgav88 2 hónapja
PLEASE DO FAT HIPPO BURGERS!!! You guys always do things from restaurants in London, the North exists too!
grumpymuggles 2 hónapja
Jamie talking like the grand high witch from the witches 😂
The Whip
The Whip 2 hónapja
Not FrAnce... FrAWnce I love it 😆❤ Sounds so much classier with a British accent
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 2 hónapja
Tell James we're planning the party for his triumphant return, whenever it happens 🎉🎉🎉
Sheillagh O'Brien
Sheillagh O'Brien 2 hónapja
test diy kits that are available in the US too lol :3
creativebobbie 2 hónapja
I loved Jamie's V bit! 🤣 veese vettuce vomato
Shagy 2 hónapja
Vegan bullshit
TheWinglessHawk 2 hónapja
About the sushi one... you don't necessarily need the mat to fold it. You just need a few tries before and then you can do it without. Also a good idea to learn this tight folding: cinnamon buns. Less expensive a bit more freedom in making mistakes, but a great teacher for the sushi "problem". :)
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 2 hónapja
There's a place like this in Houston TX called Umaki
Amelia W
Amelia W 2 hónapja
I’d love to know what you guys think of the Leon Love burger kit!
Mooo 2 hónapja
Cow foot taco with freshly chillied beansprout tofu juice rice with a jibibi red lion poon sauce
Tentacles45 2 hónapja
Just as a tip, when you talk about the ingredients that are foreign to you, just say the name of it. Nori-sheet, Naan-Bread, Chai-Tea. Theyre all redundant in English because they already mean what you're saying in English. I understand that a lot of viewers won't get it right off the bat but if you said something like, so you lay the rice onto the Nori, which is a flat seaweed sheet, or something along those lines, it'd be a lot more natural. Sorry for being pedantic, I just thought it felt inclined enough for the redundancies to be corrected to comment. Have a nice day guys!
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 2 hónapja
When they say "Vurger" I hear "Würger. And I can't imagine eating something that suggests it's gonna make me choke on it.
aileen muchizuki
aileen muchizuki 2 hónapja
I love when barry showed the tart that shrunk back jamie was laughing while ben was like "i'm not amused" 😂😂😂
dormant pixi
dormant pixi 2 hónapja
Where's James??
L. Colvin
L. Colvin 2 hónapja
If you're enjoying this... Shameless plug, always thumbs up, though. So... successful. Love you guys.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 2 hónapja
mundane, largely "supermarket shelf" ingredients.
YayapLives 2 hónapja
I hate how I don't like sushi. It looks so cool but vinigary rice, raw fish, and seaweed all taste bad to me :/
Excludos 2 hónapja
Someone know why Barry's pastry shrunk so much, compared to what was expected (and written in the instructions)? I very much doubt it's just a dumb oversight from those selling it, so what made the difference?
Monochrome 2 hónapja
So if ben is on first, Who's on second?
Fairy Fox
Fairy Fox 2 hónapja
not vegan but that burger set looks bussin
Nathalie Desrayaud
Nathalie Desrayaud 2 hónapja
So who's going to do the American version of these meal kits?
Bueiruwen 2 hónapja
Do people realize that Beyond Burger has chemicals in it that has not been verified as a food-safe additive or safe for human consumption. That being said they don't also know if they would be harmful they should not be considered a clean food
Nam Nguyen
Nam Nguyen 2 hónapja
There's a place like this in Houston TX called Umaki
Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith 2 hónapja
I just notice Ben appears to have lost some weight from last year. Good job mate
Carlos Alexander-Collier
I would love for them to be challenged to make a dish with an ingredient(s) that they dislike eatting.
Samuel Espley
Samuel Espley 2 hónapja
Not relevant to this video but I would love to see a Pass It On where everyone knows the recipe and one person is the 'Imposter' and their job is to mess up the recipe in any way they can think!
Dapur Noob
Dapur Noob 2 hónapja
Velt the vheese in the vrill
Eric Kugler
Eric Kugler 2 hónapja
"It's sitting there, of course I'm going to eat it." I feel that 100%
Dan K-M
Dan K-M 2 hónapja
How is a tomato controversial??
TheDarksaphira 2 hónapja
Oh god do I love the idea of that sushi dog. I might need to try and emulate that one day. Can't get the kit or I would, but I could just get the stuff used for it and make it.
JimIBobIJones 2 hónapja
I get that we should support the hospitality industry and its not just about the product, but this particular batch are just crap. All three use insanely basic recipes with ridiculously mundane, largely "supermarket shelf" ingredients.
AAA ก็แค่ถ่าน
Rice cooker ...
Animated Stats
Animated Stats 2 hónapja
As always on top 🔥 Are there sports fans here??)
samantha brennan
samantha brennan 2 hónapja
hi, would really love to see you guys make your own kimchi! whether a kit, or developing a recipe or possibly a battle? idk something with a kimchi focus could be cool!
Evelyn Marie
Evelyn Marie 2 hónapja
Sushi dogs are basically gimbap.
David Shutter
David Shutter 2 hónapja
When I rise to power, anybody that puts a recipe out of order, will be locked up. Starting a section of a recipe with the word "Meanwhile", will be a capital offence!
Eyesa N
Eyesa N 2 hónapja
PASS IT ON REALLY IS SO ENTERTAINING. I think it would be cool to do a new season with that. But throwing in a mystery ingredient for every episode.. 🤔
ElJAsok 2 hónapja
Fill your crust with clean raw dried beans to make sure it doesn't bubble or shrink when you bake it, and yes the beans are still usable after.
Ben 2 hónapja
It's becoming tiresome that this channel now forces irrelevant Vegan shit upon us... If we want to see vegan crap we would follow vegan food channels
Todd Ellner
Todd Ellner 2 hónapja
"Put it under the Vrill so it can melt." Who do you think you are? Edward Bulwer-Lytton?
Todd Ellner
Todd Ellner 2 hónapja
When you were in Portland, Oregon if you had travelled just a couple blocks further you would have found two food carts specializing in sushi burritos.
Sandra Lewis
Sandra Lewis 2 hónapja
My favorite DIY food kit consists of frugally curated dried beans and grains, spices, healthy oils, home canned vegetables, home grown herbs, onions, garlic, celery, carrots, and potatoes that are turned into thrifty meals. My beet-barley-burgers are a team favorite, especially when served in a homemade masa tortilla wrap with a homemade hummus spread and home grown sprouts. Literally pennies per serving. That DIY kit in a box mailed from some faceless company is the height of profligate wastefulness.
dcast777 2 hónapja
Sushi burritos has to be the worst food idea I’ve heard of in a long time. Gtfo. Who buys this dumb crap?
Maggie Dressler
Maggie Dressler 2 hónapja
Ben and Barry’s reactions to Jamie saying “Make at vome” are so wholesome 💙
zulu9812 2 hónapja
Docking... give it a little prick... LOL
PotDaPlant92 2 hónapja
Well I’m childish but the camera definitely lingered when Barry was working with the pastry and said “docking” and “give it a little prick”
GorbashKazdar 2 hónapja
The sushi burrito is really just ehomaki. It's a version of futomaki - thick rolls - that's usually eaten unsliced on the evening before Setsubun. It's supposed to be lucky, especially if you eat it while facing in whichever direction is auspicious for the current zodiac year.
Henk van Voorst
Henk van Voorst 2 hónapja
"Packaging is produced from plants, not plastic" Not true, as fas as i know, the only plastic from plants is PLA (polylactic acid), but its still a plastic Their packaging should say "this packaging is made of plastic from plants, not oil" or from a sustainable source or something like that And people that say that this stuff is biodegradable. Well, it technically is, but still takes a long time. Dont throw it away with your green waste (idk how to call it in english) but just with plastic. It will just get filtered out and dumped on a landfill or be incinerated. It takes too long to be succesfully composted, so it would do more harm than good if they left it in
M P 2 hónapja
Most of your food kits, if not all of them can not be purchased in the US. I would to see ones that are more readily available also. Yes, I understand the whole perishable thing.
FunctionofLight One
BTW, Sorted Food Peeps, would someone please tell me what happened to James?
zip91187 2 hónapja
A bit unrelated to this vid, but I've always wondered about a video comparing and contrasting things from the European continent and North America's. For example, coming from the southwestern US - 15 mins from the Mexican border - our idea of chorizo seems way different than the Spanish chorizo you guys use... and just think of all the bennuendos that could come from a chorizo vid 🤷
Vitaly Gorshkov
Vitaly Gorshkov 2 hónapja
Try Honest Burgers!
Tom Christian
Tom Christian 2 hónapja
Is it just me that wants to see chef vs a normal with a DIY kit
daryl gearing
daryl gearing 2 hónapja
Next time you use a vegan cheese 0cal spray or just oil the cheese before grill it's keeps it "cheesy" Also works for pizza
Duzny - Geya - Fock
If that's a vegan award winning burger I don't want to try the rest hahaha
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