2 Chefs Review our Meringue Recipe Relay Attempt!! | Pass It On REACTION 

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YOU ASKED FOR THIS. Our 2 Chefs Ben and James sit down with us as we review our recent MERINGUE Recipe Relay Pass it on attempt and watch it for the first time together!
Watch the original Meringue video here: hurun.info/to/vide/lo5zzm-arIjWprc.html
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Charlie Foxtrot
Charlie Foxtrot 17 órája
Barry really didn't like being told off either time but let's face it, he earned it. That said the result looked fab
Mercy Napja
I’m so glad you guys are doing these reactions again! Love them!!
Jamie…..do you REALLY think that either Ben or James would EVER award you with a meringue badge if your philosophy is “fuck everything about the dish and my teammates, I’m gonna brown nose and get my badge”. NO! It doesn’t matter how good you make a meringue and demonstrate technical knowledge, both James and Ben should 100% give you a demerit and withhold your meringue badge if they see you adopting this “screw everyone else and the dish, I’m gonna get my badge and gtfo” philosophy……The entire point is that you compete to get your badge AT THE SAME TIME as working together and making a dish.
Everyone ragging on “Barry decided to just make whatever the F he felt like”, but fail to remember the most successful pass it on they’ve EVER done was when Ben shackled them to making a risotto because they can’t otherwise be trusted to commit to just one idea and start making and finishing it…….so…..
XilverXoul 2 napja
Of course Mike, we know you didn't add the "he's the man" bit into yout intro. Clearly it was Janice! 😜
Lexie HL
Lexie HL 3 napja
Mike kinda blew my mind when he revealed he wasn't the voice behind, "He's the man."
Troy V
Troy V 3 napja
yes. more.
Charley Bea
Charley Bea 3 napja
SORTEDfood's new slogan: "Damnit Barry!"
This was awesome! I’ve missed these videos!
MisterD90 Gaming
in fits :D love the idea to react to the pass it on videos
Eve Lambrick
Eve Lambrick 4 napja
Yes please keep doing these!!!!! They're amazing
Alexa Chipman
Alexa Chipman 5 napja
I'm watching a reaction to a reaction of the original footage going on - this is so meta and I love it!
Honestly, in a pass it on challenge centered around one specific element, its hard not to get one person being the main handler of the element--cleverness aside, that's just fact. Props to al three for being able to find ways of proving mastery, given that!
naomi hippauf
naomi hippauf 8 napja
Can we take a moment to appreciate that in episode 1 Barry grabbed premade ice cream... 3 years they’ve been doing pass it on- nothing has changed 😂
airkami 8 napja
Pretty fantastic. I think everyone plays a very important role in the whole video.
Anca S. T.
Anca S. T. 9 napja
Barry is always receiving the most criticism for things they all do at one time or another. Especially from Mike.
Otoshimara 10 napja
Mike's saltiness and James' savagery are often the greatest things in these videos and i love it.
Eric Amidon
Eric Amidon 10 napja
Baz made the dish. Everyone else made meringue or something not part of the dish. For any normal I know, me included, I'd take anything out of the freezer to finish a dish if that made it happen. Score for Normals.
Nathan Boyd
Nathan Boyd 10 napja
This is very entertaining and I want more! But I don't know if the friendship will survive more of these reaction videos.
frozenstudios 10 napja
do more
Christine Cuneo
Christine Cuneo 10 napja
Pass it on and the reviews are my favorite.
tricia denson
tricia denson 10 napja
I’ve thought about this since the video came out. I’m upset with Jamie. Even a “normal” knows that you have to cooperate in the kitchen and can’t think only of yourself or your dish. I think that there has to be some balance to his behavior. If there is a collaboration or cooperation badge, he should be barred from receiving it as a consequence.
Royce 10 napja
So so glad reactions are back!! 😄 It may not seem super special to you boys, but having the outsider view of what you each are doing always makes me think, "oh if only the others knew what so-and-so is doing, I wonder what they would say about this"..... So this is our way to get to see that, and enjoy you all in a slightly more casual setting poking fun at one another. It really is its own special kind of content! 10/10
Seb Schofield
Seb Schofield 10 napja
I’ve been wondering this for ages: who does the lovely, feminine voice for Janice and why did you choose Mike to do it? 🤣
Sophie 10 napja
I love these reaction videos!
PiousMoltar 10 napja
Barry was hard done by with that score from James! As he said watching this back, he did some good stuff (even though I, like everyone, wish he hadn't thrown the tart idea out)
Niklas Lukin
Niklas Lukin 11 napja
I want more of this.
Dan T
Dan T 11 napja
I love it. Not just them reacting to the others or the James's comments, but to their own performances. Please do more of this.
Haley Golightley
The moment when the video ends and they ALL start to talk to Ebbers at the same time. Like children, trying to convince their parent of something. Haha!! Love it.
WantedVisuals 12 napja
I mean, if people want a theme tune that features Mike's own voice, I seem to recall there being one, long, long ago...
Gerbrand Steyn
Gerbrand Steyn 12 napja
NOW - Play UNO
Gerbrand Steyn
Gerbrand Steyn 12 napja
Aaron Smith
Aaron Smith 12 napja
These are genuinely so gooood
Beth-Mij 12 napja
this was hilarious! keep 'em coming!!
Usman Mukhtar
Usman Mukhtar 12 napja
Bring back the chef's on pass it on!!!!!
Leah Stephens
Leah Stephens 12 napja
Love these!
spanky arse
spanky arse 12 napja
Yay Haircuts!
Daima Hussain
Daima Hussain 12 napja
While I enjoy the Normals only thing well enough, please, PUT THE CHEFS BACK IN! I crave the chaos.
Abby B
Abby B 13 napja
I thought pass it on was good, but this is something I didn't know I needed😁😂
Naomi Arram
Naomi Arram 13 napja
I don't mean to reduce all the hard work to just this, but.....Love the haircut, James!!
KC 13 napja
Honestly, I like it when y’all leave each other notes? Like really explicit instructions is too much, but arrows or symbols in flour and stuff like that always just seemed clever to me and made me giggle. A bit of mess up and failure is fun, but the times when major elements have been left in the freezer or something are much more frustrating than just bending the rules a little.
Calise Sellers
Calise Sellers 13 napja
Seeing the guys crack up over watching this back is just so great. Thanks for bringing these back!!
lliisann 13 napja
Love these
Iv gotta say this is the best video the guys have ever done. I was laughing so hard at times.
Vixey Teh
Vixey Teh 13 napja
It's just so funny that Jamie was the only one that stuck to the plan. "It's a meringue battle, I'll make a meringue." Everyone else : baked alaska! Lol
Debbie Merritt
Debbie Merritt 13 napja
The guys all look great in this. Haircuts all around? Red is a good color on Barry. This was fun to watch. Thanks for doing it!
Kyle Yuen
Kyle Yuen 13 napja
Mike's not saying 'he's the man' it's obviously Janice people, c'mon people
carly rae steele
Continue to do these reviews! They are hilarious!
Hannah 13 napja
Genuinely had me in fits of laughter, love this style of video! More please!
Jess Korte
Jess Korte 13 napja
I love the reaction videos!
Money Panda
Money Panda 13 napja
Sorry not sorry, but rewatching this again, reminded me that Barry REALLY did not deserve the meringue nor the pastry badge. He rode Jamie and Mike’s coat tails, and needed so much coaching with the pastry badge that I just don’t feel it was fair to either of them.
Judith Drake
Judith Drake 13 napja
After Jamie’s admission regarding why he made the meringue first, I suspect the gloves are off for the rest of the challenges! 😂
TheAjbp95 13 napja
This was hilarious! Keep them coming!
Pyrion1 13 napja
Yes, I want more reaction videos please!
Doctor Doubt
Doctor Doubt 13 napja
TO BE FAIR. Barry did make(ish) a meringue. He made a meringue norvégienne. Though, Mike did finish it and make the base. So I suppose Barry filled a meringue norvégienne.
Baz is nailing that hair and theres a little something something very oomph about him in this video
its always such a lovely time watching all 5 together in the same frame ^_^
No One
No One 13 napja
When is comes to badges Ben is a teacher and James is an Oprah x{]
newleif 97
newleif 97 13 napja
The other 2 shouldve had their badge taken away. Barry didnt even touch it🤣
T.G.T GamingTurtlen
Yes please
Kayleigh Schalk
Kayleigh Schalk 14 napja
I love these!
Chris Buchanan
Chris Buchanan 14 napja
Well you have to make Barry make a curd 😂
David Not Tennant
Yes, please keep doing these reactions!
Ravenspawn2000 14 napja
if only electric shock cooking challenges would make a return as well
Brian Griffith
Brian Griffith 14 napja
I honestly could go for some sort of weird banana split/Baked Alaska hybrid. That might be interesting to see you guys do.
jack_richie12 14 napja
when is Barry's poker face episode out
Aarekk 14 napja
Absolutely love the review watch parties. Please keep doing them.
Kristina Bissonette
I'm just herr for Mr Curry's haircut.
Novacification 14 napja
Mike was the only team player in that! Is there a teamwork badge?
saelfeman 14 napja
Hi all, great video! Can we please get some more recipe videos from Ebbers? My GF and I used the cheese sauce video to make a some delicious dishes! We loved the instructions for normals that were easy to follow! Thanks!
Peter M
Peter M 14 napja
Yes want to see more!
rachaebby 14 napja
Love it!!!
IcebatWage 14 napja
Its finally back!
Nathaniel Heimerl
"Everyone hates when you do that"
Priscila Guerrero
The original video was amazing but watching your guys reaction is sooooo funny! Loved!
Susan E
Susan E 14 napja
Please keep doing these react videos. They are gold!
Rafael Almeida
Rafael Almeida 14 napja
I like them, keep making it.
Karla Nash
Karla Nash 14 napja
Love these reviews! Such a great addition to pass it on! 😄
What did Jamie say to James at the end? I couldn't catch it.
GigaBoost 14 napja
These are the best, more please
Lars Bohr
Lars Bohr 14 napja
Good content!
AnnJ J
AnnJ J 14 napja
Love watching their one year or older videos, rather than these ones... coz now, the boys are a lot meaner and rude to each other... it’s just sad. 😞
Joy Johnson
Joy Johnson 14 napja
Barry looks great in red
aberu 14 napja
"where's the dish?!" is a sortedfood classic i swear
Jonathan Maseda
Jonathan Maseda 14 napja
U ever do the simple MacCheese Pizza? Or the big brother fullmeal Mac and Veg delight pizza.?
Amy Rotella
Amy Rotella 14 napja
Keep doing your comments after doing the "pass it on". I love seeing them.
Jacquie Speights
Please please continue these. They are great! I like both of these and my bf likes the review ones. Please more! Ty!
TheBadEditors 14 napja
Happy to see more of these, they are great viewing!
Sarah Noh
Sarah Noh 14 napja
Yes, love these even if it makes it awks for them x)
Kate Patterson
Kate Patterson 14 napja
Never stop either pass it on or reactions. They are hilarious.
Noosiekins 14 napja
James cut his hair!
Karen Abbott
Karen Abbott 14 napja
I love 💕 your reaction videos! You are all hilarious and it’s so much fun to see you watch each other and see the progression of your dish! You guys are just the BEST!!!
Bryan Kelly
Bryan Kelly 14 napja
Best video in ages. Great to see the whole gang back together and back on form.
Angmar Liche
Angmar Liche 14 napja
Ah, I see the Lads have had a haircut 😉
Draconomicat 14 napja
"What was your thought process here?" "I want to get my meringue badge, and I'm not gonna get my meringue badge by making pastry" I mean his logic is flawless, he's right
Liah Low
Liah Low 14 napja
Please don't break up. ♡
Ronald MacKinnon
I think you're all being a little hard on Barry. He should be commended for 3 things that you didn't bring up; 1 - Reducing potential food waste. He was chastised for this, but in truth we should have more recipes that focus on getting the most out of our leftovers rather than cooking from scratch every meal. A large portion of household's annual food waste is leftovers being thrown out. 2 - Going for a more complex dessert. A pie, tart, or crumble are all very tasty desserts, but they're also fairly simple. A Baked Alaska is a bit more complex, especially if you're making your own ice cream. Which leads me to.... 3- He basically created the Cheat's Baked Alaska. You guys love cheats recipes as time-savers. With Mike using the torch to toast the meringue, you reduced a 6 1/2 hour to 11 hour recipe to under 1 hour. He should be getting praised for that.
TheBigH 14 napja
These videos are great!
SamuriLemonX18 14 napja
Amazingly entertaining. Please keep doing them. and maybe even go back and react to older ones? Seems like some deliciously low effort high value content
Ian Hargreaves
Ian Hargreaves 14 napja
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