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In today’s episode, we’ve let one chef and two normal homecooks run wild on three more Tik Tok Food trends to test and review them whilst adding their very own twist… and it’s safe to say that expectations vs reality are very far apart!
If you’d like to check out the Tik Tok creators who inspired us in the making of this episode, click below:
Sprite Pie: @kitchentool
Ice Cream Bread: @happybaking
Mozzarella sticks: @spurweezy
Watch Barry try and nail the Sprite Pie on our Instagram Page: bit.ly/36caLIy
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my name
my name 2 napja
the icecream cake is cool but its not that hard to make a better cake with the same effort
Shaurya Shrivastava
Barry's pie looks like a septic wound
Rebecca Wansboro
the lasers I’m in stitches why was that so fucking funny
Reaper 8 napja
I want to try the ice cream bread/cake but wasn’t clear on the size of the ice cream tubs or the amount of self raising flour 😓
Benjy Harris
Benjy Harris 8 napja
Ben with lazer eyes killed me... Think the next door neighbour had a share of laughter too :D
Charlotte s
Charlotte s 24 napja
hip thrust 😹
Sigrid S
Sigrid S 28 napja
I'm currently going through an eating disorder, watching this channel has helped me gain my interest and appetite back during my recovery❤ really appreciate every video, the enthusiasm for food is foreign to me, but watching this while I eat helps me immensely
dick turds
dick turds 28 napja
Feels like the tele but better
JRAM BASSN 29 napja
You made yourself a water pie, they were made during the depression.
Jose Corchete
Jose Corchete Hónapja
Don't know if you have been informed, but the algorithm is using your video to show a very macho advertisement of a "how to date and cheat" guy.
Thomas Laing
Thomas Laing Hónapja
If you guys ever come back to Edinburgh please let me know!
zoid5 Hónapja
The sprite pie is essentially a modern remake of the depression era Water Pie. I imagine it is a lot sweeter, the water pie tastes like tapioca without they pearls.
Latesha Presley
Latesha Presley Hónapja
The bent cost realistically carve because game daily follow within a bustling tin. fresh, scary unshielded
Dale Rardon
Dale Rardon Hónapja
Cheese sticks.
sam handley
sam handley Hónapja
Neither of those icecreams contain egg though? the mystery deapens...
Rodrigo Hónapja
In a vacation to USA I saw a pie of 7up, even with the 7up logo. 🤔🤢👽
KH Fan
KH Fan Hónapja
The German in me became a bit angry that the “ice cream bread” is called bread
k333999 Smith
k333999 Smith Hónapja
I believe the Sprite pie is a depression Era recipe when fruit was hard to get.
Kossolax the Foresworn
I would assume anything that is trendy in tik tok cant be good nor very intelligent for that matter. like filing your teeth. because mankind desperately needs eugenics to make a return, please god deliver us from the insanity of modernity.
Closet Martian
Closet Martian Hónapja
Try cheetos rice crispy treats!
Croaklikeatoad Hónapja
I think you are supposed to mix the sugar and flour before adding them, so the flour does incorporate and make the filling thicker.
14:32 for my own reference :D
Pie Avenger
Pie Avenger Hónapja
For fuck's sake... "Ice cream bread" What you've just done is re-invent cake.
Pie Avenger
Pie Avenger Hónapja
Beta Cyth
Beta Cyth Hónapja
100% bacon : Amazing
Jacque Hanson
Jacque Hanson Hónapja
I have to say, I am from Oklahoma in the US, and I have thoroughly enjoyed your episodes on gadgets and different recipes and your different taste test that you've been doing. I find myself coming back to your videos more often than not. Thank you for everything that you do.
Cate Wright
Cate Wright Hónapja
LOVE the little britain shoutout- "dust"!
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas Hónapja
That blooper at the end made Ben look so much like a normal. I love it!
Bradon Hoover
Bradon Hoover 2 hónapja
The one thing that trend left out for the soda pie was gelatin
Steph Vic
Steph Vic 2 hónapja
Just saw a tiktok video of a guy making Chocolate Potato Cake from 1912.... you guys should try that (tictok by: bdylanhollis)
Kaitlin Johnson
Kaitlin Johnson 2 hónapja
Try the cheese sticks using cool ranch doritoes instead...you're welcome
SORTEDfood 2 hónapja
Thanks for the tip!
tafgar 2 hónapja
I think I watched Ben vaporize Jamie like 37 times left every single one whoever made that edit is a goddamn genius
KUŞ ANNESİ 2 hónapja
Moment of silence for me cuz we dont have flaming hot cheetos in here 🕯
Jelleybean18 2 hónapja
Joe B
Joe B 2 hónapja
Barry's pie looks like every Mormon pie, cake or brownie I've ever eaten
Max White
Max White 2 hónapja
Pop not soda ebbers come on
Qasrina Lim
Qasrina Lim 2 hónapja
Even before The Eye Beams came on, the side glare Ben gave was already cracking me up.
Garry Williams
Garry Williams 2 hónapja
great work
Charles Layton
Charles Layton 2 hónapja
Given how expensive decent ice cream is, this would be pretty expensive cake. But I like the idea of "fun with kids". Add some cocoa to the choc.
Goose’s Mommy
Goose’s Mommy 2 hónapja
I think they’re using the term bread like we use it for banana bread which is really cake.
Sabrina Sullivan
Sabrina Sullivan 2 hónapja
you should try water pie
Angelique Anderson
Angelique Anderson 2 hónapja
I find it humorous that I can usually tell if the recipe they guys are using is from or was modified in the USA buy the amount of complaints Ben has about the terminology used. In the US, the term "bread" tends to be used in general for anything cooked in a bread (loaf) pan. Quick Bread is usually any sweet or savory muffin or cake-like item that is baked in a bread pan (loaf pan). Wikipedia has a good and lengthy description about this. Exceptions to this that I find humorous, include cornbread which is usually cooked in a skillet or pretty much any baking pan that is not a bread pan. Boston Brown Bread that is most often steamed in a tin can. Also, Meatloaf is usually cooked in a bread pan but is never referred to as Meatbread and should not be confused with Sweetbreads (one word) which refers to particular offal parts. Going full circle, Sweet Breads (two words) would include sweet quick breads and sweet yeasted breads. In the USA, we like to mess stuff up.
Salvatore Santillo
Salvatore Santillo 2 hónapja
More tiktok trends: baked feta pasta, washed flour vegan chicken and cremora tart
That guy over there
Only thing Ben hates more than not wearing his Chefs jacket, is soggy bottoms.... HAHAH
Hau Tak Leighton Tam
It's natural that the chocolate ice-cream cake would be thinner than the rum ice-cream cake; it doesn't have any milkfat in it, since it's made from oat milk. You'd have to add butter or maybe olive oil in order to make it richer.
Foodie Monster
Foodie Monster 2 hónapja
Wtf are sugar strands? Lol
Some Kid
Some Kid 2 hónapja
wow the group of mates at SORTEDfood has my back
Dustin Platt
Dustin Platt 2 hónapja
14:31 for those wondering
Rekha Nagarajan
Rekha Nagarajan 2 hónapja
the fact that all the mozzarella sticks looked the same color to jamie god bless him
Yaerae Achmed
Yaerae Achmed 2 hónapja
if anyone's still questioning why the normals are still normals and not chefs, 9:16 will tell you why 😭
T S 2 hónapja
I used to use ice cream as a milk substitute when making cake. Is delicious
Adam Kencki
Adam Kencki 2 hónapja
the ice cream cake is stupid. How much is a tub of decent ice cream you would buy to eat? would you swap it for basic ingredients to make a cake? and please don´t call it bread...
Jessi Smalls
Jessi Smalls 2 hónapja
Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief
Hello, how are you? Nice video, thank you for sharing. Have an awesome day!
Frankenstein's Dealer
It took me 3 times watching this video before I noticed the laser eyes. For some reason, my brain just saw that and figured "natural Ben, no biggie." 😂
Erdnussbuttertoast 2 hónapja
Sprite cake is not surprising, in Germany we have Fanta cake which tastes really good :)
Jakoben 2 hónapja
the breading is not even on the cheese sticks, usualy that meens cheese is gonna melt out in the pot and leave a mess
Lady Kennie Frog
Lady Kennie Frog 2 hónapja
12:27 the way he says cakey = my new message tone.
Je Woo Han
Je Woo Han 3 hónapja
Omg I died at Ben’s laser eyes hahahaha
Timothy Herzog
Timothy Herzog 3 hónapja
Must say, I've been doing the icecream bread for years! Although I found it works a hell of a lot better as a scone recipe. I get Neapolitan icecream (choc, vanilla and strawberry), separate into the three flavours. Add a pinch of salt to each (with the flour), and then add frozen berries to the strawberry, choc chips to the chocolate, and saltanas to the vanilla. Roll out each and cut into scones, brush with milk and bake. Great with kids groups and families! 😊
ghillies4life 3 hónapja
I'm such an American. My mind goes "200? How is that going to cook at that temp?... Oh yeah, Celsius." I'm even a scientist and use Celsius every day. I just assume Fahrenheit for baking.
Ojas Nimsarkar
Ojas Nimsarkar 3 hónapja
0:25 that tik tok logo could have been a D instead of O
Rachel Bowkett
Rachel Bowkett 3 hónapja
Oh my gosh you should try the baked feta pasta from TikTok. I wanna know if it’s good because it looks amazing. 🤤🤤
Fumiko 3 hónapja
Y’all call sprinkles sugar strands?
Mike Mayers
Mike Mayers 3 hónapja
Paputsza 3 hónapja
That sugar in the sprite pie looked like gelatin powder to me, but idk
Vagabond Wastrel
Vagabond Wastrel 3 hónapja
The original for "sprite pie" was "water pie" a depression era dish.
Annalise Snoddon
Annalise Snoddon 3 hónapja
I've done plenty of cream scones, which are mostly heavy cream, four, and raising agent, maybe an egg? In my mind the real cheat is self-raising flour. 😄
Richie Lew
Richie Lew 3 hónapja
idk if you guys made it clear enough that the second one is a cake rather then bread
Kate R.S.
Kate R.S. 3 hónapja
Our string cheese is what the tiktok vid used. American string cheese is white. We have other flavors but the op was american string cheese
mmmmsashimi 3 hónapja
For the sprite pie, try mixing in gelatin?
rosen583 3 hónapja
What is the percentage of baking powder in self raising flower? We don't have that here, so i would have to know the amount of baking powder ...
Roach #Bugging
Roach #Bugging 3 hónapja
Btw for me as a German the rum raisin bakery is not that crazy. It is almost like a Christstollen without the yeast and some other components. You should try to make one yourself. It is of curse a Christmas food but still edible in winter.
nathan Gathercole
nathan Gathercole 3 hónapja
when the sprite pie came up first and my mind went straight to Barry Lewis
logosloki 3 hónapja
Ebbers' one reminds me of when I made two minute noodle rolls by boiling the noodles with the flavour sachet and using the stock from that to make rolls.
Andrea Elzo
Andrea Elzo 3 hónapja
✍️ panne ✍️ cheese✍️ with✍️ takis
Wendy Bear
Wendy Bear 3 hónapja
Love these videos, and would love to see you make some of the recipes which are a bit more viral - the hot chocolate bombs, the folded wraps, the baked feta and tomato pasta, etc! So many great things which you could put a proper twist on 😊
Tacobell1384 3 hónapja
The sprite pie is based off water pie which was made I think during the depression?
khaxjc1 3 hónapja
Im pretty sure if your gonna test something you should at least have a control that follows what you're shown then have a second to be the one you do something different with. So their really should have been a sprit pie then a cherry one. Still, thank you for the video.
The Beast of Sweden
My heart just went warm when i saw oatlys ice cream in vegan love it
Saurabh Shrivastava
Did they introduce the "food team" in any of their videos?
Viktor Hierta Gustafsson
You guys need to test food myths! Like Ben's claim that the berries doesn't sink ;) 1 normal as control and 1 myth/trick
Demøn_ 3 hónapja
The sprite pie actually works when you use sprite. I never like when somebody wants to taste a recipe and then changes its ingredients, because you never know the science behind it
Kdp2theresq 3 hónapja
Great video, guys as always! Thanks for all the quarantine entertainment... and food ideas! :)
Nicol Hochholczerová
Ben going full Gordon Ramsay on the sprite pie is MOOD
pcg 3 hónapja
Cool ranch mozz sticks!?!
Charlie Gammon
Charlie Gammon 3 hónapja
I've seen water pie before, but Sprite is definitely an interesting twist.
sctvgirl 3 hónapja
Muffin Loaf. The icecream bread is based on old muffin recipes.
Becky Heydemann
Becky Heydemann 3 hónapja
You know guys, if you are trying a recipe to see if it works, and you make changes to that recipe, your tests aren’t going to be accurate.
Ashley Florence
Ashley Florence 3 hónapja
Ice Cream bread is delicious. I've made it for years ❤ The higher the fat content of the ice cream, the better the bread/cake. My kid's favourite is the Candy Cane ice cream we can get at our grocery store during the holidays.
Korina Patchet
Korina Patchet 3 hónapja
So... Just an FYI... Our "cheese strings" or what we call "string cheese" here in the US are usually very low moisture mozzarella. So ours get the pull of the first one. I personally would make these using cool ranch Doritos. Oh! Also, the "bread" is a "quick bread" I don't know if you all have a different name for them. They are more like a cake then a bread but we still call them that because they are in a loaf tin. So like zucchini bread, pumpkin bread, and banana bread. They typically are not a sweet as cake (so a muffin vs a cupcake).
Lia 3 hónapja
Hey I’d really like some more budget videos!, Maybe a battle between the team?? Each person can pull a budget shopping amount and a household amount (how many you are feeding with the budget). Let’s see some truly budget meals, but make them good and tasty!!!! You could also make it long run, if one week you ‘brought’ something and froze some in the freezer you’ve got it for next time or if you’ve got half a bottle of soy sauce left you’ve got some flavour for next time. Hopefully this made sense!, I like your old layout but you don’t pay per teaspoon or per slice of bread in a shop like in your budget videos you do have to buy the whole item so how to you make a meal worth it?!?! Please consider this idea, so when the rest of us are down to a few items and we are waiting for pay day we’ll be sorted!!
Magnus Bergner
Magnus Bergner 3 hónapja
Could you stabilise the filling on that cherry pie with some cornstarch mixed with the sugar and soda? Or maybe you could use Jam sugar instead of sugar... might still use the cornstarch though.
csm mac
csm mac 3 hónapja
Guys we need you testing some tik tok air fryer recipes!
Sheldon Richey
Sheldon Richey 3 hónapja
Is that dust thing a England thing? I've seen The Slow Mo Guys do it too with their DVD shatter video. Just curious, thank you.
youtube me
youtube me 3 hónapja
This is Jack from Red Letter Media's dream bread. "Cheato's bread."
youtube me
youtube me 3 hónapja
Correction his Dream Iron Chef ingredient. And Cheatos bread was one of his idea's.
Erykaaa 3 hónapja
Please do the spaghettio pie
brylidan 3 hónapja
lmao the lazer eyes part
Rodney Baker
Rodney Baker 3 hónapja
The Sprite pie reminds me of water pie, an old depression era type recipe. The water pie recipe requires you to follow the rules (like most all baking) in order for it to come out right. Letting the pie rest for a decent time is important to. Paula Dean I think has a video on her channel.
The Honeybee
The Honeybee 3 hónapja
I was SO OPTIMISTIC about the Sprite pie! I know in the Great Depression they had a water pie that followed a similar principle. I hope the second attempt works better!
DScritchy 3 hónapja
What is a cheese string? In the US our string cheese is very low moisture mozzarella...
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