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There are so many different journeys our food goes on until it lands on our plates, so today, we’re seeing if Jamie and Barry can tell fresh and frozen food products apart in a good, old fashioned blind taste-test!
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Alexa Chipman
Alexa Chipman 17 órája
I am not sure about the beef. I used to think there wasn't much difference with the frozen kind, but then I had actual fresh beef right from the ranch (it hadn't sat at the supermarket at all) and WOW it was absolutely delicious.
Ash Rowan
Ash Rowan 2 napja
As someone who grew up eating a mixture of truly fresh fish and fish that we'd frozen I will say that while their is a difference both are great if you properly control how you defrost your fish you can barely tell the difference this goes for every type of fish that we've cooked trout, jack(pike), walleye, catfish they're all good fresh or frozen it's all about controlling the temperature of the fish when its defrosting
Michael Kaszynski
So much "fresh" fish is required to be frozen under very specific conditions to ensure any parasites in the fish are killed.
MetalViking 5 napja
Fresh vs tinned?
Miingno 15 napja
Looking at this again after a while... Is it just me or are the two dishes at 12:23 exactly the same just taken at a slightly different time (some chees is more molten) and at a slightly different angle? And you thought no one would notice didn't you! 🤣 Well to be fair, no one will see my comment after all these weeks and buried under 1500 other comments 😅
Orwell’s Trumpet
I’m far from an expert, but when I saw that cod, the B one just looked musher and I knew it was frozen. Now I want some fresh fish!
faatman42 21 napja
there is nothing wrong with frozen products, they are a fantastic timesaver and waste management system. But, like they said, you need to make sure you use the right product for the right dish. if veggies are going into a sauce or soup and are a filler, you can use the frozen product. If the veggies are a main component of the dish, use fresh.
Franka Jussen
Franka Jussen 26 napja
10:38 that synchronised "yeah" is absolute gold
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 28 napja
"Well some of us have those skills" Ooohhh sassy Ben.
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 28 napja
"Who puts their fork in sideways" Someone who is afraid of stabbing themself with the prongs. Lol.
Mat Thee DarkOverLord Simons
Hi just wondering, the normal's have no talent so this is all they do I get that ( I love you guys, that's just a friendly dig ), but do the Chefs still have Chef jobs outside SF? Asking for a friend, who may or may not work for the TAX man :-) xxx
Hailee Malins
Hailee Malins Hónapja
My family owns a fish market in the states (and were commercial fishermen prior) and the whole industry is fascinating. If the product is caught with in a day or two of delivery (we buy straight from local fishermen when it is season) it comes bled, whole body and on ice. Sometime they keep the fish alive in holding tanks until it arrives in the market for us to process (this is also true for our markets crab). We also keep live oysters(both local and out-of-state), but those are keep on ice as the nature of them being a filter animal can contaminate local sea waters if kept in the water (we pump from the ocean, which is legal to do with our local crab varieties). For the oysters we aways check that the oyster is still alive and if the shell is intact before we sell to customer. Good rule of thumb is to only buy clams and oysters whose shells are still closed, unless sold as a cooked or still frozen product. If the seafood has to travel farther then fisherman will typically flash freeze it on the boat as it can take days/weeks to get back to dock. This also helps to kill parasites living with in the fish. Additionally, large commercial operations will farm fish, which are also frozen in the packaging process. I do want to say that not all farmed fish is bad, it's a matter of finding the right/ethical companies to buy from.
SORTEDfood Hónapja
Thanks so much for your comment Hailee, it's so interesting to hear more about the fishing industry and how it operates.
huggledemon32 Hónapja
As a disabled person with limited mobility (ie: I can’t stand for long, and I recently tore a tendon in my dominant shoulder.....let me tell ya- OUCH!) Frozen/pre-prepared veggies etc are a GODSEND!)
ScifiGamer 1991
ScifiGamer 1991 Hónapja
new drinking game: every time Ben says "However", have a drink
olbaze Hónapja
Fresh vs dried pasta or mushroom Fresh vs canned fish/tomato/fruit/mushroom Fresh vs vacuum sealed fish Fresh vs jar sauces (pesto, tomato sauce, etc.) Fresh vs cube/pod stock (Hi Knorr!) Fresh vs powder sauces (bearnaise, hollandaise, bechamel)
I wonder why they went with a 15% fat fresh ground beef vs 12% fat frozen. In ground beef the more lean the mix is generally the more expensive it is per pound and I'm pretty confident that if they had the same fat content the price gap would have been bigger.
giannapple Hónapja
Can anyone explain me why serve any pasta dish NOT already mixed with the sauce? Why do you prefer to have your pasta glued to itself and colder than it would be if you mixed it before serving? Is there any reason why chefs outside Italy like to present their pasta efforts in such a lazy (and quite frankly disgusting) way?
N DB Hónapja
I love how Ben is almost always confidently incorrect.
Akshara Kumar
Akshara Kumar Hónapja
Seems like they knew seaspiracy was coming out on Netflix before it actually did
Coco Anana
Coco Anana Hónapja
One of the things that I tend to buy frozen living in the northern hemisphere is tropical fruits like mango and pineapple. Especially with pineapple, if you buy them frozen they actually have more flavour because the fruit matures in the tree and then it's picked and frozen. If you buy them fresh, the fruits are picked before they are mature and left to ripen on transit and they don't taste as rich. Also, there is a lot less waste.
khaxjc1 Hónapja
That end clip 😂
Akanksha Patwari
In India it is totally the opposite. Frozen food is costlier than fresh food.
Carlos Rios
Carlos Rios Hónapja
Ben is losing a lot of weight! It’s making him look younger, like how he did when y’all first started the channel.
L C Hónapja
The fish thing, I kind of figured out why us in the west dislike fish. The fishes available to us are all dead, frozen packed and then send back. It's ridiculous. In the third world, their fishes are at least fresh, put into tanks and brought to market, still alive and breathing. The fishmonger then kills them, strip off their scales and cut them up for us. It is labour intensive, but it maintains the fish's delicate flavour and texture. It's not that frozen fish is bad, sushi fish are almost all frozen to kill off parasites, but the way that we frozen them, not drained of their blood, makes them unappetizing. If I'm to be killed and served, I would rather be treated with respect, like in Hannibal.
kerryanne28 Hónapja
Jamie wearing a green eye mask is hilarious! I wonder what colour he thinks it is.. I’m actually curious 🧐 lol 🙌🏻❤️ xx
Jetmorrison Hónapja
11:30 when the folk learn about the spoils of capitalismz. "despite the fact that the fish has been around the world and back its still half the price of the other options" "HOW?! How is that EVEN possible?!" well kids, Its explotive labour, industrialized food processing and late stage capitalism that allows that to happen!
Adria Garceran
Adria Garceran Hónapja
I have spent 3 months in Cardiff, and I could not find any propper fresh food store, not inside a Supermarket, specially fish and vegetables. Compared to Barcelona where I live where we have many different stores that just sell one kind of product, as well as what can be found in Supermarkets.
Melinda M
Melinda M Hónapja
The frozen fish blow my mind 😯
Melinda M
Melinda M Hónapja
Fresh Vs frozen veggies - frozen is processed, but those factories have workers who earn their living there. Fresh sometimes travels further to get to your table. Plus fresh might go off and gets wasted, it's harder to waste frozen.
Hostess With The Mostess
Thank you for this video....we usually coook fresh, but some frozen stuff is worth it
SORTEDfood Hónapja
vidihika khanna
vidihika khanna Hónapja
One of the reasons I love sorted is because every time I watch a video I actually learn something new! 🙌🙌🙌
Garth Hónapja
Eber's has no clue. However I do it's my job to have a clue. The chemicals are secondary it's the proteins. And this is where this get's strange the bolognese in Italy is velvety smooth a process helped by freezing your meat or meats as the components are 3 (beef,pork and veal). Secondly the real bolognese contains NO STOCK or tomatoes but tomato concentrate/paste plus vino yes you can use white. What you end up with is not what shown above but a very soft textured sauce that's like velvet on the tongue.. Do any of you want the real recipe not the silly Sorted nonsense..???
flareontoast Hónapja
Do you have people who sometimes go over the captions to fix mistakes? There's quite a few ones in this video. Absolutely not a negative comment btw. Just wanting to make sure that those who need subs get the best possible captions.
Henoik Hónapja
Norway is the biggest exporter of salmon in the world, and one of the biggest exporters of fish in general. Even we ship our fish to China and back 😳
Harold Sicilian
Harold Sicilian Hónapja
How about taking a go at UK Vs. US? Has this been done already? Would love to see the difference not only in price and taste, but nutrition and portion sizes too!
ShojoBakunyu Hónapja
The reason it's cheaper to send it around the world is that places like China are just huge slave workshops. When your Democratic Socialist Western Government has a $15/hour minimum wage and China literally cares so little about its people that they can keep TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE in LITERAL Concentration Camps and pay their workers a pittance and put more money into the anti-suicide tech on the building to keep workers from killing themselves... yeah... It's cheaper to send that chicken from Ireland to China and back than to process it a block down from the farm.
ShojoBakunyu Hónapja
In US supermarkets they are required to put "Previously Frozen" on seafood that isn't fresh-fresh because so many places were charging premium for "fresh" that just meant "defrosted and ready to cook."
ShojoBakunyu Hónapja
Frozen fish is better because 30% of fish has parasites that aren't killed by cooking but are killed by freezing and those parasites and while rare they can get to the brain and kill you.
ShojoBakunyu Hónapja
Frozen is better for sweeter things because "Fresh" needs to be harvested before it's ripe to account for travel and storage time so it's not hadcenough time on the plant to develop flavor while frozen (or canned for tomatoes) is picked at peak and immediately taken to a processing facility where it's cleaned, par cooked, and flash frozen so it doesn't have time to have sugars turn to starch. Frozen, in the majority of cases, has better nutrition and better flavor than "fresh" that were picked unripe and then sat in a truck for 4 days from California to New York then sat at the market for a week before you bought it. 10 days to a vegetable is an eternity.
Ken Shaw
Ken Shaw Hónapja
The sofrito mix being better than fresh makes sense if you think about it. You sweat sofrito which breaks it down by removing most of the water. Frozen food naturally loses water when defrosted because the ice crystals have punctured cell walls so sweating the frozen mix will cause it to break down even better than a fresh sofrito. Too bad there doesn't seem to be any being sold locally. Guess I'll keep making my own.
Mads Naldal Christensen
With regards to the shipping of cod to China. In Denmark we produce a lot (and i mean a lot) of sausage. Most of the bigger manufacturers who mass produce cheap sausages butcher the pigs in Denmark, send the intestines to China to get cleaned, then receive the intestines from China to fill with meat and cook. They're sent to China TO GET WASHED DOWN!
Tak86 Hónapja
*Sofrito* consists of garlic, onion, peppers, and tomatoes cooked in olive oil. *Mirepoix* is a combination of onion, carrot and celery generally cut to the same size
Sarah Hónapja
The sofrito discussion is missing the fact that frozen vegetables are typically the "ugly" veggies that otherwise would go into the trash. So while, yes, there are factories and refrigeration needs caused by the process, you are also saving food from the trash.
Jelleybean18 Hónapja
MrVovansim Hónapja
I knew that most "fresh" seafood in the supermarket had previously been frozen. But I'm surprised you said that it might still be better because it's been thawed under controlled conditions. I actually read the opposite, that it just thaws in the display case, and you don't really know how long it's been sitting there, so better to buy frozen, thaw yourself and cook right away.
Hailee Malins
Hailee Malins Hónapja
It all depends on the place it which you are buying. A standard supermarket is more likely to let the product defrost in the showcase. A standalone fishmarket, is more likely to do the controlled defrost (I've worked for my family's fish market for years) not to mention that a standalone market is often quicker at moving it's products as a specialty store.
Emilia Donckers
Emilia Donckers Hónapja
Also with the safrito: + frozen will probs be fresher because it’s been immediately frozen in after harvest, fresh veg has been around for some time so most of the times frozen is actually fresher and contains more vitamins + minerals than non-frozen veg :)
Joshua Hill
Joshua Hill Hónapja
At no point did you provide me any reason not to continue buying frozen food, and at every stage you reminded me that you lot are a lot more upper-middle-class in your spending habits than I am. Also, your pricing methodology for the veggies was flawed: Sure, per kilogram, you might be able to reach comparable prices, or even mildly variant prices, but you can't buy half a carrot, or cucumber, etc, there's always a minimum per-kilogram cost to buying fresh that doesn't exist when buying frozen.
Christine Williamson
There’s a huge difference in canned vs fresh, could you do a video along that if it hasn’t been made
Lucy Taylor
Lucy Taylor Hónapja
Pre made and homemade
Rose wise
Rose wise Hónapja
You guys need to come over to the Oregon coast in the US. They catch fish and sell it right on the dock, only hours old.... It's beautiful!!!
Plumpninja Hónapja
Do you guys know if there is any nutritional difference between the fresh and frozen foods you tested?
Isabelle Beckett
As someone who was worked in a fish factory ,it's not surprising that fresh is pre frozen and don't forget it takes a few days once it's been thawed for it to be processed and then shipped to the supermarket.
Timothy Herzog
Timothy Herzog Hónapja
Just in case anyone who reads this is wondering why freezing food can alter its feel and consistency: Freezing causes water to form ice crystals, which expand and puncture cells, leading to a breakdown of overall structure, especially once defrosted. This can be very evident in fruit and veg which have high water content, such as the Mediterranean veg shown. In addition, proteins can be denatured by heat and cold (this means their shape and structure are altered), which can also affect the consistency of food. This denaturation is actually what is responsible for egg whites setting and becoming white when cooked. I know Ebbers likes his food science, so not sure if he's mentioned this in any other episodes.
LurkerXXXVII Hónapja
Still trying to sell fish pie as a comfort food? Let it go, Ben!
David Warrilow
David Warrilow Hónapja
What about the length of time they hang beef? (Other things that are aged, cheese, wines, whisky)
Albert Yap
Albert Yap Hónapja
In my country, the fresh one cost less ... :D
kinkylogic Hónapja
chef vs normal :chef uses normal(s) kitchen tools (eg dull knife, shady pans and no electronics)
Della Kidd
Della Kidd Hónapja
Isn't there a requirement to label previously frozen product as such? Not sure what the labelling laws are in the UK re that.
S. V.
S. V. Hónapja
They should make a colab video with epic meal time....
radosvetav Hónapja
Please can I ask you to cut the mid-video ads off? I never get any at the end or beginning, please it's so annoying!
tyteen4a03 Hónapja
Please fix the subtitles, they are really off.
Meryl's Kitchen
Meryl's Kitchen Hónapja
Might be more expensive but fresh is always best for me!
Suzanne Aasheim-Sorensen
It'd be great with a video that focuses on one ingredient and a bunch of different uses.
Zyler Hónapja
Loving this Frozen series - I can never get through fresh veg before it goes off!
はなkoooh 2 hónapja
"put him down" - Mike, 2021
Catherine Reed
Catherine Reed 2 hónapja
I hope you know your "fresh" stuff might already be a year old and has sat in factories, too. They get waxed and refrigerated and "naturally" preserved. Not only is frozen food cheaper to buy, but it is literally frozen so soon after harvesting that it is more nutrient dense. Canned goods are a very close second. The so-called "fresh" is a distant third unless you have space for a garden and grow it yourself. Or someone you trust grows it. Most of us don't have that space.
Daniel Costalis
Daniel Costalis 2 hónapja
I still want to see a frozen food video where you have a look at basic staples like chopped onion, tricolor peppers, chopped mushrooms, etc. Things where they AREN'T the star of the dish on purpose, but can add a bit of extra flavor to a dish without needing to waste half an onion or throw away half a pound of mushrooms if you don't use them all.
Shalynne Smith
Shalynne Smith 2 hónapja
You should try a blind taste test of rice dishes made with riced cauliflower vs rice to see if the “normals” can tell the difference.
Scouse Mummy
Scouse Mummy 2 hónapja
Please do the chilli chocolate challenge and the paqui 1 chip challenge chefs vs normals 🙏🏼
Mickey O'Hare
Mickey O'Hare 2 hónapja
One of my favorite things about Sorted is that they actually acknowledge the validity of processed foods. Every other food channel on TV or the internet spends every breath on screen gushing over fresh food, preaching to cut out processed foods, and singing the praises of everything that their local Whole Foods sells. Meanwhile, Sorted openly discusses that there are obvious pros and cons to frozen, canned and otherwise processed foods, while teaching how they can be used best. Very good content overall.
Mate Safranka
Mate Safranka Hónapja
I bake a lot, and it's very much a pet peeve of mine when youtube videos insist that you should always use real, pure vanilla extract in everything. Like, no. Just no. If you're making a custard, or an ice cream, or something else that actually needs to taste of vanilla, then by all means use the pure extract (or even a pod, just make sure you know what you're doing), but putting real vanilla in a brownie is a pointless waste of money and resources.
David Meghnagi
David Meghnagi Hónapja
I don't know if you've ever watched "Eat Well for Less" but they very often champion frozen and canned produce on that show, not only for reasons of frugality but also because they have a food nutritionist who explains that in many instances the frozen/canned is just as good for you, sometimes even more so. And they'll often do taste tests. So yeah, it's a good show too lol
Natasha Rose Bartlett Cook
we always get our fish from our local fishmonger in Scarborough
Lynsy P
Lynsy P 2 hónapja
I feel so smart that I knew most fresh fish had been frozen! :) But I'm glad more people are learning about, and I'm glad to know how/why "fresh" fish seems so different!
Anna Carlsson
Anna Carlsson 2 hónapja
sheap wersus expensive wine? Sheap made by chemicas and souch and expensive that took its time :P
Benjamin Dan
Benjamin Dan 2 hónapja
"Or a BBQ in the summer" Clearly Ebbers has never seen how crazy some of us can be about BBQ. It's -20 c and theres a foot of snow outside? Time to fire up that grill and get some nice char marks 😝 That being said, I have had my Kamado freeze shut on several occasions, which means sometimes there's no choice but to use the propane grill, but in a pinch it'll do.
Lawlietthetoast_ 2 hónapja
I am very anxious about food in general and about food beeing bad and freezing things/ buying frozen things takes that away. If thats what makes me want to cook and not feel as anxious I will sacrifice a bit of taste/texture.
A C 2 hónapja
I love the variety of frozen fruit and veg available now as it saves waste. I cook for myself and like a lot of variety in the week so I either cook a small portion or freeze what’s left over. My main gripe is the packaging not being widely recyclable. A lot of the higher price supermarkets (M&S and Waitrose) offer a lot of variety and convenience however the packaging isn’t recyclable... and there’s a lot of it. I often see a lot of elderly people in M&S buying ready meals as it’s convenient for them and their lifestyles however all that packaging can only end up in the rubbish bin.
freark92 2 hónapja
Who is the idiot that put "polonaise" in the subtitles when they say "bolognese"?
Barefoot 2 hónapja
.....what in the unholy hell was that pile of individually frozen beef kibble worm things!? Is that seriously how frozen ground beef comes in the UK?? That's... very distressing to me for some reason.
Anthony Hills
Anthony Hills 2 hónapja
Kinda wish they hadn't admitted that they don't make half of the food they eat on the show and just have an off screen food team that does it, takes away a bit of the genuine magic.
Michael Morris
Michael Morris 2 hónapja
My family buys a lot of our meat fresh in larger pieces, and then we break it down into more individual serving portions and then freeze it ourselves. For example, we got a nice, big, bone-in pork shoulder and butchered it down into smaller shares. The bone and surrounding meat went pretty much straight into a nice, big pot of red beans and rice, while the rest got broken into more manageable portions... two or three 'roast' cuts, and one of the more scrap pieces of meat. We've even already put the scrappier pieces to use making home-made sweet and sour pork. The one downside to it is that we don't have a good vacuum sealer. We'd had a Hamilton Beach one, but it seems that those have fallen so far out of favor that the bags are pretty much impossible to find. On top of that, it had a nasty habit of leaving air pockets behind larger cuts of meat. We might try again with a new one. We're not in a rush, though.
styill 2 hónapja
When I was last in London years ago, Iceland had a great sale on KitKats, and thus became my favorite supermarket.
Allison L.
Allison L. 2 hónapja
An episode or few of them on dehydrating food would be awesome!
Allistrata GG4
Allistrata GG4 2 hónapja
"what's the point of the closhe?" Asks the man wearing glasses over his blindfold 🤣
John Thomson
John Thomson 2 hónapja
Nice video lads, for a weirder level to this you could go with Fresh vs Frozen vs Flash Frozen. not all that clued up about flash freezing but some places use it for delivery.
Denisse G
Denisse G 2 hónapja
What about a challenge, where it’s the same dish only one is made by a chef and the other one is made by a normal, they have to plate it the same way as to not give anything away, but I do believe the subtle additions of specialized chef techniques will make a difference.
Brennen Cox
Brennen Cox 2 hónapja
I'd like for you to investigate the food process of putting food into me.
Maisie Durham
Maisie Durham 2 hónapja
I’d be super interested in a series about UK supermarkets like how to find the best ingredients where you shop, what’s good quality, how to get the best value etc. Each week could be a different supermarket eg. Lidl, Waitrose, Tesco, Asda and so on
Coyote Trickster
Coyote Trickster 2 hónapja
In the States, with frozen veggies, it is cheaper to go with fresh with only a few exceptions.
Se Kirk
Se Kirk 2 hónapja
I work in a supermarket and all the fish comes still a bit frozen. So even that morning, your fish still has some ice on it. The meat is also kept at a much lower temp but, to my knowledge, not frozen. The still frozen bags of fish get man handled so often can come out looking a little off, as Barry said.
Andrew Cooper
Andrew Cooper 2 hónapja
The shock from their faces when they didn't realise that fresh fish has already been frozen, shocked me more. I mean, have they never seen that one fishing programme that's always on?
Tomas Green
Tomas Green 2 hónapja
Sous-vide vs prepared "traditionally".
John Kristian Aasen
This is why i fish my own fish. It's SO much better.
Sara T
Sara T 2 hónapja
if you do this again, please use spinach as the fresh/frozen ingredient -- idk if it's just me but the taste of frozen spinach is so so distinct (and not my cup of tea at all)
Efeutute 2 hónapja
On the frozen fish part: actually sashimi grade fish has to be frozen once because of the risk of catching nematodes (a parasite). Unheated/raw fish is only safe to eat if it was frozen once.
RJPPER 2 hónapja
Why chargrill just blowtorch your vegetables
Sword and Keyboard
Sword and Keyboard 2 hónapja
Here where I live, I have found the most cost effective way for be to buy beef is fresh in large quantity when it goes on sale. I immediately portion it into freezer bags when it gets home, and keep about a pound in the fridge. I prefer the fresh beef, but I can't afford to buy it a little bit at a time
Sword and Keyboard
Sword and Keyboard 2 hónapja
I would have put the grilled veg in a stir fry to see if they should still tell in that kind of a dish
Issmaeel Ansari
Issmaeel Ansari 2 hónapja
Please could you tell us if the fish was cooked straight from frozen or did you defrost it first and then cook it? Maybe the same with all of the foods it must matter if you defrost it first or if you cook it straight from frozen and does it then take longer to cook if it is straight from frozen? Just wondering about the fish as you said the frozen was just as good! Love you Sorted
bobby barnes
bobby barnes 2 hónapja
What happened to James?
Ben Nesbitt
Ben Nesbitt 2 hónapja
My understanding is how it is how it is thawed more than anything that affects the final product. Maybe not in uncooked form but once cooked
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