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When it comes to crowd-funded kitchen gadgets, we love to explore why they were made, what problem they’re solving and who would back it! Get ready for some foolproof testing from two Chefs and a normal homecook!
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To check out the gadgets we reviewed today, click the links below:
1. Draft Top: drafttop.com/
2. Scrubbio: bit.ly/30GViNo
3. ROTO-Q 360 Non-Electric Self-Rotating Rotisserie: bit.ly/38I5KIV
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DevilboyScooby 15 órája
I can't be the only one who called it "Scrubbio" like it was a Harry Potter spell...
my name
my name 3 napja
Rads ical
Rads ical 14 napja
James, this is off topic and slightly creepy but your hair looks delightfully shaggy I want to fluff it.
Uros Mamlic
Uros Mamlic 20 napja
Sad chef
Zaakira Ahmed
Zaakira Ahmed 20 napja
What happened to the sorted theme???
Bella Castillo
Bella Castillo 21 napja
Random but i really appreciated the way that James plated the chicken and potatoes :')
Hadley Jolley
Hadley Jolley 22 napja
I got two scrubbers almost identical to that for like 8 bucks on Amazon (without the magnet), and some dish gloves with the scrubbers attached for about the same price.
A Clumsy Sheep Gaming
man, that jingle makes me go back! bring it on more!
capybaras 27 napja
Why was James gone?
willisverynice 28 napja
The problem with the can opener thing is that if it fails the results can likely be very painful. It’s failure rate and durability would have to be top notch.
Eric De Bernardi
Haven't these rôtisserie things been around since the 70s?!
Tobias Mills
Tobias Mills Hónapja
Does the draft top leave aluminium filings in your can?
Delmas Stout
Delmas Stout Hónapja
That non electronic rotisserie is awesome! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
Jim Fortune
Jim Fortune Hónapja
Stored energy is potential, not kinetic!
coming back here after not watching a sortedfood video in a year, it give me comfort to know that they still use the barry and ben are the best of friends jingle
General Nickles
General Nickles Hónapja
Guess who's back. Back again. James is back. Says his friends.
Larry Papes
Larry Papes Hónapja
Real life Richard Hendricks
Ehem Pakyu
Ehem Pakyu Hónapja
That scrubber... Scrub thr toilet then wash your dishes with it.. No worries its silicon it cleans easy.
Spikeelsucko Hónapja
every time I see this channel, I think of the sketch from The Day Today where they teach you how to embalm and inter your family members with commonly available objects around the home
i wasn't sold on the rotisserie until the chicken came off, and the potatoes looked amazing. the scrubby thing needs to be a little more substantial if it is going to be the last one i ever buy. doesnt seem thick enough. the can opener i was so sick of seeing the commercials every 5 sec last year... no thanks
Lynda Stiefvater
What I got from this video is that James likes head.
evgenia Hónapja
James; respectfully; you look like a young hobbit.
grndzro Hónapja
Quit eating Kale. It isn't a health food. It's in fact terrible for you due to the heavy metals it tends to accumulate from the soil such as thallium, and cesium.
Aengus MacIndOic
If no one has shoved a slice into a can, theyre missing out...
Seriouskai Hónapja
Not gonna lie, the simplicity of that rotisserie thingy makes it a high contender for something I want in my life. Just imagine bringing it out for camping trips with fresh caught trout, or making fries in that drum. I'd probably use it for döner kebab first thing I'd do :D
Seriouskai 26 napja
@K H Depends on your roasting skills, I've seen people do fine with just 2 times, but some up to 8 times :)
K H 26 napja
If it takes an hour to roast a chicken does that mean you have to take the chicken out 4x to remind it?
David Lewis
David Lewis Hónapja
The worlds first wind up rotisserie? Nope... my boss at a restaurant had one in the late 80s that still worked and was made in the 1900’s
Linee DeMouy
Linee DeMouy Hónapja
I've already got similar silicone scrubbers, granted without the magnet. I love them. The rotisserie thing is too big for a small kitchen but if space and money weren't an issue, then I could see it. The can top opener is just a waste.
Redman 2490
Redman 2490 Hónapja
That first gadget does just what it says on the tin..... I will leave now
Josh Sittingwolf
Ben lost weight
Scott Byrne
Scott Byrne Hónapja
As a fellow brit I do also love a it of head
Levi Hónapja
good idea, knock that top of the can right into the drink. Gotta get that rat piss flavor added to it.
Jacynthe Lanois
Jacynthe Lanois Hónapja
So good to have James back. Welcome to the Quarantine Big Hair Club! 😁 I cringe at the lid off that can of draft dropping into the inside. The outside of the can can be filthy. I'm with James and I would prefer to pour it into a glass.
Fake Bobby Hill
Fake Bobby Hill Hónapja
I just saw someone else try this can opener and he ended up with metal shards in the drink every time. I want to say CrazyRussianHacker
bloemundude Hónapja
Ben said, "Keep your eyes peeled . . ." Now I have an idea for a new gadget. Oh, okay, nevermind.
tallAldi Hónapja
Fun fact: When kinetic energy is stored in a spring it becomes potential energy ;) Only moving objects can posses kinetic energy
David Portass
David Portass Hónapja
9:35 Ben suddenly channelled Gordan Brittas (Chris Barrie) with his "Ah, glad you asked" response, IMHO of course :)
Pehtonn Edwards
Pehtonn Edwards Hónapja
oh yeah i mean the draft top yall are kinda behind, they have been mass-produced for a year
League Life
League Life Hónapja
Can opener has been on Aliexpress for 2+ Years :) Not unique at all.
Joy L
Joy L Hónapja
Loved the rotisserie device. Great video boys! Welcome back James!
Incite Insight
Incite Insight Hónapja
“Just as useful in the bathroom” someone please tell me I wasn’t the only one to think of something else first
Dim Bose
Dim Bose Hónapja
That's can top opener I bought for less than $1 from China. So yeah, it's been mass produce.
Maria Sandoval
Maria Sandoval Hónapja
All of us need a haircut this pandemic😷🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Maria Sandoval
Maria Sandoval Hónapja
But you guys look 😍 😊 😚 🐻 🐰 😍 😊 😚 🐻 🐰 😍 😊 😚 🐻 🐰 😍 😊 😚 🐻 🐰 😍 😊
I like the fancy product description of the rotisserie, "utilises a gearbox which stores kinetic energy". Otherwise known as a spring, it's gonna be the exact same thing as in a wind up clock😂
lise Huseby
lise Huseby Hónapja
Jaaaaaaaaaames!!!!! ❤️👏🏻 The silicone scrub. I got mine on eBay for under 1$. Love them!
58bradster Hónapja
This seems very sponsored
SORTEDfood Hónapja
We always state by law if a video is sponsored. Crowdfunded gadgets are always bought by ourselves so that we can provide honest feedback on the products.
Steve E
Steve E Hónapja
Not going to be able to return the can for the deposit. If you live where recycling is taken seriously.
outlaw99775 Hónapja
I use my Draft Top to make cans and then use them to store bacon fat.
Jac Sickels
Jac Sickels Hónapja
That first gadget was really cool. I would def buy one.
Richie Mc
Richie Mc Hónapja
Fred Q
Fred Q Hónapja
5 minutes into the video, I've had to watch 5 adverts... bloody hell, feels like I'm watching TV
Talon Pelch
Talon Pelch Hónapja
Idk if this is a gadget but could be useful but I do not know if the quality is good at all. Its called home chief and it delivers food ready to make
I eagerly await Jamie's vengance
Patrick Hoffelmeyer
I've missed James!! I'm so glad he's back!
blake poirier
blake poirier Hónapja
the top of the can gets dunked into the drink? I'd have to wash the top first.
Pickle Supply Company Yep!
50 bucks is the goldilocks zone. Stray too far from there and risk the entire endeavor.
Daniel Green
Daniel Green Hónapja
I'd just like to point out that my local Dollar Tree here in the US sells an off brand of that silicone scrubber for a dollar. 😐
Longgshot Hónapja
DON'T use the first gadget. Well... unless you want metal shavings in your drink... then go ahead. xD
OverlordMcGeek Hónapja
That scrub is a scam. I got a pack of 3 for $6.99
Sollow Patrickson
Could totally make a kebab with the rotary.
Croaklikeatoad Hónapja
Those scrubbers are terrible for actually getting stuff off of dishes and they don’t hold dish soap well enough to get it on the dishes. I’ve tried using one and my fingers alone worked better.
isinox Hónapja
i just want to eat those potatoes without paying for the gadgets :)
Lord Muhehe
Lord Muhehe Hónapja
All you need is a metal hook. Put a tray with potatoes in the oven and hang a chicken above it by tying its legs. For more detailed guide, Adam Ragusea has a video with this method.
Tstormer Hónapja
What's up with your hair james
cynosurewolf Hónapja
So james, covid issues or contract renegotiating?
JP Baley
JP Baley Hónapja
For the first item you need to wash your lids since it pushes it right into the can.
Taylor Gayhart
Taylor Gayhart Hónapja
Welcome back James!!!!!!!!! We missed you!!!!!!
Sammy Hónapja
Stop fatshaming Jamie!
Luna Maarouf
Luna Maarouf Hónapja
iLoveToLaughLOL Hónapja
its not really a gadget but id be really interested to see your guys take on them as i dont think ive seen anything about them before, oven bags? or roasting bags as their sometimes referred to as :) but great video!!
Garrett Anderson
Where can I get a roto-q?? I went to the link but their indiegogo is over, and their 'official site' is just an outdated kickstarter page?? Anyone successful??
Daniel Toper
Daniel Toper Hónapja
i love how barry is covering the ‘a’ in “fridge cam” so i keep thinking it says cum
James...the hair...not working for you love. Lol
Simon Klaveness
Simon Klaveness Hónapja
8:31 that makes it potential energy, Ben. Don't worry Jamie, we got your back ;)
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Hónapja
Everyone just seems so much happier, chilled out and excited now that James is back :D
Alex Hutch
Alex Hutch Hónapja
These are all brilliant - I want them all!
Rose Hill
Rose Hill Hónapja
We need ben blind folded to do a taste test for 4 things and all 4 are big macs!
iFritzzz Boy
iFritzzz Boy Hónapja
can anyone tell me or explain to me what happened to james? i was wondering where he went and watched all the videos and probably didnt hear where he went or anything :(
Niulan Wright
Niulan Wright Hónapja
i've genuinely missed Jame's plating
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Hónapja
Guys are we worried about James?
Rebecca Arnold
Rebecca Arnold Hónapja
I just saw an ad on Instagram for lomi by pela. It is going to be a game changer. It's a composter that sits on your counter and can turn food waste into compost in 3-4 HOURS!
Chloé Dixon
Chloé Dixon Hónapja
i love that everyone is slowing starting to strongly resemble hobbits
Holly Brawner
Holly Brawner Hónapja
I have a scrubbio. It's aight
Samuel Christie-Playle
Jelleybean18 Hónapja
xEmpty.Abyssx Hónapja
Not only is it better to drink beer topless, drinking while getting head makes it even better 😜
ばおし Hónapja
I quite like the silicone scrub I have in my kitchen! It isn’t that useful for washing the dishes, but I like using it for cleaning the kitchen. I got it for ¥100 (1 dollar) here in Japan!
Megan H
Megan H Hónapja
Ok, but now I want to know: what would James spend $100 on in the kitchen? Like, what are the firat things he'd splurge on OR if you're starting a kitchen from scratch, what staples would he recommend?
IlDuce Hónapja
Thank you for reminding us that Barry and Ben are the best of friends. Love it.
Catherine Hawkwind
Yay James is back!
Chronically Witty
Barry and Ben are the best of friends...
sammiejo2288 Hónapja
LOMI BY PELA. it's a composter that's done in 3-4 hrs or less than a day depending on the mode!! Could be a great investment for you kitchen scraps.
Edward Hónapja
I dont know exactly why but the first second I saw fluffy James, somehow I was expecting a different voice ....
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Hónapja
I've never heard James so agreeable... that deserted island did good, eh?
Maria DiMarco
Maria DiMarco Hónapja
Guys are we worried about James?
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa Hónapja
Number 3 looks like a complete nightmare to keep clean. Destined for the back of the cupboard in 6 months and the op shop in two years
Kaya Winters
Kaya Winters Hónapja
We have miss you dearly James. Good to see you back. 😁
globaljabouble Hónapja
Liked for "Barry and Ben are the best of friends" so nostalgic!
Symbro Hónapja
I liked the video at 7:40 I really appreciate the like reminder in the middle of videos. people who ask for likes and subs at the start of a video are silly. specially if Ive never watched them before.
Symbro Hónapja
Leo Smith
Leo Smith Hónapja
Welcome back, James!!!
Adios Epic
Adios Epic Hónapja
James looks fucking depressed, guys. What happened? Is he ok?
It "stores kinetic energy"? You mean, potential energy?
D3dshotCalamity Hónapja
7:24 "One take" Barry's hands are in his pockets when Ben throws it, then it cuts to a shot where Barry's arms are crossed.
kai Hónapja
can't lie i don't like the guy with sorted on his shirt
I tried SO HARD to break this…