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Andra Maulana
Andra Maulana 23 órája
Have only seen this episode, but this truly lives up to its Game Changer name. Not only feasting on the local cuisine, but also making it, and giving back to the local community as well. They're still at 2.4m subscriber in 2021, and it is criminally underrated imo. More power to you lads!
JamesGT 23 órája
Ebbers definitely knew that was going to happen to the wine, Jamie jumped out his skin, Ben was totally non plussed 😂
Shaurya Shrivastava
Whoever does t make chai in pure milk is doing it wrong. You are doing it wrong sorted.
Jonathan Gauthier
Jonathan Gauthier 23 órája
Hey kids! Today's episode is brought to you by the number 6. As in, 6 pumps of the vintage Soda Stream is all you need to carbonate wine. The sheer looming threat of bodily injury on account of any of the showcased products is, disturbingly, exactly what draws me in about them. The "Teasmade" rouses the owner with the menacing sound of an electric hair clipper (barber shears) while making a small amount of tea; the cookie caulking gun has the potential to blow out; and the Soda Stream might very well make a glass bottle rupture under the increasing pressure being introduced. Sounds like a Wallace and Gromit/Inspector Gadget crossover
Chairman780 23 órája
The new Sodastream bottles are about 1 litre so the recommended amount of syrup for the smaller vintage bottle would make a very sweet soda. I've used Sodastream for a decade and they work very well. I normally just add lemon or lime juice for a refreshing zero calorie drink. The Sodastream syrups are substantially lower in sugar than name brand sodas and taste very similar.
Sim 23 órája
It's been years, but I'm still not getting why they keep adding sour stuff to rhubarb, every time it comes out they stick lime or lemon in it and the next person is so confused.
Katie Fairbanks
Katie Fairbanks 23 órája
I love my soda stream. As you can see there is a reason it says not to put the flavor syrup in the water before you fizz it up lol 😂 I learned the hard way as well.
t_r_m_91 Napja
Mike's 1st Jamie 2nd Baz 3rd.
Bhuvaneshwari G
In my house we have the first one (may be a lil dif), we use it to make Murukku a traditional snack during Diwali (hindu ) festival!
Florence Camp
Would love to see you guys try this again with all the new vegan places in London!
Emily Guess
My favourite part is when they add in their own sizzle sound effect 🤣
Joar Hagland
you're supposed to release the handle slowly
sir_AnGer Napja
Should've asked Technology Connections for his vintage, fully-automatic Sunbeam toaster from the 1940s!
J Z Napja
We used to have a toaster like that.
Mintywillow the Medicine Cat
Kind..soft Gordon Ramseys..
katwags22 Napja
as someone who has tried to carbonate things other than water including wine in my soda stream.... I was just waiting or the explosion!
Ackwell Napja
I don't get those peelers. Much more fiddly and dangerous to your fingers than old school knife style peeler.
Josem Causon
Didnt know it was possible, but James got even more yummeyh (insert Mike's voice here)
Juan Contreras
Also as a scientist Just use a pipette to drip the solution...
miko foin
miko foin Napja
which is very similar to an English shortbread (she was British American).
Marc 43
Marc 43 Napja
"It looks like a bath sponge!" 😂👌
Juan Contreras
Biochem here! This process is used in the molecular biology lab to study enzymes. The spheres are filled with the enzyme of interest and then they are added to the substrate of the enzyme. Since the spheres dont let large molecules (like the enzymes-giant proteins) pass through. No separation is needed for studying the substrate change
Angiki Napja
1:20. Why is one of the wine aromas a can of petrol? What kind of wine do they drink?
Wolfie Snedic
My mom has one of these cookie presses and still uses it. Biscuits look great.
drmrboy91 Napja
The clip of James getting absolutely sprayed should go in your next intro!
Ann Aled
Ann Aled Napja
This feels like a return to the Good Old Days of Sorted. Which I personally am very glad for. I missed these sorts of shenanigans. Thanks guys!! <3<3<3
How about for a challange, the 3 normies each have to pull from a lottery box 3 papers with written ingridients on them and pick one. They then each have to cook a dish that contains all picked ingridients.
Aidan Bolton
I have a friend (27) who's uses a (slightly more modern) teasmade for the last decade, "Nothing better on a winter's morning." He claims.
Kirsty R
Kirsty R Napja
It would be cool to see some kind of “Error Correction” badge. Maybe they have to correct errors they’ve made in the past like adding too much chilli to a dish or thinning a sauce out too much?
Jack Appleton
Anything over 20 years is vintage, so technically late 90s pop cds are vintage.... I shudder at that thought hahaha.
fujoshi fluff
It was actually just a plot to get James to take off his shirt
Thanatos Napja
NO !!!!! dont salt eggs before cooking
ElJAsok Napja
Biggest mistake in the cookie gun, you didn't oil your die.
Moonster Girl
I love Ebbers with all my heart ~
Sefri Bu
Sefri Bu Napja
Don´t know if this is the spot to suggest any badges for the normals to strive for but who cares... ;) What about you have them earn a backstabbing badge? in all those years they have happily sabotaged each other´s meals quite a lot, like inserting an egg into a fried chicken, hiding components or eating parts of it. and we all know that looking good next to others (aka successful) can be achieved in two ways: Firstly by standing out by skill and getting results OR (much more important) by making the others look... less so. maybe even a bit crappy. ;) So this is where the backstabbing badge will come in. Have them do a battle, prefferably one they feel confident about, so they bicker and have time to plan on what to do to make the others look less good. and then award it for an act of skillful sabotage like swapping the salt with the sugarpot, exchanging wine for vinegar or something that way. It´s an importan skill that makes people get far in life all the time, so why shouldn´t it be rewarded in the kitchen, too?
Thanatos Napja
The fact that nobody figures out that the hummus is missing the chickpeas and they all tasted it....
With the biscuit gun, I use one of those a lot. You need to chill your biscuit dough after you've pressed the biscuits and before you bake. Chill about 30 minutes before baking.
Kim Bradford
Why are the two chefs so partial to Jamie's antics?
Macey Napja
Pass it on. You should allow each person the 10 mins, but allow more time each if they need it to allow the dish to succeed. Otherwise if they don't need it, just allow the 10 mins.
Lulu 1266
Lulu 1266 Napja
If you saw them on the dessert trolley James is always going to win... It is art. If you want novelty then the sloe gin is going to pull you in. But I declare it James was robbed - what a superb dish.
Fast Pack
Fast Pack Napja
I like to put fizzy water into crepe dough so it becomes crispier
Macey Napja
Pass it on. You should allow each person the 10 mins, but allow more time each if they need it to allow the dish to succeed. Otherwise if they don't need it, just allow the 10 mins.
Macey Napja
Pass it on. You should allow each person the 10 mins, but allow more time each if they need it to allow the dish to succeed. Otherwise if they don't need it, just allow the 10 mins.
tritaeus Napja
they replaced the old mixers, which sure would have been fine, but didn't go for a new canister of gas :D
Hellblazer Napja
Answered my question of, “can I stick anything other than water in the sofa stream”.
Emil Rasborg Paulsen
Jesus christ Barry is a prima donna.
Macey Napja
I agree, James won that!
Xavier Robinson
We absolutely had a cookie gun growing up
Xavier Robinson
We used a recipe with cream cheese in it - I think it helped them hold their shape when baking but were soft enough to go through the press. Plus a nice taste and went well with a dark chocolate dip!
Marieah Napja
Ben, "vintage" is not just a question of time. For something to be vintage there needs to be something iconic or embodying its period in its design. Otherwise its just old or outdated. I think the Teasmade qualifies, horrible though it is.
Brack Carmony
I feel like Barry's photo is nice and balanced as a photo, but it is so focused on balancing the background, that the actual edible portion of the dish is only like 5% of the photo.
Lennart Frommke
My only thought when Barry was selected first was "just don't make a cloud egg!"
Mr0011011 Napja
Just take the shirt off James....
Judit Baráth
That Teasmade pot looked so nice, I'd just get rid of the rest and keep the pot.
André H
André H Napja
Send the original flavours to Ashens!
"Mike, that is a good looking bird!" Jamie, her name is Janice.
Well done. Motivate me to do well😊😊😊
spiffy4506 Napja
oh no we broke Ebbers!!! Priceless